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Open Source

Submission + - LiceCode Kickstarter Most Successful Development Tool Raise Of All Time (

MikeyTheK writes: To fund a move to Open Source its engine, LiveCode, a descendent of HyperCard, turned to Kickstarter. With 8 hours still to go, the project has raised over $650,000, a staggering amount for a development tool on Kickstarter. With only a couple of stretch goals remaining, it is by far the most successful raises for a development tool.

Comment Das (Score 2) 223

I have a DAS Keyboard with brown Cherry switches. They are 45g to activate, and not clicky. The keyboard is not silent, but it is certainly not noisy, either. This is the best feeling keyboard I own, and maybe the best feeling one I have ever owned. I have pounded the crap out of it for over a year and it still works, as one would expect. Every time I shop for a laptop, I just cringe when I feel the keys and I think about spending all day using it.

Comment Re:It's Not ALL Bloggers (Score 4, Interesting) 353

The decision does raise an interesting question, though - what makes you a journalist? Is it having an account on WordPress or Blogger? What about aggregators like Drudge and Slashdot? We see journalists espousing opinions all the time, frequently controversial - your local rag's editorial page is just such a place. I love the shades of grey.

Comment Meh (Score 1) 144

I started messing around with RockMelt six months ago after receiving an invite. It's ok, but I have yet to find a real compelling reason to use it over Chrome, especially since, as the article mentions, it only sort-of supports Chrome extensions, which means I can only sort-of do things that I rely on Chrome for.

Submission + - Vonage Down, Not Accepting PSTN Calls

MikeyTheK writes: From the In Case You Care department, Vonage's PSTN network connection is down. At around 14:00 EDT I noticed that my Vonage phone was not accepting inbound calls. After being on the phone with TS for about an hour, they notified me that (nearly) nationwide, Vonage is not connected to the PSTN, so calls from the Outside World are not coming though.

That also means that if you have a failover number with Vonage it won't do anything, either, because Vonage isn't able to route it at this time. They don't have an ETA to get everything back up yet.

Submission + - Teen untethers iPhone from AT&T

9InchRails writes: "An article on CNN Gives some minor details about a kid who has managed to overcome not being able to use an iPhone on a network other than AT&T. The article is void on details, but this may well unlock the hot new PDA on the block."

Submission + - Yahoo, MSN sign new Chinese gov't blogging pact (

kaufmanmoore writes: AFP is reporting that Yahoo China and MSN have signed the new "self-discipline" pledge introduced this week and covered previously on slashdot. There are no more details at this point as to whether MSN or Yahoo will require detailed registration of personal information as encouraged by the Chinese government.
United States

Submission + - FCC Head Supports Ala Carte Cable

MikeyTheK writes: PC Magazine Reports that Kevin Martin, chairman of the FCC, supports ala carte cable.

In a letter to several minority groups on Wednesday, Martin said "While I believe all consumers would benefit from channels being sold in a more a la carte manner, minority consumers, especially those living in Spanish speaking homes, might benefit most of all,". He goes on to argue "Cable companies act as gatekeepers into the programming allowed by the expanded basic cable package, preventing independent content producers from reaching viewers,", citing the example of Black Family Television, which was forced to go online-only because cable operators refused to carry it, even after it reached 16 million homes.

Privatunes Anonymizes iTunes Plus 176

njondet writes " reports that, a French website specialized in technology news and software downloads, has just launched Privatunes, a free software that anonymizes DRM-free files bought on iTunes Plus. Last month's revelations that the DRM-free files sold by EMI on iTunes Plus came with user's full name and account e-mail embedded in them had raised serious privacy concerns. explains (in French) that Privatunes is aimed at guaranteeing the privacy of users but also their rights as consumers to freely share and trade the songs they have purchased. However, the claim that this software is perfectly legal will surely be tested."

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