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Comment Re:Thought about installing Signal (Score 1) 87

Most of my friends won't/wouldn't use Signal, and if you are always talking to people with default Apple/Android, nothing is encrypted anyway and the fact Signal doesn't attach photos easily and couldn't handle group texts made it not valuable. So I quit using Signal.

Other option of course is ditch the friends/family who won't use Signal for friends/family who do.

Comment Re:More holes than swiss cheese (Score 2) 72

OK, so I'm an amateur, and I don't know squat, but even I know you don't ever run Adobe Flash for any reason on your browser. And if you really really feel the need to run Adobe Flash, you do it in a throwaway browser that you only use to run Adobe Flash. So is this really news.

Comment Re:What's happening? (Score 3, Informative) 195

The problem is far different than VWs because it is so easy to verify. Fill car with gas. Drive. Refill. Divide miles driven by gallons used. My Nissan never gets the mileage it says it should, nor what it claims to be getting with inboard electronics. BFD. It's like almost not cheating when it's that easy to check. Consumer Reports will even check for me. But they don't check emissions.

Comment Re:Religion is poison (Score 1) 385

I find your argument that religion and all spirituality etc is a poison of the mind to be factually inaccurate, given the scientific although circumstantial evidence that people with religion tend to be healthier, happier, live longer, etc than people without religion. If you extend religion to spirituality and meditation practices, there is direct evidence of lower levels of stress hormones and even beneficial epigenetic changes that are caused by meditating.

Perhaps you have a problem with the specific term religion, similar to creationists' problem with specifically human evolution.

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