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Comment Re: DRM ahoy :( (Score 1) 551

Well? Where are you, Apple proxies who are Slashdot "community members"? No comment? This guy sure sounds like he knows what he's talking about. I think I may give up iPhone permanently based on this. I'm not kidding. Bet I'm not alone. If you want to keep your hipster base, Apple, the stuff you say is good has to be good in _some_ way. This looks like a shit idea done for shit reasons in service of some shitty DRM master plan that's certain to drive away all quality loving snobs, and the big fat icing on the cake is you're lying about why. If you don't keep the customers who love quality, your whole fashion-based marketing scheme will fall apart. You're not going to make it fashionable to give up your headphones. You're just not. You tried making the white plastic earbuds fashionable...sort of flew for a few years of dancing shadow silhouette commercials, but the kids I see now are not wearing them. That failed. You tried buying a headphone company; its image started to tarnish immediately after you bought it. Now you're going to try to make me part with my Grados. You have ZERO chance of this. Either you own the analog headphone in the device, or you will be out of the music game. The conversations people are about to overhear between nerds at work, at school....those conversations are NOT going to get you new customers.

Comment Ecosystem partners = DRM hawkers (Score 1) 585

We all know what ecosystem means, and we all know that DRM-lovers love to euphemistically package DRM as "ecosystem". This looks like a DRM experiment. Stepping towards iOS like DRM store exclusivity. Easy to imagine an "allow unsigned apps" checkbox in Windows now. (I haven't used 10. Maybe it's already there.) They'll let users allow unsigned apps for a few years, then use some convenient cyber-disaster to justify disallowing the feature on national/international security grounds, and voila, Windows DRM only version of Windows is locked in.
Cloudiot: A person who does not see offsite storage as a way to lose control over access to his or her own data.

Comment Finally! (Score -1, Troll) 46

The customers who pay Google to learn everything about every thought you are ever going to think and kill you before you take action if they don't like you--those supercustomers _deserve_ the benefit of knowing that those who try to gather usage information for free from the sidelines have been thwarted. Only paying customers deserve to rule the world!

Comment Re:under the CFAA any one useing this can prison t (Score 2) 38

under the CFAA any one using this can be facing prison time. Any if they put down jailbreak due to a dumb cop you can get harder time.

Joe: Discussing the CFAA online is a communication that could lead to distress for other Slashdot members. That's a violation of the CFAA. If one of these Vita owners stresses out and commits suicide, you could be hit with a misdemeanor, just like Lori Drew. Let's be nice to the Vita owners. Yes, both of them.

Comment Re:EEE (Score 2) 412

Clearly you never supported the Netware clients for Windows when they were engaged in destroying Novell. They are experts in this operation and have done it multiple times, each time obvious to everyone paying attention. They can and will pull this off, unless they are sued in such a way that the plot is laid bare in public. People will have to be called to testify about off the record conversations. I don't know of any private or corporate entity who could sue Microsoft in such a way. They are simply too powerful. Those of you who think you will resist...well...I'm afraid you will find that you can't. Either the market gets a state-level assist, or MS will get the result it's wanting.

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