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Comment Re:Better link (Score 1) 97

The commentators on hacker news seem to be fewer in number and the focus and readership seems to be more about web technologies and startups.

I would be lying if I said that was not somewhat true. Hacker news is based around the startup community. However, they talk about lots of interesting technologies, some offtopic stuff and of course some startup bs. The comments are very insightful due to the experience of the commenters there. I generally look through the comments before I even open the article (if I actually open it). They also do a better job at keeping the trolls away I think than most sites. Just for example, the founders of Dropbox got their start on hacker news and still post there. There's a lot of creative and cool ideas talked about in general though on there that anyone that considers themselves a geek would like.

I do get irked by some of the code snobbier that goes on there, but you get that anywhere at any time. I just ignore those kind of discussions like anyone that isn't looking for a battle does. However, no site is perfect and like slashdot, I consider it just one of a few sites worth reading over for tech news. Lots of the articles here tend to be mirrored in discussions there (though not quite so much on political things).

As far as I'm concerned Hacker News has a higher SNR.

As mentioned, it does have some stuff worth skipping over, but Slashdot tends to suffer from the SNR effect as well with some of the articles and the lack of concrete, insightful content in comments at times as well. I just read both and accept that every site has its faults.

Comment Re:Better link (Score 5, Interesting) 97

After this much manual digging I've realized that I'm getting to jaded for /.

I still come back to /. out of long time habit, but I stopped looking at /. for real meat on topics sadly some time ago. It's getting to be a lot of spammy articles with little substance compared to what it was five or more years ago.

If you're interested in seeing more concrete discussion with substance, try reading over hacker news one day. They're also discussing Linaro

and most of the commenters on hacker news tend to be developers of various device platforms.

Comment Headline is slightly misleading. (Score 1) 133

however it is incompatible with most HTC devices and some newer Samsung devices due to the need of specific Bluetooth protocol

That's true if you are using a sense based rom, however if you are rooted, there's a good chance you are using an AOSP (android open source project) ROM, such as Cyanogenmod 7 that does have the bluetooth support needed.

Also wanted to note that controller support for android isn't exactly a new concept. The wiimote has been able to be used for quite a while. However support for a playstation controller is new to me :)

Comment Re:Florian is not a blogger, he is a troll (Score 1) 166

if you want a decent site to read similar to slashdot with a lot less trolling and shitty articles, try out hacker news on ycombinator. Sure there's still some, but it no where near as bad as slashdot and gets ignored and the few obvious troll articles are quickly pointed out. The news is more or less the same, but they generally get into political news less. Slashdot is generally a day or two behind them in posting news as well I noticed.

Comment Re:AT&T Has a Bridge to Sell You! (Score 2) 84

Considering LTE is a direct upgrade for ATT (since it's the next generation of GSM) and verizon uses CDMA, I would say ATT will have far less problems. Verizon basically uses a bridging technology called eHRPD to hand off connections between LTE (GSMv4) and EVDO (CDMA). Their network problems with LTE were from a failure in eHRPD. Since ATT wont need this, they wont have that problem. LTE handoffs are a bit laggy on Verizon as well from my experience with having the HTC Thunderbolt since March. Generally when you switch from a CDMA area to LTE, it takes 10-20 seconds for the handoff to occur.

From wiki:

3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE), is the latest standard in the mobile network technology tree that produced the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA network technologies.[1][2] It is a project of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), operating under a name trademarked by one of the associations within the partnership, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. (what will come after initial LTE we have now and be the true 4g before standards revisions) (att's current network) article on what eHRPD is

Verizon has decided to use eHRPD as their upgrade path to 4G, which allows them to update their existing HRPD packet core using SAE/EPC architecture. The primary benefit that eHRPD offers is the handoff between cellular towers - you maintain the same private IP when you move from location to location. With this new protocol operators will be able to optimize cellular handovers, which should reduce dropped sessions and decrease the handover latency.

Comment Re:You are a renegade. (Score 2) 132

Apparently you have never googled for javascript testing There's quite a few organized testing and unit frameworks for javascript out there and there are even IDEs that have support for them, such as Intelij IDE and its primarily php/web cousin, PHP Storm. I've use both of them on a regular basis and they both support NodeJS and have have built in javascript debugging/unit testing.

Comment Not much of a loss (Score 1) 321

I'm sure android users will find a workaround as already mentioned. However, it's not that useful when netflix is already on android en masse. Although the netflix app was already pulled from the market (and only "made" for a handful of phones), it has been integrated into nearly every android phone able to run gingerbread roms as root. If you're an android user and want it, go over to the xda developer forums and find your phone and take a look. I added it to my phone the other day and it works perfectly.

Comment Re:MySQL's founder would probably dissagree (Score 4, Informative) 117

Couldn't be anymore obvious you're trolling, but others might like to know it does have transactions, and it's ACID compliant. It wont officially replace MySQL ever because so much software depends on the actual name MySQL for linking to and Oracle would probably have a problem with a distribution keeping folders linked to the name even if it isn't using the Oracle Maintained MySQL. However, most of the main distros (debian, ubuntu, gentoo, etc) will or already do have it in their official repositories and MariaDB also has their own signed repositories for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and more listed on their downloads page.

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