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Submission + - SPAM: Small Business Marketing Tips

kumarkunal writes: "Malcolm Gladwell’s ground breaking classic, The Tipping Point, identified the power of thought leaders in all types of marketing. He suggested that connectors, experts in any given niche and salesmen are essential in propelling ideas and industries forward.

His book was published in 2000 just as the Internet began to redefine the way we shop, learn and interact. Blogs and social media venues now allow anyone the ability to become an expert in any small business marketing niche if they are willing to put in the effort and take the time to interact online.

Although establishing expertise in your chosen niche can and will improve search engine optimization, it is not the primary reason to answer blogs or enter into online discussions. Online thought leaders build reputations and gain respect that translates to more than just increased web traffic. It can and has improved business and opened countless doors to new and exciting opportunities."

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Submission + - Higgs Boson May Be An Imposter (

Dupple writes: At least two other particles could be masquerading as the God particle, according to a new analysis of the data from CERN

The news coming out of CERN in recent weeks has been hard to miss. At first, there was a dripfeed of gossip which turned into a firehose of 'Higgsteria'. Finally, last Wednesday, CERN announced that it had found a new particle that is "consistent with the long-sought Higgs boson".

Note the phrasing. CERN has been careful not to claim that the new particle is the Higgs, only that it could be.

But if not the Higgs, what else might it be?


Submission + - Is Oracle Holding Back OpenOffice Files from Apach (

An anonymous reader writes: About 40% of the 69k files are missing. Besides there are issues regarding icons, toolbar XML, descriptions, translations, templates, and many other features.


terrortrain writes: Android phones are officially more popular with new smart phone consumers than iPhones, according to figures that have just been released by Nielsen Company. To which I say: Totally called it!

Back in June, I wrote a few blog posts about the many reasons why the Android would quickly move past the iPhone in market share. Google gives its app developers more freedom than Apple does, and the Android operating system is available from many more carriers and on many more phones than Apple's iPhone operating system. But most importantly, Android phones cost less, with some being given away for free with a two-year contract.

At the time, Apple fanboys in our comments section said the iPhones were still better than Android phones, and the reign of dominance would continue uninterrupted. Clearly, saavy consumers disagree.

In August, 32 percent of people who bought a smartphone chose one with an Android operating system. The same month, 26 percent bought Apple iPhones, just narrowly beating out Blackberrys, which nabbed 25 percent of the smartphone market. It was the second month in a row that Android beat out the iPhone and the Blackberry, but the whole chart for the operating system on new smart phones between January and August of this year is below.


Submission + - Inside Southampton's new supercomputer (

An anonymous reader writes: A new supercomputer is transforming the way research is conducted at the University of Southampton. Iridis 3's 8,000 processors are capable of performing 72 trillion calculations per second.

Submission + - Car-jacking at your fingertips!

An anonymous reader writes: Telematics systems in cars, such as the one used in the eCall emergency system, are becoming increasingly common and it is these networked systems that the researches claim make these cars most vulnerable.

Submission + - SPAM: Reading: Foundations of Security

earlhickey writes: This book does an amazing job at covering technical security issues at the appropriate level. It satisfies the detailed cravings of an application developer yet offers thorough enough explanations that even CEOs and MBAs would understand the key concepts.
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Submission + - Nissan car brakes automatically to avoid collision ( 1

angry tapir writes: "A new safety system developed by Nissan ties together a car-mounted radar and computer to reduce the risk of collisions. The "forward collision avoidance assist concept," which was demonstrated by the car maker this week at its research center in Japan, keeps a watch on the road ahead with a radar system mounted behind the car's front bumper."

Submission + - Mozilla Patches Firefox Drive-by Download Flaws

ekirts writes: Mozilla has shipped a mega patch for Firefox to fix a total of 16 security flaws that expose Web surfers to drive-by download, data theft and local bar spoofing attacks. The latest Firefox 3.6.7 update includes fixes for nine “critical” issues that could be exploited to launch remote code execution attacks. Two of the 16 bugs are rated “high risk” while five carry a “moderate” severity rating.

Submission + - Self High-Five Machine

Anonymous Coward writes: "Dear Slashdot Editors,
I am a visual artist based in NYC. My recent installation of the Self High Five Machine has been attracting some press (Time Out New York, Asylum, Wired, Gizmodo etc.) I hope that you will consider including it.
I will be showing the Self High Five Machine as well as some other pieces in an upcoming group show titled "Younger Than Moses" at Benrimon Contemporary (August 12th — Sept 6th).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Deniz Ozuygur
917 325 9339

Relevant Links:

Video: (over 10,000 views!)

More Information:"

Submission + - Apple, not Microsoft, now most vulnerable vendor (

An anonymous reader writes: Most people seem to think that Microsoft is the most insecure vendor while Apple reigns supreme at the top of the good security league. However, a new security report would appear to turn that assumption on its head, claiming that when it comes to the vendor with the most vulnerabilities Apple has consistently ranked higher than Microsoft and, indeed, now ranks number one in that particular bad guy top ten.

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