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Comment OMG they took down GrummelNet!? (Score 1) 45

Now where am I going to get my hyperdestructive upgradeable weaponry!? There are no Gadgetron offices in this galaxy and I really don't want to be stuck using MegaCorp's crap for self defense and taking down supervillains. Their household products are more dangerous than their pathetic weaponry! What am I supposed to protect myself with, a used B20 Crotchitizer?

Comment Re:I probably shouldn't have voted. (Score 1) 374

I work in IT, have for a long time. Employers don't intentionally set out to burn people out, but because IT is a cost center rather than a profit center you get more and more squeezed to do more with less and constantly whittled away at that that's the end result.

Also, most people are terrified to quit not because they fear being fired due to looking around but they are fearful that they won't be able to find other work.

That was the point I was trying to make, but my lovely upper midwestern linguistic style causes me to sometimes only imply conclusions rather than stating them directly. Also your point is very confusing - I THINK you meant "terrified to look for a new job" rather than "terrified to quit" else you would be implying that quitting to find a new job and getting fired and having to find a new job are somehow inequal in real-world terms.

Comment Re:I probably shouldn't have voted. (Score 4, Interesting) 374

I see this very often. Once you have a family to support, priorities change drastically and it becomes all about stability rather than interest or self-fulfillment. I see a lot of people stuck in horrible jobs, abused by their employers, working crushingly high work loads, and terrified to even look for work because they're worried they'll be fired. In this economy, that can be synonymous with losing your house and worse. And employers KNOW this and will consequently treat you like crap more and more until you burn out or break down.

Comment Re:Now I know I'm among friends here on slashdot (Score 1) 840

+1000 to this. The only beer I've ever been able to stomach at all is super watered down "free beer with admission" at some night clubs, and even then I have to grit my teeth. After years I've finally acquired taste for coffee with TONS of sugar and cream (replaced my caffeine addiction to Coca-Cola so I view it as a win) and hard cider.

Comment Re:Flickr (Score 1) 680

No, because RAW formats vary and are proprietary. If you want high quality uploads, I would suggest .tiff or PNG-48 as a starting point. Flickr auto-converts all uploads to a set of common usable .jpg's but also keeps the original with a Pro account.

Comment Re:Flickr (Score 2) 680

Someone please mod this up. Fantastic value for the money, also has built-in online editing tools, grouping/sets, blah blah blah etc. I probably have on the order of 5-7K+ pics on Flickr these days, works fantastic for what I need and easy linking.

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