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Comment Re:Welcome to entrepreneurs (Score 1) 407

You imagine a false disparity - there's either being in the top 1%, or failing miserably. The top 1% of US salary is $428,713. I am very happy living off of less money than that - I would even say I wouldn't know what to do with that much. You can earn much less than that and still have kids go to top schools, have regular vacations, retire comfortably, live a luxurious lifestyle.

Comment There are hundreds of movies out there... (Score 5, Insightful) 542

There's hundreds of movies that come out each year, maybe 10% of which are prequels or re-makes. If I go to AV Club and look up their reviews of recent movies, I see:

After The Storm, Taipei Story, Frantz, The Sense Of An Ending, Raw, Personal Shopper, My Scientology Movie, Actor Martinez, Kong: Skull Island, The Last Word, The Shack, Table 19, Catfight, Before I Fall, Wolves, Donald Cried, Logan, I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore, Collide, Rock Dog, Ash Brannon

20 movies, only two of which are big re-makes/sequels of well-known action movies. So what's the problem? If you don't like franchise movies, the large majority of movies being created aren't re-makes/sequels.

It's like saying all music today is terrible because you hate country...just listen to something else!

Comment Re:Yay.. not (Score 0) 44

Why, ten years ago they bought a company that put rootkits on its CDs! Theoretically that could have allowed computers to get hacked, although it seems that never actually happened, and anyway nobody played CDs on their computer anyway, and also nobody in Sony was involved in BMG putting rootkits on their CDs, and also isn't this getting a little old when nobody buys CDs anymore? It's like complaining that Sony released an 8-Track with gain levels set WAY too high.

Comment Worth it (Score 5, Informative) 102

Under her, Yahoo nearly tripled in value, from about $16 billion to $44 billion. She won't win a prize for innovation, but financially she played it smart with Yahoo and made her investors a lot of money, and it makes sense that she would get paid handsomely for the job.

Comment Re:Google envy (Score 2) 353

So basically for Microsoft in this day and age, the end user is not the customer? The end user is a commodity that Microsoft sells to other corporations who are the customers?

Gee, that sounds familiar. I left Microsoft for Linux in 1999 because of it. I have never looked back.

--"Windows is not the answer. Windows is the question. The answer is 'No'." As true now as it was then.

Comment They never went away (Score 1) 240

Walk into any Best Buy or Walmart and there will be a usable $200 Windows netbook I actually had a $200 HP stream 12 for a year and a half. It bundled with a year of Office (which I need, and think is much better than Libre), so that's like $80 off the $200. Worked perfectly for work and browsing web and online grad school. Tiny computer, no moving parts, I would just bring it along on trips without thinking about it. I could play Civ 5 on lowest settings, ha.

The two issues were the 32 Gigs of hard drive, with maybe 20 Gigs free after installing the OS and Office and basic apps. The 32gb drive ensured you would only want the computer if you used it as a 2nd computer or just for the most basic uses, although I guess you could use a USB 3.0 key drive, or an SD card. And the 2 GB of RAM was kind of a limiter, but really not a big deal. I know the latest rendition of the Stream has 4GB of RAM, which I imagine is fine.

I really liked the computer, but when it broke due to much abuse I went for a Macbook. If Windows 10 didn't suck so much I'd probably get another one.

Comment Zenimax (Score 0) 58

Wow - so they proved in court that Carmack was involved in stealing trade secrets worth $500 million, and he still expects to be promptly paid?

If I was convicted in court of stealing from a company, I wouldn't expect a paycheck. I guess that's one more way the rich executives are different from the rest of us.

Comment Re:Beyond the threshold of fast enough. (Score 5, Insightful) 160

I've been using FF since it was new. I have occasionally looked at other browsers and several are faster than my FF, at least partially because the plugins and modifications that I use slow FF down somewhat. But FF is fast enough that changing to a faster browser would not improve my productivity. And I've got a nice set of plugins and extensions on it that I would have to put together from scratch if I changed browsers. That is, assuming other browsers offered similar features, which as near as I can tell, they do not.

