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Comment Re:Dude plays race case, threatens upper managemen (Score 5, Interesting) 270

Maybe it was a legitimate complaint?

Holding passwords hostage isn't the answer, but nothing inherently wrong with bringing attorneys into it. No company wants to hire or even interview tech workers over 45, and Slashdot is happy to talk about lawsuits with regards to that issue.

Comment Re:1 point for Obama (Score 1) 792

I think someone as adept in the spook world as Snowden is would likely have a hidden stash somewhere. But that doesn't matter wrt this argument.

What matters here is that there is a very real and significant possibility that he could do something more. As long as that possibility exists, he can not be granted a blanket pardon. He could certainly be pardoned for specific offenses for past activity, but first those need to be specified by indictment, which has yet to be done.

We could argue over whether the possibility is 10% or 1% or 0.01%, but that would be foolish. You cannot completely argue away the possibility, and there can be no blanket pardon under these conditions.

Maybe a car analogy is necessary here. Obama, and every sitting President, has the power to pardon Johnny Queue Publique at any time after JQP has been accused of stealing a car. But there is no provision that would allow JQP to be pardoned for a car theft that has not yet occurred. The President cannot give anyone a free pass to steal a car tomorrow. Not even President Trump will be allowed to do that, any tweets to the contrary not withstanding.

Comment Re:1 point for Obama (Score 1) 792

A serious technical detail in granting pardon to Snowden is that there is no way to determine if his "crimes" are completed.

With Manning there is no question that the acts that put him in prison are done and history. With Nixon there was a similar situation, since he could not have possibly continued his illegal/unethical acts after he was removed from office. But with Snowden ----he is still sitting on a lot of material that may have all kinds of consequences if it is released, or may even be affecting events now, without being released, if he is using some of it to blackmail someone.

I'm not saying that he is doing any of that or would do any of that. I'm merely pointing out that the kind of actions that he could be brought to trial for are not necessarily complete, so a blanket pardon should not be done as yet.

I can only see two ways Snowden could be granted a pardon. Either he is brought into the USA justice system and charged with crimes ---then he could be pardoned of just those crimes, even before the trial is done. But he needs to indicted for specific crimes. Or the other way is that he could be given a blanket pardon on his deathbed, when he clearly has no ability to do anything more.

I am glad that Snowden did what he has done and in my opinion he is a true American patriot. But the very system that he has worked to fix cannot grant him a blanket pardon at this time.

Comment Re:...Or Just Take Aspirin. (Score 2) 98

Excedrin and other APC preparations have only one benefit over plain aspirin swallowed with coffee: for some people, there is a beneficial placebo effect with certain brand names. More power to them.

However to some extent the placebo effect is dependent on ignorance that you have been given a placebo, so if you used to find that Excedrin worked better than aspirin with coffee, I may have just destroyed that benefit for you. Too bad. Find another sugar pill.

Acetaminophen (paracetamol, Tyelnol) is no more effective than aspirin (acetylsalicilic acid or ASA) in pain relief, and IIRC, does not potentiate with ASA nor are the two taken together any better than either one taken alone when taken in the usual recommended adult doses. But I'm pulling that from 30 year old memories from my days as an RN so someone could check on that.

There are downsides to both acetaminophen and aspirin.

Too much acetaminophen can irreversibly damage your liver, possibly leading to death or a liver transplant. Since the stuff is indiscriminately added to a huge number of pain relief compounds, it is possible to OD without realizing it, especially for those who think that since the Excedrin they took 15 minutes ago isn't taking care of the headache, they'll just take some Tylenol now, and maybe wash it down with Alka Seltzer Plus. Bye bye, sucker! (BTW, if you are contemplating suicide, don't do it with a couple of bottles of Tylenol. For if the paramedics get to you in time to pump your stomach and save you, you will live the rest of your short miserable life without a working liver, and that is hell on you, and everyone who has to breathe the stenches you emit.)

Too much aspirin can permanently damage your hearing, or kill you in a number of different ways, or turn you into a semi vegetable through bleeding into your brain. One thing is that an early sign of a mild OD is tinnitus, which is a high pitched whine from damage to your inner ear. It is generally reversible by abstaining from more ASA for a time. So there is that warning sign for some people (but maybe not for you and maybe not all the time so don't rely on it).

