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Comment Re:Yeah, no thanks. (Score 2) 85

It may also be that people like you are the ones to be avoided. You know, the ones that destroy others because they can while claiming moral superiority. We have quite lot of them these days. In modern times they have indeed an easy life because nobody is perfect and all mistakes are there in the open for others to pick up (or in need to make up). There is no way one can protect oneself against a statement taken out of context and used properly to show how bad one is. In my corporation we always had one or two per location kept for glorious tasks of getting rid of people on the cheap. This is exactly the reason why the actual complete loss of privacy is such a bad thing.

Comment Re:Low end doctors a good thing (Score 1) 115

It has been some time since I was looking at statistics but Cuba had better medical service in many areas than US. The Cubans were not free but had good medicine and provided it for others. Part of it was necessity caused by US sanctions and p art of it was luck to have leadership making right decisions. This is not to say dictatorship is a good thing but there are good systems out there which are not based on demagogy of free market fixes it all. Something that so called free press/media could acknowledge (if it were not sold to whoever owns them now).

Comment Re:prescribe a pacifier (Score 1) 115

These devices actually existed and were the reason lots of innovation in small machinery was done, first steam powered then electrical. Nice chapter in history of engineering and all this due to vaginal hysteria or whatever they called this back then as doctors applying medical procedures to relieve suffering from the affected individuals had to do this manual rubbing and push-pull procedures which was in some cases difficult hence the innovation. The only thing I wonder is how the engineers came about to know all this steamy details in an era not known for its ease on such subjects.

Comment Re:You couldn't make enough (Score 1) 406

Humans are on average not very intelligent - this much is true. Even the smartest guys behave often like normal plain dumbass. You allegation about humans being stupid because they buys stuff based on marketing BS is just silly however. There is no point of resisting the ads and using the imprinted brands to buy stuff if there is no much difference between brands - it is cheaper this way because there is no difficult and tiring decision making etc. This changes as soon as buying of imprinted brands became religion which 'justifies' huge expense etc. This is similar in a sense to this observation that when the choice one has to make is difficult because of small differences and huge range a (pseudo-)random choice is cheapest effort.

Comment nexus 4 (Score 1) 86

I still own one and very happy with it. No BS phone only what one needs. I cannot even remember how many times it fell on the hard surface and other than few scratches it still works perfectly. Only battery is after all these years a bit worn off. If only all other my phones worked as well as this one.

Comment Re: How much is PUTIN getting? (Score 0) 308

In my experience knowledge economy is mostly based on ignorance. It has to be of course as without ignorance we cannot sell knowledge. That is not what I mean however. I mean that ever since this knowledge based economy thing is showing in media I also see more and more ignorance especially among knowledge based economy workers and MBA drones that work in the area. OC I do not expect these people to know enough to take part in a discussion on why Roman Empire fell for instance. What I do expect is that they can have some idea about consequences of their actions. Usually they do not. Their knowledge does not reach that far.

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