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Comment Re:Sick of hearing about the "3D TV Fail" (Score 1) 151

Oh mighty prophet coward, why not post as self so I can check back with you on 2/23/2020 and see how hard it is to find a TV that can display 3D with syncronized glasses? High-end...that's funny. The thing I don't get is why so many people are invested in this concept of calling a perfectly-working feature "dead". I don't get what you think success looks like.

Comment Sick of hearing about the "3D TV Fail" (Score 1, Interesting) 151

This post ends with the comment-bait line "How do you view the VR industry in early 2017? Do you think it shows promise or will eventually fail like 3D TV?" My 3D TV works fine. My wife and I watched X-Men Apocalypse on it just last weekend. No problems. Am I supposed to think it's a failure because it didn't become ubiquitous? Or is it a failure because the TV manufacturers couldn't keep pitching it as the get-in-now-or-get-left-behind future to drive a sale? That's not what technicians call failure. That's what marketers call failure. If you're asking if VR is going to make everybody who touches it buy and sell tons of software until we are all using it all day long and VR is the main thing we do....well, no, that's not going to happen. If you're planning on that happening, you'd best steel yourself for the big "failure" now. Let's stop this stupid measurement of success. Let's call success something that works. Not something that makes everyone spend money forever...that's what we call a pipe dream.

Comment Hurray, 3D is still for nerds (Score 2) 399

3D is for nerds. I've always loved it, since my first cyan/magenta poster from a cereal box when I was a little kid. If you can't take the glasses, you don't get to watch. I've enjoyed the 3D Blurays and I'm sure I'm far from alone in my intention to continue to use the format as it turns retro. Seeya, everyone who thought this was going to bring football holograms into your living room.

Comment Am I reading these responses right? Seriously? (Score 1) 435

So, am I reading that the overall reason why 3DTV "failed" was because you were expecting it to be holograms? Like, Princess Leia projected by R2-D2? And if that's really what you thought, are you sure you know how holograms work? I just want to be sure I'm right in thinking you're all a bunch of slightly above average intelligence pseudo-nerds, which is what I currently suspect. It really does seem like you're disappointed it wasn't magic.

Comment What failed exactly? (Score 2) 435

My 3D TV works fine. So does my viewmaster. What failed? I enjoy good stereoscopy when I have the time. Bad stereoscopy always sucks. If the TV industry had greater expectations for what 3D was supposed to do for them then what they got out of it, shame on them. They sold me a TV and a copy of Hugo. I'm happy with it. If the TV or movie industry's not happy with it, they are expecting too much. You know...this reminds me of the "failure" of music games. It's like if something can't be turned into a perpetual motion machine cash cow mashup, it's a "failure". Let's just keep making 3D glasses an option, and move on.

Comment He doesn't believe any of it (Score 1) 182

He's just setting up a story so he has supposed business justification for ubiquitous DRM and surveillance components in software that's supposedly for fun. In reality, he knows this Christmas season's biggest moneymaker is going to be Nintendo's Classic NES for HDMI, for exactly the opposite reasons of what he pretends to believe here. But he has to pretend to believe it, because his supercustomer masters require him to keep providing excuses for surveillance. I'm so happy I am not this man.

Comment Re:Verhoeven's version is too smart for its own go (Score 1) 457

You have offended the resident fascists, they don't like it when you call them nazis (or fascists for that matter).

Hmm. That would be shooting the messenger. I didn't make up that "Beautiful young people fall in love, fight aliens, become Nazis" summary. That's from the supplemental materials from the laserdisc of Verhoeven's Starship Troopers. Anyone offended, don't blame me. I recall this being the summary the production crew worked with when first creating this movie. If you find this offensive, there's some piece of this story somewhere that you need to understand better. Anyway, I didn't call anyone a Nazi, and I don't like the accusation of trolling.

Comment Re:Verhoeven's version is too smart for its own go (Score 1) 457

I'm afraid that if someone produces a sincere, straightforward film adaptation of the novel, the result will be unintentionally hilarious. At least Verhoeven's take is satirical on purpose. Verhoeven's original project "Bug Planet" probably would have been a good movie, too, even if they hadn't opted to get the Heinlein license after the similarities to Starship Troopers became apparent. My point in bringing that up is this: Verhoeven's people had a movie idea, and it wasn't just "adapt a novel". The idea "young beautiful people fall in love, fight aliens, become Nazis" was the kernel, and they built a great movie around that. I'm not sure "make Heinlein's book into a movie" is in and of itself such a great idea. I would need to know more before I thought it was good or bad. Would you like to know more? (Click here.)

I see from Comment Moderation that I've been accused of trolling for the parent comment. Anyone who is offended care to explain? I don't get it. Who have I offended?

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