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Comment Re:Check out the Netflix documentary "The Irish Pu (Score 1) 537

Does "conversing" with dozens or hundreds of people on the Internet really lead to deep, thoughtful, intimate discussion--something face-to-face conversations with a small group certainly promotes--or is it really not much more than "surface contact"? There will always be exceptions, of course, but IMHO, texting and tweeting just does not promote deep discussion.

Comment Check out the Netflix documentary "The Irish Pub" (Score 4, Interesting) 537

It's an documentary detailing several very old Irish pubs, and while they don't mention a Faraday Cage, they bring up how the classic "Pub" concept is starting to fade because so many people are wrapped up in the Internet and electronics that they simply don't know how to just sit and converse.

Comment A non-issue, really (Score 1, Informative) 503

We upgraded at home a while back, and we just completed all upgrades at work. Non issue in almost all cases, and for those few that were at issue at work, we resolved all upgrade issues.

At work, it was a no-question decision, because all business-critical programs are Windows-based (Office, Dynamics AX, SharePoint, etc.) Non-Microsoft options are simply not in the cards for the foreseeable future. I'd love to see a transition to Open Source applications, but they just don't exist when it comes to several specialized applications we require.

At home, the only thing really keeping us on Windows is Quicken. We've used Quicken since DOS days, and we rely on it for managing our finances. Simply put, there are no truly comparable alternatives. And because we require that, all other devices really need to be compatible.

Yes, as a tech geek, I could adapt and come up with a nice alternative, but my wife is more of an "appliance user" when it comes to computers, so having different systems won't cut it. Making sure that the user experience at work is consistent with the user experience at home (which it is) is goal number 1.

Comment So hosting/sharing torrent files really illegal? (Score 4, Interesting) 111

I must be missing something huge, because it seems to me that KAT really wasn't doing anything illegal, to the extent that they were hosting torrent files, not actually illegally hosting copyrighted content (like MegaUpload was.) Torrent files are really only informational files containing metadata and links to tracker sites--none of which is in-and-of-itself illegally hosting copyrighted material.

Comment Re:STEM (Score 2, Insightful) 224

Other than someone says 'we need more women in STEM', why do we ACTUALLY NEED more women in STEM?

Off the top of my head, I'd say it's because it's better for the industry and the field of study.

  • Because a demographically diverse group is going to bring a greater range of ideas and perspectives to the table.
  • Because encouraging the presence and visibility of women within the field helps ensure that those who choose to be there are accepted as a relatively normal occurrence and therefore given credence for their ideas and work, rather than judged based upon the novelty of heir gender.
  • Because if an entire intellectual pursuit builds itself up around self-selection of an unrelated trait like gender, it's symptomatic of other self-selected biases which are similarly counter-productive and not in any way relevant to the pursuit itself.

It's fundamentally better for the industry and profession as a whole. For a field that tends to pride itself upon its egalitarian ethos and the importance of logic, the idea that an irrelevant criteria (in this discussion, gender) is so wildly over-represented is wildly hypocritical.

We need more women garbage men too, but you aren't fucking whining about that are you? More women in STEM is not going to get you laid or fix your social issues that prevent you from getting a date.

You accurately noted that there is a wildly disproportionate representation of men amongst garbage collectors and yet that doesn't bother me in the least. That's not because it's unglamorous or because I think it's beneath my notice, but rather because I don't think that physical act of garbage collection will be improved through fresh insight, voices, or perspectives.

I will admit that I would like for there to be at least a few women in garbage collection, just as an indicator that, "No, seriously, 50% of the population can actually choose to do whatever work they damn well please, just like the other 50%," but that does not improve garbage collection itself, just society as a whole. Since it isn't improving the actual practice of garbage collection, let's set that aside as "SJW bullshit", shall we? I can accept that.

I absolutely do think that the logistics of how to handle garbage collection on a city- or region-wide level is a field that can benefit from fresh insight and voices. I know nothing about the sanitation services management industry, but I strongly suspect that it's run by old white men. Rather than gender being the issue, in this case, I'd be more concerned about class, race, and representative makeup of the public being served.

That's why your counterpoint is in no way related to the topic of hand.

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