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Submission + - Digital Distribution-Competition Bad for Business? (

thsoundman writes: "A war is brewing on the internet for your money, support, and loyalty (no it’s not the PC vs Console war that you see flames on a daily basis) and the outcome could have dire consequences for the gaming industry. That war is the supremacy over Digital Distrubtion. Currently there are several key players in the industry, Steam (Valve Software), Impulse Driven (GameStop), Direct2Drive and GoG. Steam is by far the most popular and largest of the group by several times however several companies are looking into providing their own services instead of selling them through a vendor and competitor like Steam."

Submission + - Activision Ending Axing the Guitar Hero Franchise (

thsoundman writes: Activision Blizzard said that it will be bringing the axe down on the “Guitar Hero” video game series. This is quite surprising news considering how popular the titles have been.

Blizzard also mentioned that it will be laying off 7% of its staff including the “Guitar Hero” team among them.


Submission + - Malware May Have Caused 2008 Plane Crash (

thsoundman writes: Authorities investigating the 2008 crash of Spanair flight 5022 have discovered a central computer system used to monitor technical problems in the aircraft was infected with Malware.

An internal report issued by the airline revealed the infected computer failed to detect three technical problems with the aircraft, which if detected, may have prevented the plane from taking off, according to reports in the Spanish newspaper, El Pais.


Submission + - PC Gamers to Good for Consoles Gamers (

thsoundman writes: Over the years there has been a constant on going battle over the past few years with the rise of consoles and fall of PC about the superiority of the Keyboard and Mouse over the controller and which platform is better for gaming in general. There has also been questions as to why PC and Console gamers are not allowed to have it out in one all out epic battle over the Internet to decide the superiority of their platform once and for all.

Submission + - Is 3D the Next HD 1

thsoundman writes: Since Avatar it seems like every developer, manufacture, and movie studio wants in on a piece of the 3D pie. At CES this past year the big rave was 3D T.V.‘s and that every home would be replacing their HD sets that some of us just bought, until the price points were revealed. Three grand for the T.V., then on top of that three hundred for just two pairs of glasses that need to be recharged? Ummm count me out, plus since I heard a fact that it doesn’t cost a dime to make T.V.s 3D enabled. Now Sony is on the bandwagon and has converted the PS3 to 3D. With games like Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5 coming in the 3D makes you wonder if this is next logical step.

Comment Annoyance (Score 2, Informative) 344

The misconception that you have to buy a 500 dollar video card every year is a complete fallacy and myth. I owned a 8800gt for 3 years before I finally bought a new one and to top that off the only reason i did that was so I could run it at ultra high resolutions. I could of run the card for another couple years and been just fine and still been ahead of whatever the xbox resolution is which I think is 720p capped. Furthermore you don't even need to spend 500, 300 or even 200 dollars to have a card that will play most everything on the market maxed. Anyone who tells you otherwise is an idiot. On the flip side this does sound like a call from activision to increase their own profits. I don't think they care if their game is on one system or another they just want to make more money and if they can deliver pay DLC without having to pay a middleman $5 dollar tax on a $15 dollar DLC they would increase their profit %30. I don't know what changed in peoples minds to make them accept pay DLC. Even 6 years ago paying for extra content outside of a seperate expansion pack was unheard of. Now developers charge the price of the game for content that was already included in the game. I hate this practice with a passion. Especially when I'm paying a $60 price tag.

Submission + - Activision Wants Consoles to Be Replaced By PC's? (

thsoundman writes: We live in a world where we have multiple platforms for gaming. PC, PS3, 360, WII, etc. Each platform has varying amounts of power when it comes to playing games. Games are released across several platforms and the platforms that have the weakest specs or the worst controls tend to get the watered down, crappier versions of the games released.

Activision, one of the leading cross platform publishers, wishes to move away from the “walled gardens” set by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Comment Bad Consumers? (Score 1) 3

I guess the warranties could cause this issue. I know people who will intentionally wait till a card is out of print and then break it and send it in and get a new one. Pretty sleezy but i guess people will do whatever it takes to save a buck

Submission + - Dead Space 2 Reconfirmed for PC ( 1

thsoundman writes: There has been a lot of controversy involving Dead Space 2. Earlier in the year it was announced that Dead Space 2 would not be coming to PC. Then on May 12th on the offical Dead Space 2 twitter it was announced that Dead Space 2 would again be coming to the PC.

Submission + - Legendary Halo: A Worthy PC Game? (

thsoundman writes: What makes Halo so “Special”? The other day I asked myself this very question. It was brought upon by a friend who was just raving at what an amazing game it is. Halo is undoubtedly one of the most successful game titles ever to hit the console mainstream in terms of popularity and sales. Although Halo and Halo II are both readily available for PC, they were not released at the same time frame or enthusiasm as they were on Xbox.

Submission + - Phenom II X6 Available on Newegg (

thsoundman writes: For those of you who were waiting for the new Phenom II X6 processor you may now head over to Newegg. Newegg currently how two versions of the chip available for purchase. The two versions of the chip they have available are the 1090T and the 1055T.

Comment Re:Catch 22 (Score 1) 5

Neither am I. Perhaps I am just old fashioned. Perhaps I have an incorrect opinion. I just don't think kids should be playing violent games. I was raised that way. Not to say that I don't play those games. Cause I do. Just don't think kids should. I think the reasoning behind this law is everyone is wanting a scape goat for all those times kids are going in to schools and shooting people up. First thing that always comes up somewhere in the news is hey they played counter strike, hey they played GTA, hey they did this or that. I would also agree with you that the Government should have no right to interfear with what people watch, listen to or read. But I can' understand what they are trying to do.

Comment Bad (Score 1) 5

I think it really depends on what the court rules that will determine the outcome. I think the outcome has major implications for future "law making" endevours. For example if they rule for this new law i suspect their will be a long list of states in line attempting to pass similar restrictions/bans on content in games. However if they vote against it then I am sure that we will be better off in the end. In all honesty this is just one more thing I don't want to see the GOV get their hands on.

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