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Comment Re:NO to popular vote (Score 1) 1425

This is an incredibly silly argument, "the entire lead that Hillary has is covered by her lead in Los Angeles County", when one person's vote in Los Angeles County counts the same in the popular vote as one person's vote in Texas. Yet, it was modded +5 insightful. Apparently, the "nerds" here on Slashdot can't do math.

Comment Amazing (Score 1) 132

I currently have AT&T Uverse for television, and Time Warner for internet. Why not use one or the other for both? Because Time Warner cable is more expensive for my use case (3 receivers) and AT&T Uverse internet is too slow and more expensive than Time Warner internet. If the government approves this, we better get a viable national third party because otherwise we're doomed.

Comment Re:What?! (Score 1) 50

No, she is talking about removing basic algebra. Her placement exam put her in elementary algebra, but she needs intermediate algebra in order to take a programming class. So this requires taking two semesters of algebra, equivalent to (USA) high school algebra 1 and algebra 2. Look at here slides.

Comment Re:Proof her perf evaluations weren't fair (Score 1) 566

Actually I wasn't aware Yahoo was powered by Bing. I used Yahoo search for a while when Firefox switched its default browser to them. I had always assumed Google/Yahoo/Bing were equivalent because they're run by huge companies with years of experience. But the quality of Yahoo search results seemed to be on par with DuckDuckGo.

Comment Re:Proof her perf evaluations weren't fair (Score 2) 566

This might be true, but I doubt anyone could have saved Yahoo. I think the best thing would have been a temporary surge in the stock price so some investors might get rich, but nothing more. And this is what happened. The sad thing is that Yahoo search still sucks compared to Google search. This, at least, I expected Marissa Mayer to fixed. Regardless, I think Yahoo would have failed anyway.

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