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Submission + - Hackers Tried To Sell Credit Card Data To Sony (

RedEaredSlider writes: Several media outlets reported today that the PSN hackers have begun advertising their exploits on online forums. Looking to sell the information, which also includes customer names, passwords, and addresses, the hackers have priced the credit card database at $100,000 for 2.2 million credit card numbers, or about 4.5 cents for each one. There is even some evidence the hackers tried selling the credit card numbers back to Sony, though a company spokesperson denies it.

Comment Re:I have a better idea (Score 1) 790

If that were so easy don't you think the tobacco companies would already be offering such a product?

Are you 100% certain that they're not? Who says that the tobacco companies are not funding development and advertisement of e-cigs? It might be the conspiracy theorist in me, but methinks that the tobacco industries are a lot better at adapting and thriving through increased taxes, limits on advertising, etc. than most other industries. Disclaimer: I do smoke regularly and have tried e-cigs. While the nicotine rush is similar to a regular cigarette, it seems to cause a sore throat over the course of a few weeks of use (at least in my experience)

Comment Re:How Do Militaries Treat Their Nerds? (Score 1) 426

Ok, I saw this one and immediately thought back to my favorite hazing prank. I was in Army Aviation, and besides the typical runs for rotor wash and exhaust samples(collected in 50 gallon plastic trash bags of course), my favorite was the echo test. We would tell new soldiers that as the turbines on the Blackhawk took too long to disassemble and inspect, we had an "echo test" to do basically the same thing. We would grab the closest technical-looking instrument(usually a micrometer or a tensiometer) and have them shout into the exhaust end of the engine (not running) until we got a good reading. The record was about 15 min of a brand new private screaming into the exhaust of the turbine in an otherwise relatively quiet hangar. Good times.

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