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Comment Re: Next up dead (Score 2) 399

that's what they do - when you put on the glasses, you see the colors as intended, otherwise you get oversaturated colors (like the crappy look some TVs produce out of the box, or your typical oled-phone screen). rogue one had a very muted/washed out palette because it was supposed to be a war-film.

Comment not very surprising (Score 1) 228

when they were at their almost-10-percent-high, they made an effort and had unique, high-quality and competitively priced machines. now half of their lineup is slowly dying. if you buy a new mac, you can't be sure that there'll be a follow-up model in that line. macpros and mac-mini sales are probably pretty flat, because of that and because of old hardware that was on the cusp of being overpriced when it was released three years ago. new releases value aesthetical design over function and are no good value for the money. no wonder even the most hardcore mac fan nowadays lives in a mixture of sorrow and fear of what they will (not) release next. apple is slowly eroding the fundament and fallback under it's iphone - business, but they fon't seem to care because they are still sitting on a mountain of cash, that only looks like it's getting smaller when you look at it from a distance. the sad thing is, that there's still no competition for mac/macOS in a few areas - but as soon as a new player emerges (not counting on microsoft and linux, rhey blew it for decades, but inevitably some day somebody else will have the money and the focus) there'll be hell to pay,

Comment Re: YES (Score 2) 313

i just asked someone who works at a reputable european airline (e.g. not the easy jet/ryan air league). overbooking not forbidden. it's even required by their management that they overbook flights. we've got these "european air passenger rights" so you usually get booked to a later flight and if that flight arrives more than 3 hours later than the original one, you get â250-600, depending on the travel distance. or â150 and a voucher for getting downgraded from business-class.

Comment Re: Six million Alexa installs... compared to? (Score 1) 229

so what's the problem with internet-activated lightbulbs? so some fucker could theoretically remotely switch off my lights? big deal. attack an epileptic? they are not that fast. analyze the light patterns and determine whether i'm not at homr and just running an anti-burglar sequence instead of switching the lights on by hand? not going to happen (there are easier & more low-tech methods). but having an online-store or ad-seller listen in on everyone of my conversations? thanks, i'll pass. (and wait for a company that has already made their money by selling me that voice-activation-system)

Comment really (Score 1) 766

"Safari may take a second or two just to open a new blank tab on a 2014 iMac." no, it won't - it doesn't even take half a second to open a full homepage on my 2011 mac. "And with ten or fifteen open tabs it eventually becomes sluggish as hell." nope - maybe OP should look at his/her computer, add some RAM (4 GB is so 2001) and uninstall useless crap and bloatware that slows down the system.

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