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Comment Re:I'll keep recording the streams, thanks. (Score 2) 60

With Netflix, you're paying for a limited-time license to view the material. Your license immediately expires when you stop paying Netflix.

Try your "I'm entitled to record and play back..." argument in front of a judge after you get kicked out of a movie theater for using a video recorder.
Same thing. You're not going to get very far with that argument.

Not the same thing at all. How dare you compare my usage of a VCR with a person trying to take a camera copy at a paid exhibition at a movie theater? Are you spreading disinformation? Who pays you, coward?

Comment Re:there are bigger risks than breaking drm (Score 2) 60

And if you can't stop live capture, then drm will only stop the truly law-abiding and the moderately lazy.

Live capture is law abiding. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a troll. Folks, seriously: never let a statement or implication about recording being illegal slide. Always correct this. It's worth arguing about.

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