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Journal Journal: 1 Teraflops at only 62 Watts

AP has an article describing a new processor from Intel expected to run at 1.01 Teraflops while using only 62 Watts of electricity. While the chip is only in the research stage, its a very promising step for supercomputers.

A similarly powerful supercomputer in 1996 at Sandia National Laboratories took up more than 2,000 square feet, used nearly 10,000 Pentium Pro processors, and consumed more than 500 kilowatts of electricity.

United States

Journal Journal: The Term "American"

OK, what's the big deal on citizens of the United States of America calling themselves American?
Here's some other "United States"
  • United States of Mexico - Mexicans
  • frmr. United States of Brazil - Brazilians
  • frmr. United States of Belgium - Belgians
  • United States of America - Americans?

Also, the biggest reason. Look at the U.S.A.'s history. We claimed it first... and don't gone about that "America is being blah blah insensitive blah" crap. If people dislike America calling themselves Americans, why do so many countries (read: the rest of the World) have a stigma attached to the term and related terms (i.e. yanqui, yank)?

The largest influence on the use of term is obviously the old Yankee Doodle, which first reached popularity in America in the 1770s. This term further evolved in America to refer particularly as a derogatory term towards northerners before and during the Civil War.

Cite: Wikipedia US Disambiguation page

The Internet

Journal Journal: HTML 4.01 Recommendations

It surprises me how many popular 'tech' websites are still not using valid HTML 4.01 even with all this time after December 24, 1999; yes it's been that long.

Take for instance Slashdot. Yes, the almighty nerd news source doesn't even use HTML 4.01 (I can't validate /. as they appear to be hiding their homepage from robots: Attempts at validating /. gives an error 403).

Nor Google.

I say its about time they get around and update their codes. Or at least read Why to use HTML 4.01.

On the plus side, Wired News is Standards compliant (by the Firefox Web Developer extension). But... however, they aren't exactly valid according to the W3C.

Journal Journal: Audio Player "Nimbus" (2.1.5)

My audio player based on FMOD has reached beta 5. Today I've been working on the library system. I just found out I can't upload the new version yet, however, the library tool isn't complete yet; so I'll give you a link to the older version (and will add a link to the newest ASAP when my file host is ready for uploading again!).

Here's the link to download beta 4 (.25MB).

If you would like a copy of the source code, as always, just email me.

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