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Submission + - New SARS-Like Virus Infects Both Human and Animal Cells (

sciencehabit writes: A SARS-like virus discovered this summer in the Middle East may infect more than just humans. The pathogen, a close cousin to the one that caused the 2002 to 2003 SARS outbreak, may also be able to infect cells from pigs and a wide range of bat species, researchers report today. The findings may help public health officials track the source of the outbreak and identify the role of wild animals and livestock in spreading the virus, researchers say.

Submission + - File Sharing Lawsuits In Canada Begin (

Magorak writes: It appears that despite the recent change in copyright law within Canada, the file sharing lawsuits have taken a step closer to reality in Canada. TekSavvy, a leading independent ISP, has received a motion from Voltage Pictures for the names and contact information of thousands of customer whom they believe have illegally distributed their works over P2P. All eyes will be on this one to see whether or not any of these allegations actually make it to a court of law.

Submission + - Inside The World's Biggest Consumer 3D Printing Factory (

Sparrowvsrevolution writes: Much has been made of consumer 3D printers like Makerbot's Replicator and the open-source RepRap. But for those not yet willing to shell out thousands of dollars for their own machine, Shapeways offers 3D printing as a mail-order service. And its new Queens, NY factory, captured in this video and slideshow, is now the biggest production facility for consumer 3D printing in the world.

Just one of Shapeways' industrial 3D printers, which use lasers to fuse nylon dust, can print a thousand objects in a day, with far higher resolution than a consumer machine as well as intricate features like interlocking and nested parts. The company hopes to have more than fifty of those printers up and running within a year. And it also offers printing in materials that aren't attainable at home, like gold, silver, ceramic, sandstone and steel.

Comment Re:Question: (Score 3, Insightful) 269

If you are planning on building *in* a city, you will disrupt whatever space you choose to develop - up *or* down. If a lot is vacant, would it not be available for building in either direction? There are certain areas where a large amount of *up* is not an option (proximity to airport or public monuments, etc.), and those where *down* will be cost prohibitive (flood plains, bedrock, etc.). But, if you can use your available space in without resulting in public eyesore, why would someone care if it's above ground or below?

Comment Re:Temperatures plummet in Hades (Score 1) 176

Unless I'm mistaken, Reuters, American Press, Canadian Press and other news service agencies have been providing location/date/time/etc. information coupled with photos via their distribution service since at least 1994. Newspapers and magazines have been storing photos WITH location/date/time information since before that.

It shouldn't be too difficult to prove prior art - just look to the arts!


Submission + - CeBIT 2011 Fails to Draw the IT Crowds (

Stoobalou writes: CeBIT 2011 is now officially underway, with the venue's buildings filled to bursting with companies eager to show off their latest wares — sadly, this year appears to be a bit light on people to show those wares to.
While in previous years the first few days of Germany's biggest technology fair would be the most crowded, visitors are thin on the ground this year — and it's leaving some stands looking more than a little sparse.

Comment Convenience (Score 1) 628

In my case, I always have one Windows computer and one UNIX or Linux computer at my desk.

At work, I manage UNIX / Linux servers in several data centres. All of the productivity applications that I use live in the Windows space.

I've adapted to the point where I primarily use putty and cygwin from the Windows computer. Having said that, when it comes to testing HA or DR solutions, having available hardware within arms reach is invaluable.

At home, I have a Windows computer for gaming and web surfing, and a UNIX computer for mucking about.

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