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Comment Re:State colleges give garbage degrees (Score 1) 420

Most schools offer shit degrees, and shit people take shit degrees. Then they end up with a shit load of debt and a shitty life. It's the cycle of shit.The problem is that we loan them our money, so they can be stupid shits and continue the cycle of shit. This shit needs to stop.

What we need is shithawks to cull these shitrats, before the shithurricane buries us all in a shitslide. You hear that, Bobandy? A SHITSLIDE.

Comment Re:Timing is everything (Score 1) 180

I use hydrogen peroxide to kill algae in my aquariums. It's absolute murder on some of the toughest algae that's almost impossible to get rid of otherwise. For them to say that dumping in a load of HP actually caused the algae doesn't pass the sniff test for me. Also, algae needs nutrients to survive and grow. If that pool turned green overnight, a lack of chlorine wasn't the only problem going on.

Comment Re:Turning Green is the least of your worries (Score 1) 203

What is more important is verifying that no-one is running the red light when you enter the intersection.

This. I almost got killed last year when some idiot blew through a red that had been red long enough for two other stopped cars to clear the intersection after mine turned green, plus about 2 seconds. People just can't be bothered to obey traffic lights anymore, and the last thing we need is more people darting out the instant they see green. There's already that special breed of driver who inches half way out into the intersection when they think it's about to turn.. where's the fire son?

Comment Re:not playing the "buy it before its finished" mo (Score 1) 157

I've only pre-purchased one game in recent memory, and that's only because I was able to play it in open beta before release. The game was about as rock solid as you could get for a new release, barring a few balance issues. More publishers need to offer public betas or demos, if only to assure potential players that they won't regret their purchase.

Comment Not all homelessness is due to financial ruin (Score 3, Informative) 618

In the area where I work, there are quite a few homeless people. I've seen one guy out here for 9 years now. He isn't homeless because of some financial disaster. He is homeless because he clearly has a disease of the brain. He spends quite a lot of his time locked in combat with somebody in the sky. I don't think giving him $1,000 or $1,000,000 would keep him off the streets for long, if at all. What he really needs to get him indoors is treatment for his disease, but as is the case with many people with his type of affliction, he'll probably be back out here sooner or later.

"Homelessness" isn't always somebody without a home who wants one. It's a problem you can't just throw money at to make it go away. You can't just give all of these people jobs and consider the problem solved. It needs to be treated as a symptom of a disease, and one that usually cannot be permanently cured. Even if you could cure it, they are still human beings who deserve to have their wishes respected, and if they refuse treatment you cannot just force it upon them. Some people make the choice to live out there, because it's easier to cope with their disease this way. The next time you see a homeless person, please don't look down on them like some dirty bum pushing a stolen cart full of blankets and trash; they're probably suffering far more than you'll ever know, and it's most likely not at all their fault that they're in that state.

Comment Re: I call BFD here (Score 1) 623

Lucky. In California it's $230 for 1 MPH over the limit $360 for 15+.

The fees generally amount to about $10 per MPH over the limit, and then another $200-300 for court fees, police pizza day fees, we'll buttfuck you because we can and you'll like it fees, etc. The last ticket I got, for doing 75 in a 65 on the freeway, the actual cost of the ticket was eclipsed by all the bullshit fees they tacked on top of it. Lets not even talk about the traffic school fee. Not the cost of going to traffic school itself, but the $60+ fee for the court ALLOWING you to go to traffic school. I think the whole thing cost me around $450 when all was said and done, just for going with the flow of traffic. I've been driving for over 20 years, never had an accident, but apparently going 75 in light traffic late at night is a grave danger to society.

Comment Re:This won't wash (Score 1) 282

Let's say I am an ISP and I have a data stream coming through my system. How do I know if the data is encrypted or not? Data is data. Neither IP nor UDP packets have an 'encrypted data' indicator.

It's quite simple: we'll just have to add an additional "encrypted" bit in the header, right after the Evil bit.

Comment Re:Not just innovation (Score 4, Insightful) 360

What Trump says and what will actually happen are obviously two different things. There are still checks and balances to keep him from running roughshod over human rights by himself. The H1B travesty is real, happening, and can only get worse under Clinton. I'd rather have a redfaced blowhard spouting off nonsense than this slippery bitch plunging the knife in even deeper than it already is. They're both clearly unfit for the job, but Trump entertains me while Clinton makes my blood run cold for multiple reasons.

Comment Re:Auto pilot is not... (Score 4, Insightful) 330

People on slashdot love to rip on companies who advertise Unlimited but still have caps. "Unlimited should mean Unlimited!" But give Tesla a pass when they bill something that's not Autopilot as Autopilot.

Oh, but it is autopilot. Name a vehicular autopilot system that is designed to allow the operator to engage and then ignore it completely for the duration of the trip, without risk of disaster. Commercial aviation relies heavily on autopilot, but they still employ 2 pilots per flight. Why? Because if there's only one pilot, and he's incapacitated, autopilot simply does not have the same capabilities to get the aircraft home safely. Don't you think they would have axed the expensive pilot positions years ago if the technology existed to allow it? So yes, it is autopilot, but no it's not meant to replace a human.

Comment Re:Wow, the UK is even more screwed up than the US (Score 1) 238

He decided that since the country's majority ran contrary to his stance, it was a good idea to vacate his position and let someone else lead.

This is what we need in America. Instead of digging in and fighting tooth and nail against the peoples wishes.. just get the fuck out and do it with some dignity. The majority of our politicians are just stubborn children who will never concede defeat or admit to wrongs, no matter how much blood is still dripping from their hands.

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