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Comment Re:Okay, this is getting ridiculous (Score 1) 129

There is! The car you are looking for is called a Used Car and as an added bonus it is significantly cheaper than any new car on the market! Even better is with the money you save you can not only purchase a full set of tools to maintain and repair the car, so you won't need to take it to an overpriced mechanic!

Hardware Hacking

Where To Start In DIY Electronics? 301

pyrosine writes "I've been thinking about this for a while and have no idea where to start. I have little or no previous experience in electronics — just what is covered in GCSE physics (wiring a plug and resistors — not much, I know). The majority of my interest lies in the wireless communication side of the field — i.e. ham radios and CB — but I am also interested in how many things work, one example being speakers, simply to better understand it. I would preferably like to start with some form of practical guide rather than learning the theory first, but where I would find such a walkthrough eludes me."

Submission + - Canada Invents Mind Reading Technology! (

umStefa writes: Researchers at Canada's largest children's rehabilitation hospital (so yes somebody is thinking about the children) have developed technology that can accurately read a persons mind to make a prediction on that persons preferences. From the Article:

"a future where Canadians rule the world with an iron fist, probing a terrified global population with brain-scans to seek out and mind-wipe anyone who thinks a bad thought about Celine Dion"

Is this a good thing or the end of privacy as we know it?
(the poster is Canadian and will be accepting all forms of tribute in anticipation of the Canadian take over of the world)

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Bart Simpson making Robo-calls for Scientology (

SpuriousLogic writes: Scientologist Nancy Cartwright, who does the voice of Bart Simpson on "The Simpsons," has recorded a message in the voice of the iconic animated character promoting the controversial quasi-religious organization.
Cartwright recorded the pitch (audio below) for a robocall to boost turn-out for a Scientology event at the organization's Hollywood center. Though she takes care to identify herself by her real name and not her character, she uses the Bart voice at a few points in the recording.
"This is not authorized by us," said "Simpsons" executive producer Al Jean. "'The Simpsons' does not, and never has, endorsed any religion, philosophy or system of beliefs any more profound than Butterfinger bars." (Okay, it's not Jean's wittiest line).

Comment Professional Photographers Method (Score 1) 485

Well as a photographer shooting weddings I generally carry 8 SD cards on me at any given time. When I load them into my SD case I put them all label up to signify that they are empty and ready to go. As I go through cars during the course of a day I put my spent cards back into the case label down to signify that they are no longer empty and need to be downloaded to the computer.

Most of my colleagues use the same method with their SD or compact flash cards.


Submission + - What should modern copyright law look like? 1

umStefa writes: The Canadian government recently withdrew its plan to introduce a DMCA style bill due to public protest. The intent to introduce some sort of legislation still exists, so what should it look like? What rights should customers have and what rights should the corporations have? It would be naive to think that no copyright can exist, so what is the fair balance?
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple to rebate $100 to iPhone buyers

umStefa writes: Following the bad PR Apple has recieved for dropping the iPhone price $200 after only 3 months on the market, Steve Jobs has announced that people who purchased the 8GB model from either the Apple Store or AT&T and did not recieve any discount's or rebates at that time will be given a $100 credit. The CNN article did not specify if a rebate would be provided to people who purchased the 4GB model.

Submission + - HMV Canada Cut's music CD prices because of piracy 1

umStefa writes: For the last few years the music industry has claimed that reduced CD sales are the result of piracy, while slashdotters have constantly defended piracy on the grounds that main stream music was overpriced. Well know the largest music retailer in Canada has gone and cut their prices on CD's to try and increase sales (CBC article). If successful could this spur music stores in other countries to reduce their prices? and could it have an effect on piracy rates? or is this simply a move destined to fail (by not increasing CD sales), thereby giving the music industry ammunition to get governments to pass legislation that will support their outdated business model. Only time will tell.

Submission + - Prince gives away new CD (

umStefa writes: Music retailers in the UK are threatening to pull Prince's CD's from their shelves because he has committed the ultimate music industry evil, he is going to give away copies of his newest CD for free.

"The 10-track Planet EarthCD will be included in this weekend's edition of the Mail on Sunday newspaper, which has a circulation of about 2.3 million. "The artist formerly known as Prince should know that with behaviour like this he will soon be the artist formerly available in record stores," said Paul Quirk of the Entertainment Retailers Association in Britain, referring to a time in the 1990s when the funk star stopped using his name.

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