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Submission + - How often do you exercise?

unfasten writes: How often do you exercise?
  • Once a day
  • A few times a week
  • A few times a month
  • A few times a year
  • All the time! My right forearm is a rock...
  • Does answering the door for the pizza guy count?

Submission + - Federal Informant Threatend Hacker into Theft

unfasten writes: It seems Brian Salcedo, the computer cracker who was sentenced to 9 years in prison (the longest sentence ever given for a cracker at the time) for attempting to steal credit card numbers from Lowe's in 2003, was threatened by a Secret Service informant to follow through with the scheme after he had doubts. Salcedo started to get nervous and wanted to back out after he found out that Lowe's had detected him on the network. But the informant, 27 year old Albert Gonzalez (a.k.a. "CumbaJohnny" and "Segvec"), who is the main defendant in last week's indictment connected to the theft of over 40 million credit card numbers, was working with the Secret Service at the time Salcedo alleges Gonzalez threatened him to follow through with the deal (while insinuating he had organized crime connecitons). Salcedo is now going to try and challenge his 9 year prison sentece, which was upheld in 2006, on the basis of entrapment.

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