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Comment Re:Sue for making you stupid (Score 1) 412

You can sue anyone for whatever you like. Question is, will you win? BTW, I didn't say diapers are causing harm, just that they were wrong brand.

I have full freedom to decide how I want to raise my kids as long as I am not breaking any law. There is no law against using cheap diaper, buying ugly clothes or posting innocuous photos. If you can sue (and win) here, how will you prevent someone suing parent for sending him to soccer game causing injury?

Every parents in the world has done few things that their grown up kids might not like. If you think big brother should interfere than you are the one who needs to leave this world. Parents want freedom, not your diktat.

Comment Smaller than Mir (Score 1) 88

China plans to complete space station in 2022 and will have a mass of 64,000 kg. This is about half of the mass of Mir launched 30 years ago by USSR. Still a lot to catch up. The ISS launched in 1998 has a mass of 440,000 kg.

Comment what is the fuss about lowest storage (Score 1) 235

How does it matter what is the lowest storage? What should matter is highest storage because that is the real limitation. iPhone already offers 128 GB which is more than most latest Android phones and definitely more than any cell phone which was available at the time of iPhone 6 was released. No one is forcing anyone to buy 16 GB but the fact that people buy tells that there are lots of people for whom it is not worth extra money for extra storage.

Android and Windows have 32 GB because many of them come with bloats. I have used Android for 3 years and iPhone for 4 years. On Android (Google Nexus) if I leave my gps app open, my battery used to drain in few hours. I had to make sure to kill all unused app all the time to get 1 day of battery life on brand new phone. With iPhone, I get two day battery life running equivalent apps without worrying about shutting down each app every time.

I don't about SD card experience since my Nexus 5 didn't support it but my Windows phone (yes, I have used that too for 18 months), the SD card was flaky. Sometimes it will use it and other time it will just give error that I am out of memory even when the SD card was almost empty.

Comment How is it different for offline (Score 2) 76

If you go to doctor's office and start video recording everyone to collect data on discrimination, will it allow it? Same way, website can limit recording of publicly available information. Doctor's office will also ask you provide true information just like websites do. I don't see much difference between the two. There are many private clubs which limit do the same. I don't see Facebook, Twitter any different than YMCA etc where if I want to be in, I have to become member, pay, provide my true information and then can do limited recording. If you ask online sites to allow fake id, unlimited recording, then why not doctor's office, gyms, hotels etc?

Comment Hydrogen FC cars are not electric cars (Score 1) 630

Electric cars means you charge using electricity and the biggest problem with that is that the charging time is too high. Hydrogen cars can fill hydrogen as fast as gasoline. Also, hydrogen can be obtained without electricity (Iceland hydrogen vent), so it is not necessarily an equivalent of battery either. There are many application of FC (one I know is the forklift usage indoor. Gas based one will cause indoor CO and hence can't be used. Electric requires long charging time. FC fits the budget perfect).

Personally, I hate FC and love electric but that does not mean you accept all lies about FC.

Comment data mining by large corporates (Score 1) 211

"Data about user batteries is collected because the app uses that information to know when to switch into low-power mode."

This is what really scars me. Every app collects lots of data on one or the other pretext and then they use this data for entirely different and highly invasive purpose. Google reads your chat and email. Next what, it will start showing diaper ads when it determines you are pregnant? Uber can start charging 10 times when your battery is low. Maybe google and uber can collaborate and determine when you are running late for your flight and surge the price to 10 times as well.

The funny thing is that, gadget minded young generation don't care. For them, the corporations are benevolent dictators.

Comment Hamburger analogy (Score 0) 436

Hamburger analogy can backfire. If a restaurant has completely new 1000 items, each with their unique complementary set of taste and nutrients on the menu and another restaurant copies the exact same menu, then the copyright law is very simple that the second restaurant stole it. The Java API are all interconnected set of thousands of methods acting like set of tastes and nutrients working to compliment each other. If you copy those, you are stealing them.

Comment Highly Unlikely (Score 1) 311

Technology creates more jobs than it takes away. As we increase technology and make things easier to do what was harder earlier, we start demanding more and that increases employment equivalent to what is displaced by automation. Robots can make cars with much faster than humans. But then what did we do? We started asking for an air bag, then 2, then 3, ... then 5-10 air bags. Now we ask for rear camera, gps, satellite radio,.... blah.... and hence effectively, the employment in auto-sector hasn't gone down (auto sector does not mean manufacturers but all components, software, services providers etc too). Today, we have lots of tutorials, online classes available, but demands for teachers, professors etc is not down. So it is a fallacy to say tech advancement will cause unemployment. It is no more truer than what people used to believe that industrial revolution will cause unemployment.

Comment what is new here? (Score 1) 492

Didn't windows have POSIX layer as early as 1995? I have used it and hence I know it. The POSIX layer was written on top of NT kernel (not on top of win32 subsystem) and didn't interact well with rest of Windows. E.g. no gui.

The problem with this and cygwin etc is that the interaction is not seamless. E.g. in unix, everyone uses .jpg for photos. In windows, it could be .JPG or .jpg. Since the filenames are case sensitive in shell, you get different behavior. As a unix/windows user, I have habit of typing "rm *.jpg" on linux and "del *.jpg" on windows. But with bash, you will have to do "rm *.jpg *.JPG". Very soon it gets confusing. Create a file name "a.htm" and "a.html" using bash. Go to cmd and type "del *.htm", your "a.html" gone, something you don't expect. The problem is interoperability between two distinct personalities.

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