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Comment Bluetooth (Score 1) 203

I don't know why no one has mentioned this but printing from most devices is pretty easy, all you need is a printer with either built-in bluetooth or a host USB port (usually used for mass storage devices). Just plug in a Bluetooth dongle and it'll become visible, send it a file and it'll print. I had an HP which did this 5 years ago and I sent it files from a Symbian phone. Thanks to intents, any application which wants to send a file can queue a print job.


Submission + - Android ICS source code (

An anonymous reader writes: Go get your ice cream. Android 4.0.1 which will ship on the new google Galaxy Nexus is available for download.

Submission + - Androind 4.0 Source Code Released (

osho741 writes: "Google released the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich today. Included in the release is the source for Honeycomb (Andriod Version 3.0) which has never been released to the public until today. Android fanatics everywhere can expect developers to begin incorporating the new source into existing custom roms."

Submission + - Android Ice Cream Sandwich Source Released (

grcumb writes: Looks like the folks at Google have made good on their promise to release the Android 4.0 source code. Android software engineer Jean-Baptiste Queru writes: "Hi! We just released a bit of code we thought this group might be interested in. Over at our Android Open-Source Project git servers, the source code for Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is now available."

"This is actually the source code for version 4.0.1 of Android, which is the specific version that will ship on the Galaxy Nexus, the first Android 4.0 device. In the source tree, you will find a device build target named "full_maguro" that you can use to build a system image for Galaxy Nexus. Build configurations for other devices will come later."

If the Cyanogen elves get busy Daddy just might be getting a new ROM for Christmas....

Submission + - Google releases the source for Android 4.0 and 3.0 (

LWATCDR writes: Google is dropping not just the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich but also Honeycomb. I can hardly wait for Cyanogen to get to work on this. I wonder how it will run on my wife's GTab and my Evo 4G. I guess the worries about Google not releasing the source to Android can now be put to rest. Check out the announcement here

Submission + - Android 4.0 Source Code Released to AOSP (

kidgenius writes: Finally all the naysayers can be silenced as the source code to Android 4.0.1 has been released to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This is in fact earlier than Google had previously announced that the code would be released.

Submission + - Pirate Party Gains Another Seat In EU (

bs0d3 writes: Amelia Andersdotter is a member of the Swedish Pirate Party elected in 2009. Originally her votes were not enough to beat fellow pirate Christian Engstrom for a seat on the European Parliament. Today the EU has redrawn the lines and Twelve countries are to gain one or more MEPs including Sweden where Andersdotter is set to be confirmed.

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