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Comment Re:Lack of redundancy (Score 1) 407


In between D.C. and Baltimore we even have three parallel highways - I-95 and 295 and US-1. One might be closed but the other two will still be usable.

Was the parallel highway system built for redundancy, where you have little to zero traffic on two of the three highways? I would say no. I bet you have heavy traffic on all three highways. That is not redundancy.


Submission + - 10 greatest inventions of the next 100 years (

wisebabo writes: So the London science museum is celebrating its 100th birthday and is showcasing 10 of the greatest inventions of the last 100 years. It is also inviting visitors to list what they think are the 10 greatest inventions of the last 100 years. Here is the story from the New York Times website:
Anyway, since I think most of us has seen many of these lists before (penicillin, computers, airplanes etc.) as a science fiction buff I'd like to know what slashdotters think are the 10 greatest inventions of the NEXT 100 years (or the singularity, whichever comes first; also sorry, the iPhone was invented two years ago!). As a bonus it would be nice if they were chronologically ordered.


Submission + - Email campaigners protest against Outlook 2010 (

Barence writes: "It's not even due to launch until next year, but already people are protesting against Outlook 2010. The Email Standards Project has organised a petition against Microsoft's planned use of the Word rendering engine to display HTML email in Outlook. "Our early tests indicate that HTML support in the Word engine has not been improved in any way. Same bugs. Same quirks," the group complains. Microsoft is sticking to its guns, claiming Outlook users value Word features such as SmartArt and automatic templates."

Submission + - Girl electrocuted and dies tweeting in the tub ( 3

Jeff Shantz writes: "A 17 year old Romanian girl is dead after being electrocuted while tweeting in the bath tub. Apparently, she plugged in her laptop after her battery started to die, and it is unclear as to whether or not she dropped the laptop in the water, or simply dripped enough water on the device to cause the shock. Needless to say, it is probably good advice not to tweet in the tub."

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