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Comment Re: Great News! (Score 1) 289

still, an extra adapter sucks. it's another point of failure, it adds weight to your phone/headphone cable, it needs extra space, and it will probably die pretty fast if you have the phone with it attached in your pocket (and take the lightning connector with it). bluetooth in the other hand has still not the best audio quality (my wireless beats 2 sound as bad as a $30 sony bluetooth dongle. granted, i didn't buy the beats for the brand or the notoriously bad audio quality but for the form factor, but still, i'd imagined something better sounding for â160 - seems like bluetooth is the limiting factor). sure, you can use airpay, but that's not an option with lots of stereos.

Comment Re: remove the headphone jack (Score 1) 289

- save money on the a/d converter. - make it easier to make a waterproof phone - save space for larger battery - sell dongles at at least $ 30 a pop so there's lots of reasons, but it still sucks to have to bring a dongle with you, everytime you want to connect a phone to an analogue input - i guess i have still about 7 devices with one (not counting headphones) vs. 2 with (inferior sound quality) bluetooth.

Comment Re: Nice things are nice (Score 1) 301

and yet, the profit margins on styrofoam-cups are miniscule, and there's probably hidden costs associated with mass-producing throw-away cups as well (environmental impact). so apple has nothing to gain by selling cheap throw-away tablets. they've been doing fine with their 5-10% share of the pc-market for years, why should they make more for less money?

Comment Re: Nice things are nice (Score 1) 301

well, but you can't either with other brands. buying a tablet with better internals will usually have other trade offs (more weight, less battery, worse screen, lower built quality,...). so you can buy a better processor, but you'll get a less efficient OS (android). or buy a surface, get faster hardware still, but not the best in terms of weight, battery, touch-UI, stylus support,...

Comment Re: Confirmed (Score 1) 515

my words. years of teaching my parents to install updates, just to have my mother install the win10 upgrade after a popup told her to - it took me 20 minutes to explain to her the difference between a security update and a new OS, and i'm pretty sure, she already forgot it 10 minutes later. she's working from home, so it's the problem of her company's IT now, but still: asshole move on microsoft's part.

Comment It's allready defined (Score 3, Informative) 347

"anti hate speech" laws are nothing new in germany, there's already lots of definition, legal precedents, etc. go look it up. if that differs from the american definition of free speech, facebook is free to stop it's operation in germany or even go to court and try changing those laws.

Comment Re: legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 2) 582

that's also a problem that stems from driving too fast. but at least europeans tend to drive slower when the road conditions require it. also, these obstacles are only placed in areas, that are already low-speed (30km/h = 18mph limit). sure, you can drive arount those obstacles like a slalom-racer, but then you're violating the speed limit - and common sense - again. those limitation won't hold an idiot, but they'll give the rest of the population an incentive to think about what they are doing - and thus reducing the probability of accidents. and you'll probably avoid a surveilance state, where every "concerned" citizen uploads speed-trapping software to his webcam/smartphone, and hunts for sinners.

Comment Re: Pounds or dollars (Score 1) 255

I don't know how that system works in the u.k., but usually there are only a handful of people who do this censoring/rating stuff. and they have to be paid anyway, so swapping them out every hour would be even more expensive. unfortunately, £8500 doesn't get you a celluloid-transfer - and i'm pretty sure, he didn't even make a dcp-conversion to force them to use a proprietary media-server for playback. so they probably just told the projectionist to fast forward through the digital file. btw., i don't get his point. bohoo, it costs about the daily rental fees for a cinema-quality camera body for a feature film to get a rating? that's definitely a big deal. reality-update: film making is really, really expensive - when you're that far that you've got a completed feature film, worth showing, in your pocket, a £1000 fee is not going to stop you.

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