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Comment Re:response (Score 2) 221

Yes, running Linux is still the best option, for most Windows users.

Obviously if you are required to use software that only runs on Windows --perhaps you are a photographer who has to submit his finals in Photoshop format-- then you are stuck in the Microsoft microbiome. Too bad.

But most Windows users are not being coerced into that submissive role; they could switch to something like an Ubuntu LTS and be happy --and more productive at lower long term cost-- than if they continue to pay to be a commodity in an obsolete and slowly failing marketeers' world.

Comment What exactly is he asking for? (Score 4, Insightful) 401

He is a fugitive from raping two women in Sweden, volunteering to go to jail in the US as long as the US lets go of someone who was in the military and admits releasing lots of military secrets?

Is this offer serious? To me it comes off as laughably weird. Why not volunteer to go to French jail if they pardon Carlos the Jackal?

Comment Re:Removable battery? Nah... (Score 1) 86

Yeah. This. I was just going to chime in on this. This idiotic war against serviceable components, expandable flash and replaceable / expandable memory is really tiresome. And with every generations of phone ifixit and the like give out instructions and OEM and 3rd party batteries and repair items become available.

And when something like this happens - it could have been : go to this special link to amazon, put your samsung serial number in and get an overnight package with the a new battery. But no. Now we have this fiasco.

Lets weld in and glue in an ultra flammable part that is a common replacement item - for what?

Comment Re: horseshit (Score 1) 274

I'd love a very water resistant phone. Just the other day I took a step backward trying to see better onto my roof and nearly fell into the pool, fully clothed, phone in pocket. Did the whole whirly-arms thing which saved me. So yeah, if the expensive computer in my pocket were waterproof, that'd be great.

Comment Re:More political redirection (Score -1, Troll) 569

HRC and her team did everything they said they were going to do: they curated the emails, marked the ones that were personal for deletion, then used bleachbit to do the actual deletion. There is nothing new in that story.

But Trey Gowdy has demonstrated an appalling level of ignorance wrt to technology, and to the recent history of Federal level Republican politics. Oliver North, in Reagan's Iran - Contra fiasco, demonstrated full well that when it is expedient to delete something, you better damn well delete it. And not simply mark it as deleted. Gowdy is either an ignorant fool, or a disingenuous fool. But note that "fool" remains a constant with him, in this context.

To repeat: the Clinton team handled the deletions that she said she was doing in a professional manner. Gowdy just thinks that is somehow criminal that HRC is competent at handling sensitive information.

At this point I'm beginning to see a pattern shaping up where HRC is being found to be too competent at what she has been doing for fifty years, and therefore we hates her, we do, yes, we hates how this mere woman who is not a Republican is competent. Yes, we hates her.

Comment Re: I Am Not Understanding (Score 2) 96

English is an official, relatively widely spoken language in India. The Indian dialect is separate and distinct from British English, much the same way Australian English is its own thing.

Furthermore, almost nobody would think Indian English sounds like Upper-Middle-Class UK, and people in the UK often find Indian accents distinct from their own, and perhaps even difficult to understand.

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