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Comment Re: Too long was always my gripe (Score 1) 138

I meant dumbasses in the sense of not using these kinds of drugs in a responsible manner and then freaking out, dying or whatever giving more fuel to the anti drug crowd. I personally would never allow myself to be under the influence of anything in public or in an environment I was not comfortable in or I had to be responsible for anyone but myself.

Comment Re: People who use elicit drugs... (Score 4, Insightful) 138

Well no shit dumbass, so can "licit" drugs like alcohol, the legality of the substance has no bearing on the issue. If I want to take mushrooms or LSD in the comfort of my own home in a controlled setting (look up set and setting) and have a great time that's my business. Heck I don't even drink and really drunk people are the ones that disgust me.

Comment Re: Too long was always my gripe (Score 4, Insightful) 138

Yeah mushrooms are preferable for just a nice time. LSD for profound mind altering experiences that you need to plan a whole block of time for, at least it was for me. I never understand these people that have bad trips or see things that aren't there (as opposed to just simple visual effects) It really is all about set and setting as they say (and making sure you know exactly what your ingesting). You can absolutely take these drugs responsibly, like everything else it's the dumbasses that ruin it for everybody.

Comment Re: Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 1) 495

Let's get Godwin's law right out of the way. Hitler was also technically democratically elected so deserved support from the German people right?

Yep politicians should automatically get our respect because they got elevated no matter how demonstrably fucking awful they are. The great thing about an actual free democracy is I don't have to automatically give out leaders the slightest bit of fucking respect and can call them out for being pieces of shit.

Also he received 2 million fewer votes than his opponent ,but the Electoral College blah blah blah for some reason better etc etc.

Comment Re: and no apps (Score 4, Interesting) 168

I know, for me personally I wonder where I would be without native apps since app development been the main my source of income for these past few years.

I still remember the day they posted on Slashdot that hackers had release the first reversed engineer SDK on jail broken phones and immediately dived in and started coding for it. I actually interviewed at Apple shortly after for unrelated position long before they announced the SDK and remember showing the engineers over lunch a port of MAME I had done. It was kind of surreal when I looked up and saw Steve Jobs across the room getting lunch.

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