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Comment Shouldn't others have a say? (Score 2) 147

There is the potential for 10's of thousands, or perhaps 100's of thousands of people to get infected in Rio alone. Then when they go home they'll infect others.

Shouldn't we have a say? It can't just be up to the up to the IOC or Brazilian officials. These people are going to come back to our countries and potentially infect everyone else. Tens of thousands of people coming back to our cities with this thing sounds pretty scary to me.

Comment Re:What do you propose that they do? (Score 1) 675

I turn off ABP on many websites I frequent. On Wired, however, if I turn it off it takes forever to load and sometimes has additional issues (lock ups, etc.). If they went to something more basic I'd gladly turn it off.

Imagine if you had to watch a TV show with commercials all around it in blinking lights. That's what this is like for me. There must be a better win-win for all parties.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 583

Agreed. It seems like this is becoming a trend everywhere. Is Apple doing similar things? I hate that it's called "telemetry" now. It makes it sound legit to a lot of people.

I recently learned that my vehicle was sending A TON of information to BMW and to a bunch of other places with no way to turn it off. There are laws about things like that in my state. I called them and they said there was nothing they could do about it. Next I'm checking my Ford.

Comment I hope someone does it soon (Score 1) 133

I'm so sick of the 15,000 wires that break, wall warts (whoever came up with that name should be given warts), and all that crap. A matt to place things on or some magnetic thing or whatever would be great. Of course, it has to still leave room for my girls to use the cases they want and bling out their phones.

Comment Moms, Dads, Boys and Girls (Score 1) 428

My insight is mostly financial but I've given it here before. While there is no doubt that Apple is a great, very profitable company, people often exaggerate something they heard somwhere and the facts don't support it (mostly things like Apple's profts are larger than the GDP of Australia or whatever). Whatever, I think Apple is awesome. In my house we have at least 15 iDevices/Macs and maybe 6 PCs and other assorted things like GoogleTV and Amazon FireTV.

Now, this is just my observations as a geek dad. I have 5 kids, including 3 pre-teenish girls that have like a bazillion friends. They hang out at our house all the time (we're sort of the neighborhood hub I guess) since my wife stays home and takes good care of all the kids. We have a lot of fun things to do and really good wireless, technology, and toys.

Anyway, what I've notcied is that for the girls Apple products are a status symbols. They bling their iPhones, iPods, watches, all that stuff.

The boys, however, have very little interest in Apple. They like things they can take apart (perhaps metaphorically as well) and that aren't so "girly" or whatever. Moms and girls have iPhones. But the boys around here (and man of their dads) don't use iPhones. iPhones are regarded as girly. My son has an iPhone and he won't take it anywhere. It just sits until the battery drains and I recharge it. I have to stick it in his bag when he leaves so he has an emergency phone. He's embarrassed by it.

Remember, iPhones are almost 2/3's of Apple's revenue. That's a lot of eggs in one basket.

Now, before you go calling me sexist, an Apple hater, or whatever.... I spend a lot of time with all my kids, especially the girls, on STEM, hacking EV3s, showing them what's possible with technology and just having fun with it. I am a coach at a robotics league and I do some extra things to encourage girls to join, explore, and stick with it. Same thing at work. I realize that there are some barriers for them and I'm trying to help them (as best I know how) to not let them get in their way. Also, I'm one of the dads that owns an iPhone because I like them and it helps keep the girls happy.

I also wonder about the Facebook effect (is that even a term?). I don't know a single kid under 18 that's on FB, they're mostly on Instagram. They don't want to be on FB so their parents can't see what they're doing. I have iCloud Family Sharing set up and the kids give me grief about that. But it's more than that, it's natural for kids to want to do their own thing. If mom and grandma are using iPhones I *guarantee* you kids won't be for long.

You might thing I live in some back-country, hill billy, place and perhaps there is a bit of that, but I live in the Midwest near Chicago in a somewhat progressive area.

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