Aspirin washed down with a cup of coffee is as effective as any of the fancy brand name compounds in treating migraine and the aches and pains of daily living. Caffeine definitely potentiates the analgesic effect of aspirin, while also acting directly on the blood vessels that cause migraine pain. Plain coffee is the preferred way of delivering the caffeine, since it contains a number of other drugs that also have some benefit, and because a warm solution more quickly gets into the blood stream than a cold one laden with sugar, etc. This statement is true when the possible benefits of a placebo reaction to a given brand name drug are discounted--- but we have already destroyed that placebo effect for you with this post, eh?

Bayer aspirin is generally priced twice as much, or more, than just plain aspirin, but is no different from any of the rest once it is out of the bottle. Still if you want to enhance your pain relief with a bit of placebo effect, Bayer might well work better for you than the cheap generic stuff.

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 297

Not surprised to see you have a UID of less than six digits, as your understanding of technology is a decade outdated. might be illuminating. Basically, it shows that P&S cameras aren't popular anymore.

But to respond:
1) How often you do you see people using digital cameras instead of phone cameras? Enough that every computer needs to accommodate them?
2) Every camera over $200 will have Wi-Fi, and it's been that way for years now. It's very easy/automatic to use. Every DSLR has WiFi, even the cheap ones.
3) Low end p&s cameras have sensors barely any larger than a smartphone. Regardless of their merits, though, empirically people have transitioned away.
4) By that reasoning, why did they get rid of the VGA port, or the DVD drive? Having little-used ports be available as a cheap dongle seems like an intelligent compromise.
5) Micro-SD cards are sometimes used for phones, and this makes them more popular than SD cards.

My wife has the pro and it's awesome. I agree that they should have had a USB 3.0, but really it doesn't get in the way of her work

Comment Re:When did the title use the word desktop? (Score 1) 297

Very insightful question. I can tell you are really interested in the answer and not just asking questions to hear your own voice, so I did a little research on the subject. Hope it helps!

"Though Intel does make processors capable of addressing more than 16GB of memory, those particular chipsets rely on less efficient DDR4 RAM and are usually deployed in desktops with access to dedicated mains power. In order to achieve high memory allotments and keep unplugged battery life performance on par with existing MacBook Pro models, Apple will need to move to an emerging memory technology like LPDDR4 or DDR4L. "

Comment Re:Just what the world needed most urgently... (Score 1) 204

Interesting, given that micro plugs are rated for more insertions than minis:
"The newer Micro-USB receptacles are designed for a minimum rated lifetime of 10,000 cycles of insertion and removal between the receptacle and plug, compared to 1,500 for the standard USB and 5,000 for the Mini-USB receptacle." [ ]

Comment Re:Use Blender? (Score 4, Informative) 221

Yes, Blender. It is cross platform and on an adequate platform (multicore CPU, certain GPUs) it could possibly do what is wanted. It can also be extended using Python plug-ins, so it could be further developed if necessary. Blender can also use render farm technology so it can probably scale to meet any reasonably large job, its limitation being only the number of computers you can afford to use.

Since the person(s) inquiring about this had not mentioned Blender, I can only assume that they are either too lazy or too lacking in basic Google skills to do any work themselves. Learning to use enough of Blender's interface to manage its video editing tools is not something one can do in a weekend. Learning enough Python to create any necessary plug-ins is also non-trivial. The inquirers seem to want someone to make a one-button application to do what they want. I think they have a basic misunderstanding of what Free Open Source Software is all about.

Comment Re:Edge to edge screen hard for me to use (Score 1) 73

There's two possible solutions to the problem: thicker bezels, or software that's better at identifying accidental brushes of the side of your hand.

Seems to be the second option is the better one. And if that happens- why not have a bigger screen on a smaller phone?

Comment Re:Conservatives need to realize cheating occurs (Score 1) 125

A VW Golf gets 33 mpg.
My VW Golf gets maybe 3.7m/kWh

A gallon is like $3
A kWh is like $.15

So really, it's half the cost, and that's if you're filling up entirely at home. If you use charging stations regularly, you pay about the same price as if it was gas.

I really like the car, but the impression that they're 1/20th the price to keep fueled is a bit of a stretch. Electric trucks are not $9K in China, that is malarkey. Electric scooters are really common, though.

Also, I like being a serf to a foreign master! Isn't that what farvegnugen means?

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