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Comment Re:Google's Terrorist Content (Score 1) 81

Yeah since Google is now honoring Black Separatists and praising people who fly airplanes into buildings full of innocent people I wonder when they are going to honor a "White Separatist".

Seriously I nuked chrome from my desktop and moved everything to Firefox on all my devices over that... small gesture sure but I even found out I like firefox better now.

Comment Re:I don't have a problem with... (Score 2) 259

I think a federal judges order puts bounds on the alleged slippery slope.

But speaking of slippery slope the question can be applied in the other direction. Is it wise to prohibit breaking encryption on a citizens phone if it can save innocent lives? Of a few people, of hundreds? or a whole city? Should we say that the "right" to citizen privacy is unalienable even if the information might prevent a major attack? or disarm a WMD?

Comment Re:Ignored after the first sentence (Score 3, Informative) 304

Perl has the right idea, but it's too easy to forget to use the right one, especially if you work with other languages.

Actually it is quite easy to remember Perl's usage... The operator 'gt' uses strings and is used for a string comparison. The ">" is a math symbol and used for numeric comparison.

Comment Re:Why stay away from Perl (Score 5, Insightful) 163

- Hard to read code with multiple '$'s and '@'s on every line

I prefer to have variables differentiated (scalars, arrays and hashes) and clearly identified from other syntax or text. It makes code more readable IMHO.

- In-place string modification is asking for bugs

You mean string interpolation? This in fact is one of Perl strengths

$str = "There are $num apples".

is clearer and less busy, easier to remember than

str = "I have {a} apples".format(a=num)

- Clumsy OOP

Specifics? There are some valid criticism of Perl's 5 OOP but the success of CPAN and a long list of highly successful reusable OO modules highlights its practical side.

- Poor selection of publicly available libraries; some have critical bugs that have not been fixed for years

Now you are well into troll territory or you really haven't used Perl much. DBI, CGI, LWP, IO::Socket, HTML::Parser, GetOpt::Long, Devel::NYTProf (not really a module but a totally awesome profiler) the list goes on.

Comment Kuhn and paradigms (Score 1) 575

It sounds like you're claiming that Kuhn didn't believe that a new paradigm offers more accurate results than the last, which he almost certainly didn't.

If he said something controversial along those lines, he might have meant that our perceptions don't actually reflect reality as it really is, so as we are trying to mold science into our reality, we aren't necessarily molding it into a model of actual reality.

Sokal may have been correct that Kuhn didn't make the distinction, but that doesn't mean Kuhn didn't have a valid concern that our scientific reality is socially-constructed. Again, I don't know if Kuhn actually believed this, I'm just guessing based on my reading of Kuhn that he wouldn't have said something as controversial as what you've implied.

Kuhn did not deny that sciences progresses, however he did subtlety deny that we are progressing toward anything - such as closer approximations to the truth or objective reality.

Read Weinberg criticisms here

Comment Re:Not again (Score 1) 575

From what i know of Thomas Kuhn he believed that science is social construct and that the new paradigms don't fit reality any better than the last. To which is think is a load.

As Alan Sokal pointed out in his recent book the discovery aspect of science is a social construct but the justification part is not and this distinction is where Kuhn missed the boat.

Comment Re:It's unclear why this is a bad thing (Score 1) 1164

Why are clam fossils at the top of very young mountains?

Because the earth is very old, continent uplift and subsequent erosion.

ID addresses such an issue?

BTW some ignorant and misinformed floodist think sea shells on top of mountains is evidence of a flood - sorry to say it actually falsifies a flood. Take for example the Grand Canyon, on the Kiabab plateau, there are sea shell fossil that sit on top a geological column that contains fossilized foot prints, rain drops, ripple marks, mud cracks, etc. So just how did these dense organisms find their way to the top?

  I think you deserve D- for not showing any work and confusing YEC with ID.

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