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Submission + - Pigs CAN fly! New Footage of Dukenukem Forever. (

extremrams writes: "Today, George Broussard leader of 3DRealms, teased us with a new Screenshot of the upcoming Teaser Video, which will be released tomorrow. After all these years, we have finally something new to look at :) It looks like the 3DRealms is finally back with Duke, and we can get ready to kick some ass! Click here for a mirrored version of the screenshot."
The Courts

Submission + - Patent Infringement Lawsuit Filed Against Red Hat

1shooter writes: In the article titled "Patent Infringement Lawsuit Filed Against Red Hat & Novell- Just Like Ballmer Predicted" are details the first lawsuit against Linux vendors Red Hat and Novell. Groklaw link to article:

The patent appears to cover the use of multiple virtual desktops like in KDE and Gnome. Lots of prior art and surprise, Microsoft finger prints discovered behind the scenes.

Submission + - FBI to restrict student freedoms (

amigoro writes: "US university students will not be able to work late at the campus, travel abroad, show interest in their colleagues' work, have friends outside America, engage in independent research, or make extra money without the prior consent of the authorities, according to a set of guidelines given to administrators by the FBI. Feds are going around briefing top universities including MIT about "espionage indicators" aimed at identifying foreign agents and terrorists who might steal university research."

Submission + - Amazon's troubles with payment options

FreedomOfChoice writes: Amazon is having undisclosed problems with their payment providers. In letters to customers who have contacted customer service, Amazon states they have have disabled payments by bank account because of problems with payment providers. Customers who make a large number of purchases from third-party merchants cannot use credit cards because such orders are almost always marked as fraud (rightfully so), so Amazon has effectively and discretely turned off these customer's only option for making purchases. Given the limited options for making payments on Amazon, is it time they adopt more (Paypal, Google Checkout)?

Submission + - Internet defamation suit tests online anonymity (

The Xoxo Reader writes: "Reuters reports that two women at Yale Law School have filed suit for defamation and infliction of emotional distress against an administrator and 28 anonymous posters on AutoAdmit (a.k.a. Xoxohth), a popular law student discussion site. Experts are watching to see if the suit will unmask the posters, who are identified in the complaint only by their pseudonyms. Since AutoAdmit's administrators have previously said that they do not retain IP logs of posters, identifying the defendants may test the limits of the legal system and anonymity on the internet. So far, one method was to post the summons on the message board itself and ask the defendants to step forward. The controversy leading to this lawsuit was previously discussed on Slashdot here.""

Submission + - Business Week shows offshoring bad for the economy (

Obasan writes: "A 'gaping flaw' in the way economic numbers are computed may be the cause of a disconnect between GDP growth claims and actual growth, especially in terms of real wages, a phenomenon many of us are at least anecdotally familiar with. Business week calls this gap "phantom-GDP", gains in reported GDP that cannot be correlated with domestic production."
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - The Life of a Chinese Gold Farmer

jellie writes: "The New York Times Magazine has a story about real-money trading in massively multiplayer online games titled "The Life of a Chinese Gold Farmer". The author provides some background of the practice and interviews several players. To describe the scale of the virtual-money industry, the author mentions a 2001 paper by an economist from the University of Indiana: "Updated and more broadly applied, Castronova's results [based on his paper from 2001] suggest an aggregate gross domestic product for today's virtual economies of anywhere from $7 billion to $12 billion, a range that puts the economic output of the online gamer population in the company of Bolivia's, Albania's and Nepal's.""

Submission + - Flickr's users rebel against censorship, again

ciberado writes: "My English is not really very good, so excuse me if I just post the message we're trying to spread all around the net:
If your Yahoo! ID is based in Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong or Korea you will only be able to view safe content based on your local Terms of Service so won't be able to turn SafeSearch off. In other words that means, that german users can not access photos on flickr that are not flagged "safe" ... only flowers and landscapes for germans ...Copy and upload this picture to your account — show flickr who we are! **Here is the ORIGINAL VERSION TO DOWNLOAD: o.jpg

More info: 47681500/
You can also take a look at some images of the protest following this link:

- ip/interesting/

Please, help us to stop this madness. I live in Spain so I'm still no affected, but it's just a question of time. And my German friends don't deserve those restrictions.

Javier Moreno."

Submission + - IBM Announces the "Gameframe"

BBCWatcher writes: What happens when you marry the Cell processor to a modern mainframe? The New York Times, Associated Press, and CNET among others report on the new "gameframe." The idea is to take advantage of the IBM mainframe's massive transactional throughput and raw I/O performance while the Cell processors simulate virtual worlds — exactly the type of single hybrid processing system you'd need to support enormous online gaming communities. IBM identified Hoplon Infotainment as the first gameframe customer, although there is no ship date yet. Yes, it appears at least one of the OSes for the gameframe will be Linux.

Feed UK's CIS Solar Tower garners 390-kilowatts from the sun (

Filed under: Misc. Gadgets

We're not entirely sure if Manchester's CIS Solar Tower will be the world's grandest solar tower, but in terms of buildings have moved beyond the drawing board, it definitely packs a punch. Reportedly, the flaky construction led to dilapidating walls, which were then replaced by a much greener solution -- 7,244 Sharp 80W photovoltaic panels, to be precise. Curiously, only 4,898 of the modules are actually functional, but they still soak up enough sunlight to generate 390-kilowatts of energy, or in layman's terms, enough juice to "power 1,000 PCs for a year." Additionally, the roof is home to two dozen wind turbines that generate 10-percent of the total power used in the building. Of course, such an endeavor did ring up at a steep £5.675 million ($11.4 million), but we're pretty certain this solar panel makeover was concerned with matters other than dollars and cents. Click on through for a top-down shot.

[Via MetaEfficient]

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Submission + - Is your printer ripping you off?

An anonymous reader writes: Are original inkjet cartridges really worth the high cost? Do third party refill inks do as good a job? This article looks at printers from Epson, HP, Canon and Lexmark, with a combination of original inks and the top selling the top selling third pary options, using a whole host of different papers. A panel of printer users judged the ouput in a blind test — the printer manufacturers may not be happy with the results! /04/21/The-Inkjet-Investigation/p1

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