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Comment Re:FSF = not practical (Score 1) 166

Stallman has helped create a free operating system that's quite successful, among other things. He provides practical solutions to many problems.

I don't see that it matters if Free Software idealism wins, as long as it exists. I run an operating system that I can examine and modify as I like, and it didn't cost me anything significant. I can get implementations of all sorts of computer languages for free. That's not how things tended to work in the 1980s and before, and Stallman is a very important reason for the change.

Comment Re:harsh (Score 1) 166

Stallman is right a surprising amount of the time. Over the decades, I've come to realize that, when he warns about something, it's best to listen and take heed.

I don't fully agree with his philosophy, but by acting on it he has helped to create great things. We're all better off because of the Gnu project. Some very good and useful software has been released under a variation of the GPL.

Comment Re: Its easier to pick sides (Score 1) 306

Deporting people who are not citizens is required if they are not properly authorized by our government to be here. This is not just for the benefit of the people who live here, but most importantly it is also for the benefit of the people who are here illegally.

Right. We're tearing you away from your community and family and sending you somewhere you have no prospects, and it's for your benefit. If this benefited the illegal immigrant, they'd have left already. Deportation of those here illegally is for the benefit of those here legally, and nobody else.

If you want illegal immigrants to be legal, change the law. Until then, uphold the law.

Because the law is always fair and just. Right. Got that. I knew someone who lived in Nazi Germany while it was still there; would you give her the same advice?

You are talking about being tolerant of illegality.

Which is sometimes the right thing to do. As another extreme example, some people were tolerant of the illegality of helping slaves escape to Canada.

That you are content with the virtual slavery that some immigrants experience while here is particularly telling.

Who's content with that? Republicans, mostly, as far as I can tell. Why do you think there's crackdowns on individual illegal immigrants, while places that employ them thrive? If we put teeth into the employment laws, whether by new laws or enforcing what we've got, illegal immigrants would be unable to find work and would go away. It looks to me like the single best thing we could do to keep illegal immigrants out. We can't stop them, and we can't find all of them, but we can make it much more difficult to gain from showing up sans documentation.

You are the one trying to "destroy America and everything is stands for," sir.

I'll give you a heads up here. Approximately nobody in this country is trying to destroy America and everything it stands for. People have different ideas of what America is and what it stands for, and often wildly different ideas of how to get there. This creates conflict, such as people thinking America stands for Christianity versus those who want to keep church and state thoroughly separate, but the conflict is because of different sincerely held views (mine's right, of course) rather than wanting to destroy America.

Comment Re: Its easier to pick sides (Score 1) 306

The left tends to have divergent opinions on things, and so it would be difficult for them to not tolerate people different from them. I don't know what you mean by "To disagree with them is to claim they're wrong", because I am claiming you're wrong as part of disagreeing with you. As for "they can't be wrong, because ...", I've seen that attitude in lots of places, with lots of things coming after the "because". People who don't think they can be wrong frighten me, whether it's because of their religion or philosophy or their warped view of science or ideology or anything else.

Comment Re:What's changed? (Score 1) 306

In other words, the right-wingers are currently winning. Congress is Republican, the President is Republican, and nobody can be arsed to investigate blatant corruption. Therefore, Republicans are cheerful, while Democrats are really unhappy about the way things are going. I don't expect this to last, but the current crop of Republicans seems likely to do serious damage to the country to further their business interests. I've seen interest in destroying the EPA, ignoring science when inconvenient, and a dismantling of legal rights, including preventing local governments from protecting them.

I don't know where you get your stats, but the left-wingers that I know tend to be in happy long-term relationships.

I haven't seen people in general react badly to a very reasonable reply to a post (although there are some on both sides). I have seen more people whose idea of a very reasonable reply doesn't seem to accord with reality. You should look at some of those, and figure out why people may consider them unreasonable.

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