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Comment How about no? (Score 1) 266

Hey why not use this same system to allow the screen and/or sounds to be disabled in movie theaters. How about infrared for police to unlock your phone or decrypt items. Why stop there the device has WiFi and Bluetooth let's use that too. How about I don't buy something designed where someone else can control it with infrared or any other method in contradiction of my wishes.

Comment Re:YDL 6.1 on the PS3 (Score 1) 232

I still have my PS3. I used YDL at one point then I had the insane idea of installing gentoo. The emerge world command took over 24 hours from what I remember due to Sony locking out most of the CPU cores. I won't bother trying to get my $55. Not sure what kind of proof I could come up with. I damn sure don't have my receipt from when I bought it or any proof it had Linux on it at one point, besides the fact I am not sure it is worth my time...

Comment Microsoft will wins again... (Score 1) 224

Microsoft has done many things that were monopolistic, illegal, patent infringing, etc. They get sued, eventually they loose typically but by the time they have to stop and/or pay up it is 5 to 15 years down the road and the path they took let them take an entire market, eliminate a competitor etc. DR-DOS, RealPlayer, Internet Explorer and many other examples that anyone can google. Even if the EU, US or whatever comes down on them they will profit from this and hold or increase their market share... At least that is what has always happened.

Comment Re:And that was the last of the trust (Score 1) 490

If people have not upgraded to Windows 10 by now they do not want to and are actively avoiding it, for whatever reason. Them pushing this out with a security update will do nothing but tick off those people and cause them to start distrusting even security updates at this point. The only reason this one didn't hit me is I have IE disabled in Programs & Features...

Comment This is getting ridiculous. (Score 1) 1

This is getting ridiculous. They started these updates many months ago (not quite this underhanded) but if a user has made it this long without "upgrading" to Windows 10 they do not want Windows 10. Sneaking something in with a "Security Update" isn't going to convince them to "upgrade" it is just going to piss them off.

I use Windows 7 Enterprise, but it is not connected to a domain. I disabled Internet Explorer through Programs and Features a long time ago. This update did not hit me probably for that reason alone. I keep Chrome and Firefox installed instead.

Due to all the Windows 10 spam I changed Windows Updates to notify and let me select what updates to install months ago. Since then I always skim the updates and hide and do not install any that are Windows 10 related, which takes some effort. Now I have to start reading all the fine print on each security update to make sure they are not sneaking it in that way.

Seriously if people have not upgraded they do not want to. It is not like they do not know about it, they flat out do not want it. I know what I would gain and loose by installing it and I have chosen to stick with Windows 7 for many reasons. I have not use for DX12 and future processor support can be addressed when I there is something to support, otherwise the other 'improvements' are very subjective, something I have no interest in or something I flat out do not want. I am happy with with what I have and the product is still in support, it is not like I am still running XP. If I was running Windows 8(.1) I would be much more likely to consider 10 or better yet a 'downgrade' to Windows 7.

Submission + - Patch Tuesday Brought Windows 10 Advertisement Generator 1

jones_supa writes: Microsoft has been very aggressive on getting Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10. The company has introduced a "Get Windows 10" system tray icon, moved the upgrade to "recommended" category in Windows Update, and even initiated the OS download automatically. The latest trick is almost comical: KB3139929 is an actual security update for Internet Explorer, but it also deploys a trojan horse, KB3146449, which is an advertisement generator for Internet Explorer. On computers not joined to a domain, it adds a blue banner when a user opens a new tab, saying "Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10".

Comment I like choices (Score 1) 358

I like having 100s of choices as long as I have tool(s) to help me narrow down the choice and it is not some pain to compare the choices. At newegg for instance I can easily narrow down the choice of computer cases from over 1000 choices down to 20 or so based on what I want. At Amazon however i would never be able to accomplish that with such ease. I know in a lot of ways this is not the same as walking down an isle of 30 types of jam but in many aspects it is. I could easily narrow those 30 jams down to a few and from there pick one based on whatever criteria I wanted, if there was a nice system for doing so.

Comment Giving the customers what they want (Score 5, Insightful) 216

Excellent shows, commercial free, on demand, released one season at a time. At the same time I have watched some networks take a 30 minute time slot show and reduce the actual show from around 21-22 minutes to 17-18 minutes, making more time for commercials. I'll sit on my couch with my potato chips and watch the demise of network TV with delight.

Comment Re:Better idea (Score 1) 564

Since they have hid them for this long, showing this 3 character code will not help as much as it would have if they never hid them in the first place. Thankfully people deal with a small set of extensions so I would imagine over time it would make some difference and just the concept of any .xxx.yyy is probably bad would help. I have been turning on where I can can see file extensions since they started hiding them, which honestly I do not remember when they started at this point.

Also.... Pinning stuff the start menu Quick Launch... The icons from Quick Launch do not move around on me, when I want to open Chrome the Icon isn't all the way on the left some times and some times in the middle. It hurts productivity. Yeah I turned it back on in Windows 7.. Just wondering if I will be able to in Windows 10.

Comment Re:Allied (Score 2) 242

My local stores as far as I know quit selling electronic components, like resistors, at the last time I went there.. All the isles were replaced with cell phone cases, remote controlled toys and other stuff. This was several years ago, I never went back looking for parts like that.. Now I am building stuff with a Raspberry PI, Audrenio, etc and I would have gone a few times if I thought there was a chance they had what I needed...

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