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Comment Re:Apple (Score 1) 104

I cant remember off the top of my head how many you are allowed to create (or if we were even told) - but theres a "so many per hour/day" rule in place. So "normal" usage should lock you out, but enrollment days etc would.

I dont work in IT (and always hated Macs/OSX) - so dont take the fact I did the courses and got certified as anything other than I had to do it (for my previous job). But you are quite right, they dont take it seriously - we had a whole bit on how we should have an iTunes enrollment day to get around the problem (so shifting the issue to IT depts, rather than Apple).

Comment Re:Apple (Score 2) 104

When I did my Apple certifications, I was told about this. Basically its to stop people bulk creating iTunes accounts, education are supposed to get in touch with Apple and get their IP whitelisted for 30 days when you are enrolling new students.

The other work around was apparently to go to an Apple store, they are all whitelisted for obvious reasons.

Comment Re:Guess I'm the 13 Year Old Girl (Score 1) 390

I actually agree with you, just not the whole "I have been here longer than you" tone of his reply. I have been here even longer than the submitter and contributed a hell of a lot less. How long anyone has been here means nothing to how much you can or cannot have contributed - therefore didn't need including in his reply and only made him sound like a douchebag when doing so.

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