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Comment Re:MAYBE... but standing has it's own problems. (Score 1) 77

"Trust me, if you haven't spent a few months on your feet for 6+hrs 4-5x a week and don't have arch problems you will after doing so for a few months."

I've been working at a standup desk for over a decade now with no problems whatsoever; in fact, it helped fixed up all my poor posture problems from years of sitting at desks. Of course I work standing up mostly barefoot, in flat sandals or flat simple shoes -- no fancy pads or shoes.

Comment Re:The winner? (Score 1) 61

" I might like to check my home security (I can do that through a browser) and use VNC to connect to a home computer - which can also be done through a browser, if I put some effort into it. I can also just get the TightVNC client source and see if it compiles."

There are existing VNC clients for windows phone.
I don't think the "app gap" is really much of a problem, there hasn't really been a situation where I couldn't do what I wanted with the phone. But even if it is a real problem, I think it will disappear once win10 is officially released for the phone and the universal apps dominate the WP ecosystem. I'm partial to my Lumia 1520.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 399

Only problem is this copsucking mayor was happy to comply.
"For his part, Silva said he’s “happy to cooperate and comply with these inspection procedures if they are in fact routine and legal"
Sounds to me like he was only concerned that he was singled out. But hey, as long as they are doing it to everybody, then its all good.

Comment over a decade standing up programming (Score 3, Informative) 340

I've been using a standup desk exclusively for over a decade now and I'll never willingly go back to sitting all day.
Couple of thoughts:
1. Make it tall enough so you have to stand straight up and look straight ahead (not look down or up at your screen).

2. I like mine to be deep so the keyboard is far in and I can lay mt arms out on the desktop while typing. Hell, my son spent much of the first year of his life sleeping for hours on a pad on my desktop nestled between my arms, chest and keyboard while I worked.

3. Get a really tall drafters chair. While standing is nice; it also nice to be able to take a seat once in a while for a few minutes or while stuck on an exasperating conference call.

4. Get a small step stool or bucket or something that you can put 1 foot on at a time to bend one leg. This gives you a chance to rest one leg -- it really helps especially when getting started.

I used to have the common hunch of a programmer; switching to a standup desk fixed my posture so I stand up straight and don't have a hunch any longer.

Comment Re:STFU Obama, you're a fucking traitor!! (Score 1) 389

You sure about that? Have you looked into the gag orders commonly issued with the National Security letters?


Under the Patriot Act, a person does not have to be suspected of wrongdoing in order for the FBI to obtain their sensitive financial, communications or other personal records. Instead, FBI agents only have to state that the information they are seeking is "relevant" to a national security investigation. The letters are issued without prior court approval, and recipients are placed under a gag order that prevents them from telling anyone about the demand for records. Last year, the FBI issued 9,254 NSLs, according to the Justice Department

Comment Re:Most. Transparent. Administration. Ever. (Score 1) 136

"Sorry, he lost me with his stance on vaccinations"

You mean the stance that vaccinations should be voluntary? Which is how they have pretty much always been?

So you are for the position of forcibly strapping people down and injecting them with drugs against their will? Sickening.

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