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Comment Re: Systemd! (Score 4, Interesting) 307

I was OK with systemd from the start, when it didn't get in my way. I even use it with direvent for automatically processing documents whenever they are updated. But lately, I've been having strange-to-diagnose errors on boot with certain USB peripherals, and I really don't enjoy wasting time looking up fixes. systemd in Debian Jessie makes it hard to recover from a boot problem, so I'm going to look at Devuan. Now, I don't expect Devuan to be a suitable replacement, but I'm going to try it nonetheless.

Comment Re:More tips for browser makers (Score 1) 250

1. NEVER hide ANY part of the URL. If the URL extends beyond the size of the location box, give a nice big '...' for people to click on to see it.

Given the example domains are of the form (example: maybe the tld should always be visible.

Comment Re:Use a Local Not a Remot Passwords Manager (Score 1) 415

In which case you should just write them on index cards and put them in your desk at home, which is what I do. No need to have passwords stored on an internet-connected computer, encrypted or otherwise. If I'm away from home, then I can only use the passwords I memorized. If I go on vacation I write some of them in a encrypted file on a USB key, and then shred the file later.

Comment Obvious Response (Score 1) 642

Clearly no one would ever drop rocks from the Moon, because once the Moon rotates beneath the Earth, we would just drop rocks from Earth onto their moon base. The near side of the Moon is always facing Earth, so there is no escape! And the rocks on Earth are waaaay bigger than the rocks on the Moon.

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