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Submission + - How to deal with inept/Lazy co-Admins

ufpdom writes: I work for an ISP in which I'm on a team of 3 of Unix/Linux SysAdmins. I've been through a bunch of personnel changes over my tenure of 6+ years. My latest 2 additions are not up to par. I chose them out of a round of interviews because they were the best at what I could find (at that time). Over the course of 1-2 years I realized that their not real SysAdmins. One at least tries but doesn't always heed my advice about our environment. My biggest issue is the other one does very little. I would ask him to do some stuff and he rarely follows through. He's been assigned a project which has taken his entire time to somewhat complete. He keeps pushing up the date every so often and through all the managers we've been through he keeps getting a free reset/reprieve. I've pointed out at how little he contributes to the team and the company overall but they won't simply get rid of him. Being a former manager myself I understand you have to build up a case, do some write-ups before finally committing the axe. My manager, his boss and our Senior VP know of this and still do nothing. When it comes from big projects to mundane everyday tasks/tickets I end up doing 50% of the work for a 3 man team. I don't mind doing alot of the work but I constantly ask them to make an effort. Its not like I've hired these folks and they're 6 months into the job. Both of them started at the same time and they've been there for 2+ years now. My question is two-fold. What can I do to potentially speed up his departure? If I see nothing on the horizon should I just up and leave and let my company? I would prefer not to leave the company as I have tenure and I enjoy the freedoms of making things a better place. I've researched alot on this subject for months now but I'm finally asking the /. community. Thanks.

Comment So behind the Times America (Score 4, Interesting) 427

I travel back and forth from Japan pretty regularly. They have a special machine that they take the drink pop it in a holder and within seconds throws the green light or the 'Abunai' Red alert signal. Its been there for years. Kinda cool that I can buy my tea from outside the security zone and bring it right now.
Swabbing? LOL..

Comment Re:XTree Gold (Score 1) 654

OH hell to the yeah.. I remember Xtree gold.  Quite a bunch of other notables ones out there. Another one i use to use was norton commander. Of course OS/2 warp.

Jeeze.. brings me back to my BBS days where i use to write nodelists from scratch.

Comment Re:Best Buy rewards club (Score 1) 407

Rememeber when $125 got you a $5 gift certificate? Now its $250.... Thats why I dumped them EONS ago. I agree with you wholeheartedly on how they alienate people now. BTW Would you be interested in a magazine subscription to Game Informer?

Comment Re:Browse at Best Buy, buy from Amazon... (Score 1) 407

I saw this article months ago also. Now fast forward to today and I'm glad to see its obviously happening. With the internet peoeple are getting smarter. I didn't think that many people were smart enough to help shut down 50 BestBuy stores. Bestbuy use to be good but then when they got too Big for their britches they got cocky. Now after many years of raping consumers its time for them to pay the piper. I feel bad for some places where Best Buy is 'it'. Sooner or later someone could possibly fill this gap somehow but who knows. It will take some very smart person to do it right. C'est La Vie Bestbuy.

Comment Starbucks (Score 1) 134

Im not sire what your online needs are and how constant it needs to be but you can always rely upon Starbucks as a ISP. They are predominantly everywhere (Except in Yosemite national forest). alternative While i havent personally researched this you could try to find some place that does rentals. I go to Japan quite often and I end up renting a phone over there because its just easier and hassle-free. I use to rent a SIM card but now the phone w/ sim is cheaper than renting the sim card. I have no idea if such services exist in america for non-american travelers.

Comment YMMV (Score 1) 398

Its funny I replaced my 1st of 2 WRT54GL's at home after a series of constant drops over the course of a last few months. Here's the story: Internet connection is upstairs while everything else is in my man-cave downstairs. I used 2 WRT54GLs in WDS mode for about 5+ years and life was good. I noticed when I got my new work laptop (now with N) home my laptop connection dropped alot more of my network at home would start dropping. Of course the work laptop wsa the biggest culprit while I was streaming things via NetFix downstairs and/or doing other misc items downstairs. It would be a major bombshell when my buddy came over with his laptop (also N powered) and as soon as he booted up his network and attached. BAM! Network Down! At first I thought it was some kind of Dell issue (insert Dell jokes here). So after 6 months of being annoyed I broke down and got the exact Wifi product you mentioned in this article. I did read alot of people say 'it drops wireless alot' . Well I would think that would be of ANY product that you buy. There could've been a bad batch or some other item in your house really dicking w/ wireless signal (A really crappy microwave,etc.) So I bought this buffalo router and I installed it s my primary AP while will keeping a legacy WRT54GL downstairs and attaching it via WDS mode. Suffice to say that I am extremely happy with this product. I've had ZERO drops and by god I have about 19 wireless devices I have attached to test this (Droid phones, IPhones, Wiis, 360, PS3, PCs, Laptops, and a Tablet). While doing my netflix and other bittorrent activitie I even decided to transfer some TV episodes from my laptop to my main PC. Suffice to say a 5gb transfer over wireless is painful no matter what speed. But suffice to say during the test transfers not once did my wireless signal drop. SSH Sessions and windows file copies are extremely sensative and only work on a stable connection. Also regarding Buffallo-Tech product they are HUGE in Japan. They are the Cisco/Linksys of wireless products in Japan. I know because I go there all the time and I always dive into their electronics scene checking out their stuff. So like star wars "What does your heart tell you". Just roll with it and test the crap out of it. You have at least a good 15day return policy depending on where you get it from. I decided to get mine via Fry's B&M just in case it didnt work and I can return it. I'll say this I got this version and for an xtra $30 you can get the version of this that seperates out the B/G & N Channels. Just all depends on how much wireless you are doing. Also depends on your setup. If you sit at home with one wireless AP then you should be quite ok. My setup is much more specialized and needed more work given the architecture of my home.

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