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Comment Re:This won't wash (Score 1) 282

Let's say I am an ISP and I have a data stream coming through my system. How do I know if the data is encrypted or not? Data is data. Neither IP nor UDP packets have an 'encrypted data' indicator.

It's quite simple: we'll just have to add an additional "encrypted" bit in the header, right after the Evil bit.

Comment Re:Not just innovation (Score 4, Insightful) 360

What Trump says and what will actually happen are obviously two different things. There are still checks and balances to keep him from running roughshod over human rights by himself. The H1B travesty is real, happening, and can only get worse under Clinton. I'd rather have a redfaced blowhard spouting off nonsense than this slippery bitch plunging the knife in even deeper than it already is. They're both clearly unfit for the job, but Trump entertains me while Clinton makes my blood run cold for multiple reasons.

Comment Re:Auto pilot is not... (Score 4, Insightful) 329

People on slashdot love to rip on companies who advertise Unlimited but still have caps. "Unlimited should mean Unlimited!" But give Tesla a pass when they bill something that's not Autopilot as Autopilot.

Oh, but it is autopilot. Name a vehicular autopilot system that is designed to allow the operator to engage and then ignore it completely for the duration of the trip, without risk of disaster. Commercial aviation relies heavily on autopilot, but they still employ 2 pilots per flight. Why? Because if there's only one pilot, and he's incapacitated, autopilot simply does not have the same capabilities to get the aircraft home safely. Don't you think they would have axed the expensive pilot positions years ago if the technology existed to allow it? So yes, it is autopilot, but no it's not meant to replace a human.

Comment Re:Wow, the UK is even more screwed up than the US (Score 1) 238

He decided that since the country's majority ran contrary to his stance, it was a good idea to vacate his position and let someone else lead.

This is what we need in America. Instead of digging in and fighting tooth and nail against the peoples wishes.. just get the fuck out and do it with some dignity. The majority of our politicians are just stubborn children who will never concede defeat or admit to wrongs, no matter how much blood is still dripping from their hands.

Comment Re:Can't be (Score 5, Insightful) 983

The police can't kill people with bombs, they have to use small explosions in shells to speed up a specific projectile, not an accidental one with a bomb, like god intended it to be.

The police shouldn't be in the business of killing people. They're there to apprehend if at all possible, and let the courts decide their fate. The bobbies in London don't even carry firearms, and they get along reasonably well. Why the fuck do American cops need "assault rifles" (heh), tanks, and now remote controlled bombs? This one-sided arms race needs to stop, and we need to take a good hard look at the societal reasons for the violence. We keep killing or incarcerating "bad men", but nobody wants to deal with the reasons how they become this way. Meanwhile, we continue to allow an army grow within our borders that sees all of us as a possible threat. This is not headed in a positive direction.

Comment Re:No. This is an unprecedented shit in nothing. (Score 2) 983

I know people will become uncontrollably outraged about this, but it's a standoff weapon. Just like a spear, a bow and arrow, an explosive tossed through a door or window, a gun, or even a vehicle employed as a weapon.

This is half a stones throw from sending a JDAM through the roof, or one of those crazy ISIS bomb trucks. At what point do they stop being peace officers and become domestic warriors? This is a terrifying development; We expect to see things like this in Afghanistan or Syria, not Texas. At what point did we go ahead and just put a big X through the "Alive" part of "Dead or Alive"?

Comment Re:Germany + DMCA = ? (Score 1) 250

Every cheating player should have his account banned. Want to play again? Buy the game again.

Blizzard isn't just banning accounts; they're banning hardware. You can't just buy another copy after being banned and continue what you were doing. This is how it should be done. There is zero excuse for cheating, and the punishment is properly severe.

Comment Re:There had to be a first case... (Score 2) 379

This death happened in the area of the car Tesla spoke of the test machine breaking during a crush test of a roof, apparently withstanding the weight of 4 cars on its roof. A Trailer moving sideways crushing the car, you would think if the roof was super strong the car would be pushed sideways, instead of going under.

From another story I read, the Tesla was at speed when it hit the trailer that was across the road. Momentum caused the bottom edge of the trailer to shear off the top of the car (and probably the top of the driver) as it passed underneath. It's not like the car was parked and the trailer rolled over it.

Comment Re: For those who still want diesel (Score 1) 179

There is (was) a massive amount of ground water in the San Joaquin valley. Instead of pumping it and sending it south, they used it for absolutely wasteful agricultural purposes. They've used so much, that the ground has sunken by almost 30 feet in places. So, instead of pumping and using our own water to service the south, we take it from the Colorado. Now that the ground up north has dried up and collapsed so that it couldn't hold the same amount of water even with biblical flooding, the farmers are all crying about it. Well, tough shit, your free ride is over. Maybe you shouldn't try growing rice and almonds in a desert.

As far as desal plants go, who is going to pay for them? They're not quick or cheap to build, and cost quite a bit to run (regardless of power source). The treehuggers won't allow any more nuke plants around here, and we're quickly building ourselves out of any good locations to put them anyway. San Onofre was about as ideal as it gets, and they shut it down.

With regards to conservation, it doesn't really seen to help much. I tore out both front and back lawns last summer, and replaced with low water plants and drip system. My water bill went down maybe 10%. My bill breaks down to about half flat fees, half actual usage. You can drastically cut your water usage and barely see a financial incentive to do so in the end. If they raised the rate per actual unit of water used, and dumped the flat "service" fees, then there would be a much better drive to cut usage across the board. It still would be nice if it'd rain around here some day, though.

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