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Comment Isn't there a simple proof? (Score 1) 210

I am not a physicist, so I may be wrong, but I always thought that absolute zero is theoretically impossible. The temperature is a measure of random energy per degree of freedom. By Heisenberg principle delta_x * delta_p = h/2pi. So you have to get delta_p = 0 for absolute zero or delta_x = infinity.

The best you can get in lab by cooling atoms is to create a Bose Einstein condensate in which all the atoms acts as a single coherent wave. This can reduce random KE significantly. For particle of size of hydrogen atom and container of size of 1 ft, this value is of order 10^-9 K.

Comment Uber may be in trouble but no self driving cars (Score 3, Interesting) 334

Self driving cars are the future. Once there is self driving cars, the taxis will be as cheap as private cars on per mile basis when averaged over entire year. Most people would stop owning cars and large families may keep only one car. Also, this naturally leads to all electric cars as well. The taxis will take people to work in rush hour and then will charge themselves and will be ready in the evening.

Any business that depends on traditional car ownership is in peril. Gas stations, repair places, parts, dealers, car insurance, paid parking etc. Even auto makers are in big trouble because you will need far fewer taxis as they can service more people per vehicle.

Comment Anthropological principle (Score 0) 187

Anthropological principle states that the universal laws are tweaked in such a way for intelligent life to exist. So the universe tweaked its laws for intelligent life to exist and it took billions of years to evolve. Would such an universe be left extremely vulnerable to few mad men who could destroy intelligent life at the touch of buttons or some cosmic phenomena destroying intelligent life on the only planet? Based on this argument, you can say that intelligent life in the universe would be so robust that no matter what you do, you can't get rid of them, not at least in a fraction of evolution time. So, not only intelligent should exist in outer planet in our galaxy but it should exist all over the entire universe. Laws of cosmology prevents us from destroying significant portion of the intelligent life in the universe due to horizon limit (even if we can sent virus via rocket at the speed of light).

Comment Self driving cars (Score 2) 212

Self driving cars will increase adoption of electric cars. Currently, the range is limited due to high cost of battery and very few fast charging stations are there. Imagine your office is 30 miles commute and charging station is 0.5 mile away from your office. You can't use cheap electric cars with 75-80 miles range. But if these are self driving, then you just get down at your office and the car will go to charging station and park itself.

It is also possible that self driving cars will make taxis cheaper than owning cars and most people will get rid of cars and use taxis (or at least have only 1 owned car per family). The self driving cars or taxis will charge batteries overnight, drive people during peak hours, charge around noon and drive back in evening.

So the future is electric cars even at current battery prices.

Comment Re:Can't we sue Comcast to cut off thier Internet? (Score 2) 95

I am an original customer of @Home (Around 1999) which was acquired by ATT and then sold to Comcast. I have tried many other ISP, but haven't found anyone working better than Comcast and have returned to Comcast within a year. I don't know whether it meets your criteria but for me, I can say at the least, they are the best of the worst. Nothing better has ever been available in my area. Recently ATT has started offering fiber based internet and I might try out but their prices are higher than my "promotional" (I am permanently on promotional rates) prices. If they offer better promotion, I don't mind giving it a try.

Comment Why shouldn't they? (Score 1) 95

From the article: The Nashville One Touch Make Ready ordinance "permits third parties to move, alter, or rearrange components of Comcast’s communications network attached to utility poles without Comcast’s consent, authorization, or oversight, and with far less notice than is required by federal law and by an existing Comcast contract with Metro Nashville,"

Any surprise here?

Comment Re:Sue for making you stupid (Score 1) 412

You can sue anyone for whatever you like. Question is, will you win? BTW, I didn't say diapers are causing harm, just that they were wrong brand.

I have full freedom to decide how I want to raise my kids as long as I am not breaking any law. There is no law against using cheap diaper, buying ugly clothes or posting innocuous photos. If you can sue (and win) here, how will you prevent someone suing parent for sending him to soccer game causing injury?

Every parents in the world has done few things that their grown up kids might not like. If you think big brother should interfere than you are the one who needs to leave this world. Parents want freedom, not your diktat.

Comment Smaller than Mir (Score 1) 88

China plans to complete space station in 2022 and will have a mass of 64,000 kg. This is about half of the mass of Mir launched 30 years ago by USSR. Still a lot to catch up. The ISS launched in 1998 has a mass of 440,000 kg.

Comment what is the fuss about lowest storage (Score 1) 235

How does it matter what is the lowest storage? What should matter is highest storage because that is the real limitation. iPhone already offers 128 GB which is more than most latest Android phones and definitely more than any cell phone which was available at the time of iPhone 6 was released. No one is forcing anyone to buy 16 GB but the fact that people buy tells that there are lots of people for whom it is not worth extra money for extra storage.

Android and Windows have 32 GB because many of them come with bloats. I have used Android for 3 years and iPhone for 4 years. On Android (Google Nexus) if I leave my gps app open, my battery used to drain in few hours. I had to make sure to kill all unused app all the time to get 1 day of battery life on brand new phone. With iPhone, I get two day battery life running equivalent apps without worrying about shutting down each app every time.

I don't about SD card experience since my Nexus 5 didn't support it but my Windows phone (yes, I have used that too for 18 months), the SD card was flaky. Sometimes it will use it and other time it will just give error that I am out of memory even when the SD card was almost empty.

Comment How is it different for offline (Score 2) 76

If you go to doctor's office and start video recording everyone to collect data on discrimination, will it allow it? Same way, website can limit recording of publicly available information. Doctor's office will also ask you provide true information just like websites do. I don't see much difference between the two. There are many private clubs which limit do the same. I don't see Facebook, Twitter any different than YMCA etc where if I want to be in, I have to become member, pay, provide my true information and then can do limited recording. If you ask online sites to allow fake id, unlimited recording, then why not doctor's office, gyms, hotels etc?

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