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Comment Go figure (Score 1) 615

I currently have a D-Link DIR655, I've probably had it for four years, but within the last two it has been increasingly dropping my connection where I keep my laptop. There are only about 5 different wireless networks within the vicinity and only one on the 80211.n band I was using, the rest were on g; I tried changing channels and power but that only worked for a little while. Eventually I changed it to 80211.g only and it has been working great ever since.

Submission + - The Romney family has investment ties to faulty voting machine company ( 1

Lasrick writes: Where is the FEC on this? "Through a closely held equity fund called Solamere, Mitt Romney and his wife, son and brother are major investors in an investment firm called H.I.G. Capital. H.I.G. in turn holds a majority share and three out of five board members in Hart Intercivic, a company that owns the notoriously faulty electronic voting machines that will count the ballots in swing state Ohio November 7"

Submission + - FBI Server Allegedly Breached, Details Posted Online by The Hackers Army (

hypnosec writes: FBI has been allegedly breached again and this time around by The Hackers Army which has posted details such as MX Records, A Records and Name server records. The Pastebin post also contains a list of seven vulnerable ports on the FBI InterCommunication Intranet. The post also contains over 290 email addresses and passwords in plain text from domains such as "", "" and "" among others.

Submission + - A $20 Cardboard Bicycle Could Revolutionize World's Transportation 1

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Reuters reports that a bicycle made almost entirely of cardboard designed to be manufactured at about $9 to $12 per unit that would be sold for about $20 has the potential to change transportation habits from the world's most congested cities to the poorest reaches of Africa. "In six months we will have completed planning the first production lines for an urban bike which will be assisted by an electric motor, a youth bike which will be a 2/3 size model for children in Africa, a balance bike for youngsters learning to ride, and a wheelchair that a non-profit organization wants to build with our technology for Africa," says Nimrod Elmish. The bicycles are not only very cheap to make, but at 20 pounds they are very light and do not need to be adjusted or repaired, the solid tires that are made of reconstituted rubber from old car tires will never get a puncture. "These bikes need no maintenance and no adjustment, a car timing belt is used instead of a chain, and the tires do not need inflating and can last for 10 years," says Elmish adding that the bicycles will be so cheap, it hardly matters how long they last. "So you buy one, use it for a year and then you can buy another one, and if it breaks, you can take it back to the factory and recycle it." Cardboard, made of wood pulp, was invented in the 19th century as sturdy packaging for carrying other more valuable objects, it has rarely been considered as raw material for things usually made of much stronger materials, such as metal. Inventor Izhar Gafni spent years figuring out how to make cardboard strong enough to support a human. The trick was bending and gluing the cardboard in such a way that it becomes strong like a piece of wood. In a video, Gafni describes the process as a type of origami, and demonstrates how his cardboard is strong enough to support a car. As in crafting origami and tearing telephone books, Gafni explains, “[if] you fold it once, and it’s not just twice the strength, it’s three times the strength.”"

Comment Re:Bad at estimates (Score 1) 232

All of you seem to be making the assumption that the F-22 was built for combat; when in reality the brief was to build the most expensive and elaborate auto-asphyxiation machine for congress, after all hookers can only cost so much. It has been an a-rousing success; speed, blowing stuff up, and giving it to the taxpayers 200 mil at a time that's the American way.

Submission + - SPAM: Small Business Marketing Tips

kumarkunal writes: "Malcolm Gladwell’s ground breaking classic, The Tipping Point, identified the power of thought leaders in all types of marketing. He suggested that connectors, experts in any given niche and salesmen are essential in propelling ideas and industries forward.

His book was published in 2000 just as the Internet began to redefine the way we shop, learn and interact. Blogs and social media venues now allow anyone the ability to become an expert in any small business marketing niche if they are willing to put in the effort and take the time to interact online.

Although establishing expertise in your chosen niche can and will improve search engine optimization, it is not the primary reason to answer blogs or enter into online discussions. Online thought leaders build reputations and gain respect that translates to more than just increased web traffic. It can and has improved business and opened countless doors to new and exciting opportunities."

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Submission + - Higgs Boson May Be An Imposter (

Dupple writes: At least two other particles could be masquerading as the God particle, according to a new analysis of the data from CERN

The news coming out of CERN in recent weeks has been hard to miss. At first, there was a dripfeed of gossip which turned into a firehose of 'Higgsteria'. Finally, last Wednesday, CERN announced that it had found a new particle that is "consistent with the long-sought Higgs boson".

Note the phrasing. CERN has been careful not to claim that the new particle is the Higgs, only that it could be.

But if not the Higgs, what else might it be?

The Internet

Submission + - Printed electronics to bring sensing and wireless communication to packaging (

An anonymous reader writes: A Norwegian company Thinfilm is developing a printed sensor platform for the packaging market. As a result of this, there will be a new category of packaging that can collect and wirelessly communicate stored sensor information. This is a commercial breakthrough in printed electronics.

Submission + - SOPA coming again in pieces...even worse (

bricko writes: "Lamar Smith Looking To Sneak Through SOPA In Bits & Pieces, Starting With Expanding Hollywood's Global Police

While it didn't get nearly as much attention as other parts of SOPA, one section in the bill that greatly concerned us was the massive expansion of the diplomatic corp.'s "IP attaches." If you're unfamiliar with the program, basically IP attaches are "diplomats" (and I use the term loosely) who go around the globe pushing a copyright maximalist position on pretty much every other country. Their role is not to support more effective or more reasonable IP policy. It is solely to increase expansion, and basically act as Hollywood's personal thugs pressuring other countries to do the will of the major studios and labels."

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