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Comment Re:That would be the real game changer (Score 1) 168

Long charging times are for most people only a problem on vacation. Normally people commute much shorter distances than the maximum modern electric cars can drive and can charge their cars at night. Long charging times are for most people only a problem on vacation, when they have time to wait half an hour for their car to get charged after driving for two hours.
I think this whole 'long charging time' thing is fed by Big Oil astroturfers.

Comment Re:Oh Boy (Score 5, Insightful) 168

I remember when I was a young boy 40 years ago the batteries in my toys would last just an hour or so, and they would start to leak a very dirty brown liquid a few days after I had put them in my toys. Back then we hadn't even heard about rechargeable batteries, let alone Li-ion batteries. Nowadays I can play around with my Lego toys for a long time before my rechargeable, non-leaking batteries go flat. Li-ion batteries pack so much power into a small volume that they are able to explode all by themselves, or power a phone with the calculating capacities of a supercomputer from the 1990s for many hours on end. So reality doesn't support your claim that batteries haven't improved over the last 50 years.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 251

GM has managed to keep the problems with the locks on their cars under the radar for almost twenty years. People have died because of that and I don't know if it ever really got solved. So I wouldn't be so sure about Samsung being sued out of existence if they had acted otherwise. They are also rich enough to bribe the US government.

Comment Re:Wind and natural gas (Score 1) 275

True, but windmills are not very efficient and placing windmills is just about the only thing our government does for the environment. And besides placing windmills they recently increased the maximum speed on the motorways to 130 km/h, decided not to close some coal powered power plants, get more gas from elsewhere to prevent earthquakes in the province of Groningen instead of making an effort to insulate houses and make companies more energy efficient and they want to expand Schiphol. So every effort they put into green energy is more than compensated for. Oh and they also decided to increase tax on hybrids so the difference in tax you pay on diesels and more energy efficient cars has become smaller.

Comment Re:Wind and natural gas (Score 1) 275

40% is not zero by a very long shot. We should get rid of fossil fuels as soon as possible. Having said that, it pains me that my country (the Netherlands), which was the forerunner in nature-friendly technology in the 1990s is now way behind even the US in implementing the necessary steps to reduce CO2 emissions. We're gearing up to elections for a new parliament in March, but none of the parties that matter has even mentioned the environment in their party propaganda yet. We're a small country but one of the dirtiest in the whole of Europe thanks to the gouvernments we've had since the turn of the millennium.

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