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Comment Just don't blame Kickstarter (Score 1) 33

I've seen a number of comments elsewhere complaining about the Kickstarter campaign, and how people are getting screwed. The problem is that blame is made on the wrong place. Kickstarter is NOT a store! It is a platform for people to invest in projects, and with investment can come risk--even risk of losing your money and not receiving the product you backed. Kickstarter has an amazing reputation for some amazing projects, but not all have succeeded.

So next time you back a Kickstarter project, do so happily, but understand the potential risks.

Comment Re:Scrap it. (Score 1) 302

You say it can't be trusted, but it's still the most trustworthy thing there is at the moment. So, just like hundreds of years of science before it, you assume it's true while continuing to prove or disprove it further, and then when better evidence comes along, you shift your position appropriately. Right now, the "better evidence" says it's true.

I do agree it's been highly politicised. Who's fault was that?

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