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Comment Good that he reported it (Score 1) 249

Isn't it against the law to dig up such things in the UK and not report them? If so, reporting them was a good thing. He should get some amount of value from the find. Hope he didn't tear up the place digging them up or the archaeologists will be pissed. These things would have been used for paying taxes usually. Wonder what sort of place they came out of.

Comment Not sure why you need a calculator either (Score 1) 724

I managed high school and three semesters of college calculus without using a calculator. Since I was in computer science, the math then turned to the sort where a caluculator would be no use at all, graphing or otherwise.

We did a lot of graphing by hand in high school, that may be why I didn't miss having a machine to do it for me.

In astronomy in high school they did not allow calculators at all, but did allow me to use my slide rule. This made solving problems made to be done by hand ( since no one was to use a calcualtor )lots quicker, so I always finished first.

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