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Comment Prepare to be punished (Score 1) 307

In day-to-day life videos are mainly used when somebody feels wronged. People are rarely ever as motivated to reward others for good work. I pity the poor customer service worker who could have dozens of people recording him every day, looking for evidence to bring to his manager.

In the past, greater accountability has brought greater bureaucracy and more rules. IF Google Glass is a huge hit I would expect it to make human interactions more robotic and more stressful.

Comment Earmuffs plus earbuds (Score 1) 561

If you want to shut absolutely everything out, get some high quality earmuffs (the kind they use at gun ranges) and wear earbuds (or earplugs) inside of them. Then start your playlist or get a white noise mp3 from amazon or wherever. A bomb could go off in your dorm and you probably wouldn't hear it. On the other hand you probably wouldn't be able to hear fire alarms or anything either, so use with caution...

Comment I think you might be on to something Sergey (Score 1) 325

Tapping on a screen is not the most natural way to communicate with people. You should assign your best men to this problem to invent a solution. But before you do I have a question for you. What if we used our phones to call people and talk to them?

Seriously what is with this guy? Why is this so complicated?

Comment Command line apps for your phone (Score 1) 34

You can do quite a lot with SMS: Google SMS does weather, search, directions, gmail, news headlines, etc. Twitter is a good example of an app (originally) based on text messaging. It may not be pretty, but it is simple, reliable, and efficient. For those reasons it is an important lifeline, Wikipedia obviously sees it that way, and I'm glad it's not being forgotten.

Comment Well I just received a new E6 today, (Score 1) 186

It looks like if I waited much longer to buy it, I wouldn't be able to. Apparently if you stick around long enough you will live to see a respectable version of Symbian. And that makes the situation even more tragic, because just as Symbian is (almost) caught up, they decide to kill it and hitch their cart to Microsoft, the most laughable non-innovator of the last decade. Predictably, this has failed, and now my only wonder is whether this new phone will outlive Nokia, like some artifact from before its shameful marriage of desperation with Microsoft, when it still had something to be proud of.

Comment This is the best argument for Windows 8? (Score 4, Insightful) 344

This is such self-serving BS. Microsoft needs a single, unified OS, not you. Microsoft did what they needed to do, for themselves, and this argument was invented after the fact to make it look like it's good for the consumer. What I need is an operating system that doesn't have to reboot every month on Patch Tuesday.

Comment No one buys a computer to use an OS (Score 4, Interesting) 1154

Normal people don't care about the OS, the "desktop environment," the openness of the kernel or its ABI stability. They don't even know what those things mean. People don't use computers for the sake of computers, only nerds do that. People use computers because they do things like write documents or fix vacation photos. If Facebook only worked with Linux, then everyone would use Linux. Writing some killer app and only ever releasing it on Linux is the only way a programmer can get people to switch. Otherwise your best bet is a businessman like Steve Jobs to come along. Look at all the people using iOS. Do you think people are buying iPhones because OMG iOS!!! No.

Comment Re:Ugh, this makes me mad. (Score 3, Interesting) 581

I don't think NVIDIA is doing anything wrong, but I'm sick of hearing the profit motive used as a euphemism for antisocial or greedy behavior. That's not the way capitalism is supposed to work and everybody needs to know this. Any business textbook will tell you that the profit motive is not meant to be synonymous with greed, but in practice that is how most Americans think of it. I don't know how people got tricked or corrupted into this way of thinking but we're all paying the price now as fraud played a huge part in the economy's destruction.

Comment Physical security vs. electronic (Score 1) 292

I've had two credit card numbers stolen from me in the last two years due to companies getting hacked. But I've never been robbed in my entire life. In my experience cash is more secure.

On top of that, these electronic payment methods just add middlemen who skim money off the top and make everything more expensive. It's not good for the economy and I've stopped using credit cards for most purchases. I'm missing out on cash rewards but I just think of it like giving charity.

Comment Re:Vindication (Score 3, Informative) 744

Sorry, this doesn't vindicate climate denial at all. He's just one scientist who made kooky predictions and if you think he's at all important then you need a remedial course in logic. As a matter of fact, climate change has been occurring shockingly fast, faster than even the worst case scenarios were predicting (source http://www.reuters.com/article/2010/02/06/us-climate-canada-idUSTRE6145KP20100206). Due to a complete political failure to address the issue, an 11 degF rise in temperature is expected.

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