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Comment Re: I Am Not Understanding (Score 2) 95

English is an official, relatively widely spoken language in India. The Indian dialect is separate and distinct from British English, much the same way Australian English is its own thing.

Furthermore, almost nobody would think Indian English sounds like Upper-Middle-Class UK, and people in the UK often find Indian accents distinct from their own, and perhaps even difficult to understand.

Comment Re:T-Mobile is even better than you think (Score 1) 193

I agree it's an advantage...on the other hand, T-Mobile in Paris, Italy, and Mexico were all incredibly spotty and often slow for me. I often didn't have reception at all, or had so little that it was incredibly slow just to use Google Maps or Translate.

If reception abroad is a selling point, you're better off not even bothering with T-Mobile's free service. It's not expensive to get a temporary foreign roaming pass with any carrier.

Comment Re:Is it real unlimited? (Score 4, Informative) 193

I'm on T-Mobile unlimited, and I use 5-15 GB of data/month, and never get throttled. The fine print actually says " Customers who use more than 26GB of data in a bill cycle will have their data usage de-prioritized compared to other customers for that bill cycle at locations and times when competing network demands occur, resulting in relatively slower speeds."

Comment Re:Neocon shills (Score 2) 133

The GOP wasn't hacked cuz it was self-destructing on its own and didn't need any help from Russia to fall completely apart.

Also there is this possibility that Trump is a Russian agent, doing what he does best, to be rewarded with ownership of a prime vacation palace on the shores of the Crimea. I'm not saying that's what's going on... I mean you just got to wonder. You know? What with being so chummy with Vladimir. It could be.... we'll have to wait and see where Trump goes after he drops out of the race... but I'm just speculating. You know?

Comment Re:Chalk one up for iOS (Score 2) 129

I think ALL of us jailbreakers and rooters should celebrate this. Now I might be able to push an adaway hostfile with 875K worth of junk hosts of malware, ads, adware, gambling and other cruft blocked. I cant believe I need to wait for a flaw like this to update the hosts file on the phone I own.

This weaponizing of opensource software to do things like make it impossible to edit /etc/hosts with malware blocks is unreal.

Comment Re:Late to the party... (Score 1) 472

You are old and so you think desktop computers are still basically a good idea. I don't even know anybody who has a desktop computer at home. Buying one now is a solution looking for a problem. Sure, VR will have hefty system requirements that right now a desktop computer is best for. But if VR becomes big, tying the system to a desktop computer is inevitably a temporary measure. You'd want something self-contained.

Comment Re: Star Office (Score 1, Troll) 103

You don't actually use word processors, I'm guessing. LibreOffice can't even do the most basic formatting correctly, it's so brain dead. It's a fine free option for people who just need to write a letter a few times a year. For anything more, it's painful. I hate Windows but give Office its due, even a decade-old version of Office is far better than LO.

Comment Re:$37,584.00 (Score 1) 177

You know how people complain about businesses being short-sighted, they're only interested in profits for the next quarter? Actually, Tesla (and many other technology companies) are interested in long-term profits.

If they just wanted to make profits over the short term, they wouldn't be spending so much money to expand their company.

Comment Re:No TV (Score 1) 234

and we are rapidly reaching a point where that Internet connection might be provided wirelessly without the knowledge or consent of the owner. don't give the TV your wifi password? Are TV apps really "dangerous"??? Your post is predicated on nonsense that even a small child could see through.

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