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Comment good luck (Score 1) 290

with searching last months 1000 voicemails for the specific information you need at the moment. if you really need to get your emotion across, why not use written words? or attach a voice mail to your written message? i prefer a quick phone call to an elaborate email where i'm pretty sure the recipient only reads every second sentence (leading to a trail of follow up and clarification - mails). but this is just ridiculous.

Comment Re: Facetime and health (Score 1) 159

3d - scanner: not for scanning objects but for measuring distance and size. gas/geiger - o.k., ageiger counter is a bit over the top, but as they are cheap why not having something that warns you in case of danger on your wrist. you're not going to have that lifesaving equipment on you just in case, but the watch will probably be on your wrist. and yes, a smartwatch that's not as thethered to your phone as most of them are right now is still a smartwatch - it's mostly an I/O to your mobile carry around computing device a.k.a. phone, sure. but that phone's cpu will probably dissolve into the cloud anyway, but the IO devices will stay. (besides, the same argument can be made about a smartphone that can't do much without a connection)

Comment Re: Smart watches are dumb (Score 1) 159

the location aware grocery-reminder is already, working, so is dictation, arbitrary questions are getting there. and why look at projected directions to friends, when you can be guided by taps on your wrist ? the aitomated emergency service call will come though, as well as the health alert ("your blood values are getting worse, eat mor celery today"), and the hazard warning (think unhealthy levels of radiation, gas, noise,...)

Comment Re: Great News! (Score 1) 289

still, an extra adapter sucks. it's another point of failure, it adds weight to your phone/headphone cable, it needs extra space, and it will probably die pretty fast if you have the phone with it attached in your pocket (and take the lightning connector with it). bluetooth in the other hand has still not the best audio quality (my wireless beats 2 sound as bad as a $30 sony bluetooth dongle. granted, i didn't buy the beats for the brand or the notoriously bad audio quality but for the form factor, but still, i'd imagined something better sounding for â160 - seems like bluetooth is the limiting factor). sure, you can use airpay, but that's not an option with lots of stereos.

Comment Re: remove the headphone jack (Score 1) 289

- save money on the a/d converter. - make it easier to make a waterproof phone - save space for larger battery - sell dongles at at least $ 30 a pop so there's lots of reasons, but it still sucks to have to bring a dongle with you, everytime you want to connect a phone to an analogue input - i guess i have still about 7 devices with one (not counting headphones) vs. 2 with (inferior sound quality) bluetooth.

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