Speed isn't the only criterion for measuring a browser's goodness. The ability to tailor it to your personal workload is much more important these days. And once you've got a browser tweaked to your best practices, do you really need to take the massive hit of finding, installing, and configuring the plugins of some other browser that would duplicate what you've already set up in your old FF?

If you really need a faster browser, most of us who have been around the block would be better off running the same browser and OS on faster hardware. But this doesn't apply to young'uns who have yet to establish productive work habits. Their best approach would be to talk with some older guy who knows what he is doing about which browser he uses, how he has it set up, and what his workflow is.

Comment Re:That's no moon (Score 1) 213

You don't bother to look up anything you've never been taught, I guess.

The magnetospheres of the planets that have them are several times the radius of the physical planet. But even greater than that, the field effects of standing waves and turbulence in the solar wind extend well beyond the magnetospheres that shape them. Remember (or look it up since it seems like you've never been taught about it) that the solar wind is composed of mono-atomic ions and free electrons moving at very high speeds. What lies within the disk of the heliopause is not some simple outgassing of a steady breeze in all directions, like water welling up from a feeder pipe at the bottom of a circular pond. It is a highly complex dynamo continuously stirred up by Jupiter, Saturn, and Earth.

The same electromagnetic forces that bend and fray comet tails (and cause comets to outgas for that matter) also influence the Sun's corona and possibly deeper structures. The question is not whether there is an influence, but how great is that influence. The correlation between the full solar cycle and the heliocentric conjunctions of Jupiter with Saturn suggest that in some way that influence is rather large.

This is my last post on the subject. Trying to talk sense to someone who does not read up on the topic he claims expertise in is not worthwhile, and I have said everything that is worth saying to the silent audience of this conversation.

Comment Re:That's no moon (Score 1) 213

As I know I mentioned before, I doubt that there is a gravitationally mediated interaction between Jupiter and the solar cycle, and if there is a electromagnetic interaction, then that would involve Saturn as well as Jupiter, and probably Earth. Both Saturn and Jupiter have a strong impact on the solar wind. During the years when they are in close heliocentric conjunction, Jupiter's magnetotail and the bow wave of Saturn's magnetosphere are trying to occupy the same space. There has got to be some interesting things happening there. I leave it to the Reader to look up the big words.

The Jupiter - Saturn heliocentric conjunction occurs on the average every 20 years, plus or minus 1 year. The last 18 solar cycles occurred on an average every 11.0 years with standard deviation of 1.03 years. But NOTE THIS: what we call the 11 year solar cycle is only half of the full cycle as it takes another half to reverse the Sun's magnetic poles yet again and return Sol to the same state. Running the numbers on the last 8 completed full cycles, the average time is 22 years with a standard deviation of 1.3 years.

This is using a simple model that excludes a third planet that affects the heliosphere, which is Earth. While Earth's magnetosphere is much smaller than Jupiter's or Saturn's, it is active in a nearer-to-the-Sun region where the solar wind is more dense, and it sweeps through the solar wind at a much higher velocity than the more distant planets. I do not pretend to be competent at building a model that would incorporate Earth's possible effects. It is however a reasonable supposition that Earth could bring about the difference between the 22 year full solar cycle and the 20 year Jup - Sat cycle, as well as the occasional breaks in rhythm of the solar cycles, such as the Maunder and Dalton Minimums.

This stuff is not my area of expertise. However I know how to do basic research which is now quite easy with the internet, and I know how to use simple math tools. I also know my limits. I am good for casting doubt on the verbiage of persons who think they know more than is actually within our current universe of knowledge. I am good for suggesting avenues of exploration, especially those that lie between defined areas of study. I refrain from doing anything more than suggesting the possibility of a different, and maybe better, mind map of What's Really Out There.

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