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Comment Re:Automatic. (Score 2) 483

I think it's fair to say that California has a well maintained road network for its size,

The interstates are generally well maintained. The freeways in and around the LA/OC area are a fucking travesty. Potholes everywhere. Some roads are crumbling and coming apart in chunks. They only fix the worst of the worst, and it takes them several years to get to it. I work in the north SFV area, and I've only seen them repave 4 streets in the ~5 miles around my office in the last decade, and only just recently. Meanwhile, the freeways are constantly "under construction" but you rarely see them working on them, even late at night. They like to start 15 projects, tear everything to shit, then spend the next 6 years slowly putting one of them back together. For such a car-centric metro area, our roads are in a totally unacceptable level of disrepair. This isn't New Hampshire, this is Car City USA. Fix the fucking roads. And don't even get me started on the sidewalks.

Comment Re:how do they know this is the university? (Score 2) 123

Either companies are honeypotting Bittorrent emissions themselves, which would be entrapment

Honeypots are not entrapment. They have not forced or coerced you into doing something you weren't setting out to do anyway. I believe the concept of entrapment can only be applied to law enforcement entities, as well.

Comment Re:No, no, no. (Score 1) 1081

The electoral college prevents politicians for completely ignoring 90% of the country and focusing only on the few really big cities.

Unfortunately, in states like California (where I reside), the electoral college system completely nullifies the votes of those outside the big cities. If you look at the voting results by county, the major metro areas (SF, LA, SD) vote severely Democrat. The further north you head, and away from the coast, the vote tends to learn more Republican. California is a huge state, but most of the population is concentrated on the coastal areas of the lower half. If you vote Republican in California, your vote simply does not count with the current system. Going to a popular vote would at least give those who live outside the big cities SOME voice. As it is, you might as well throw your presidential vote in the round file.

Comment Re:I have to ask... (Score 1) 75

It's not so much the number of people we've sent up there, but the huge number of scientific and technological advances we've made because of our efforts to get there. Human spaceflight is obviously not comparable in every day utility to hyperloop, but if we had the "It's too hard/expensive, why bother" mindset, look at all the things we'd be missing. Even if hyperloop flops spectacularly, we're bound to learn something along the way that benefits humanity somehow.

Comment Re:State colleges give garbage degrees (Score 1) 420

Most schools offer shit degrees, and shit people take shit degrees. Then they end up with a shit load of debt and a shitty life. It's the cycle of shit.The problem is that we loan them our money, so they can be stupid shits and continue the cycle of shit. This shit needs to stop.

What we need is shithawks to cull these shitrats, before the shithurricane buries us all in a shitslide. You hear that, Bobandy? A SHITSLIDE.

Comment Re:Timing is everything (Score 1) 180

I use hydrogen peroxide to kill algae in my aquariums. It's absolute murder on some of the toughest algae that's almost impossible to get rid of otherwise. For them to say that dumping in a load of HP actually caused the algae doesn't pass the sniff test for me. Also, algae needs nutrients to survive and grow. If that pool turned green overnight, a lack of chlorine wasn't the only problem going on.

Comment Re:Turning Green is the least of your worries (Score 1) 203

What is more important is verifying that no-one is running the red light when you enter the intersection.

This. I almost got killed last year when some idiot blew through a red that had been red long enough for two other stopped cars to clear the intersection after mine turned green, plus about 2 seconds. People just can't be bothered to obey traffic lights anymore, and the last thing we need is more people darting out the instant they see green. There's already that special breed of driver who inches half way out into the intersection when they think it's about to turn.. where's the fire son?

Comment Re:not playing the "buy it before its finished" mo (Score 1) 157

I've only pre-purchased one game in recent memory, and that's only because I was able to play it in open beta before release. The game was about as rock solid as you could get for a new release, barring a few balance issues. More publishers need to offer public betas or demos, if only to assure potential players that they won't regret their purchase.

Comment Not all homelessness is due to financial ruin (Score 3, Informative) 618

In the area where I work, there are quite a few homeless people. I've seen one guy out here for 9 years now. He isn't homeless because of some financial disaster. He is homeless because he clearly has a disease of the brain. He spends quite a lot of his time locked in combat with somebody in the sky. I don't think giving him $1,000 or $1,000,000 would keep him off the streets for long, if at all. What he really needs to get him indoors is treatment for his disease, but as is the case with many people with his type of affliction, he'll probably be back out here sooner or later.

"Homelessness" isn't always somebody without a home who wants one. It's a problem you can't just throw money at to make it go away. You can't just give all of these people jobs and consider the problem solved. It needs to be treated as a symptom of a disease, and one that usually cannot be permanently cured. Even if you could cure it, they are still human beings who deserve to have their wishes respected, and if they refuse treatment you cannot just force it upon them. Some people make the choice to live out there, because it's easier to cope with their disease this way. The next time you see a homeless person, please don't look down on them like some dirty bum pushing a stolen cart full of blankets and trash; they're probably suffering far more than you'll ever know, and it's most likely not at all their fault that they're in that state.

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