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Comment Seems reasonable (Score 2) 87

This sounds great although I'm pretty sure my teleport startup will cut into their margins significantly. We will be offering London to Paris trips that are instant and cost only a few dollars.

We're just waiting for the technology to get us across the line but we've done a lot of thinking about the business model and we're pretty confident!

(BBC journalists feel free to call)

Comment Re:Yes, "line rental" is for POTS (Score 1) 82

This probably raises a question among some of you: "So why even subscribe to POTS in the cellular era?"

You generally need [to pay for] a POTS line if you want a DSL Internet service (at least, true in Australia (where I used to live) and the UK (where I live now).

In Australia you can get "naked DSL", which means you don't get a POTS service with your DSL service. IIRC these are a little cheaper than DSL with a phone line. In London I don't seem to be able to get such a thing; I have to pay a line service fee which includes some phone service that I have no intention of ever using.

Comment Re:When Ebooks are more expensive then pysical cop (Score 1) 153

The publisher needs to learn and set proper prices on EBooks.

I think as important is publishers need to learn that the world is one place and they should sell books everywhere.

I've been trying to buy "Dream Park" by Larry Niven for the last few weeks. It seems to be restricted by territory for sale in the UK. I can find ebookstores in France (Amazon) and Netherlands (can't remember) that sell the English version but I cannot find anywhere in the UK that sells it at all.

I'm sure I can pirate it but haven't been bothered yet as I have other stuff to read. LET US FUCKING BUY THESE THINGS.

Comment Re: Use Messenger Lite (Score 1) 76

FWIW the FB Lite Messenger on Google Play is only available in some countries (e.g., IIRC, India). It is designed for older phones and they have artificially limited availability.

I can't install it on my N5X in the UK: "This app is incompatible with all of your devices." I would install it in a flash if I could.

Comment Re:Ridiculous taxes and exemptions will do that (Score 1) 160

To be a fair comparison I guess this needs to be compared against taxes/exemptions that are applied to the gas industry that keeps normal ICE cars running though, right?

I live in central London where the pollution is simply staggering because of the diesel fumes everywhere. I think huge incentives for electric cars (& disincentives for ICE cars) is something they should be doing basically immediately.

In fact they recently announced a fairly punishing tax on old (pre 2006) cars - £10 per DAY if they're driven in the congestion zone.

Comment Re:Upgrade experience (Score 1) 91

So I read your post in fear, backed up via MozBackup, and then upgraded to see what would happen.

Luckily I had none of the problems you did - except the font rendering has changed. This seems to be a global thing - tab titles look a little different (I think), but most notably almost every page I go to looks a little off - like the fonts aren't being smoothed properly, or something.

Super noticable on text heavy sites (like Gmail and Slashdot).

After the usual amount of fucking around trying to find what it was, I found some 'cleartype' settings (about:config, search for cleartype) that were non-default, so I just right-clicked them and reset them to default, and now it is back to normal. YMMV.

As is usual with every Firefox update, may the force be with you and your plugins at this stressful time.

Comment Nintendo Switch release (Score 1) 90

It'll be interesting to see if the release of the Nintendo Switch recovers some of this loss. I'm not into Nintendo stuff but a bunch of friends have spoken very highly of it so far (or at least the new Zelda game). I can imagine if they get a bunch of sales in the next couple weeks, they can make a song and dance about it and it might have a strong upward effect on the price.

Comment Re:Upgrade from older TVs? (Score 1) 164

My anecdata: I went down to zero TVs!

I watch all my media either a) on my desktop PC if it's something I don't care too much about, usually in a small Netflix window while I mess around elsewhere on the Internet or b) on my phone or laptop in bed/on the couch.

I sometimes miss having a nice big TV in the lounge room on the few occasions my partner & I want to watch something together. But it's also nice not having a TV being the centrepiece of our living room.

I kind of miss the ability to watch sport but it's a good excuse to go to a pub. A lot of sport I want to watch I'd need a subscription service for anyway, and fuck that noise.

Comment Holy obvious problem Batman (Score 2) 68

Is there literally ANYONE using Slack that is under any impression that their conversations are private or secure? It's a web-based service that epitomises the phrase "the cloud is someone else's computer".

If you want private and/or secure conversations, use Signal, or Wire. Or shit, even Whatsapp is probably more secure.

Comment Re:The market is saturated (Score 1) 114

No, not really. As long as it gets security updates and still works, why bother upgrading? I just replaced the battery in my iPhone and expect to get at least a couple more years out of it.

Anecdata: with every new iPhone release, a little less than half of my friends upgrade. The next release, the other almost half upgrade.

Most people I know are on a every-second-phone cycle that seems to suit them pretty well. There's a very small percentage (maybe 2-3 people) who always upgrade to have the latest one, and a slightly bigger group who stick with their phone until it dies.

Comment Re:Clickbaiting (Score 4, Insightful) 408

Is it though? I'm not American but share the rest of the world's fascination with the crazy shit Trump says, but I don't follow him on Twitter or read everything he says - but even /I/ know he regularly refers to the NYTimes as "the failing NYTimes".

As he's the President of the United States, whether or not he's using the 140 character limit of Twitter to say things that are trivially provably false I think is extremely important. If the NYTimes is failing then Trump is saying a true thing.

If it's not failing, then he's making a statement as if it's a fact that is at best just completely unsubstantiated, and at worst a complete lie to push some other agenda. Given his position in the world, it's important to try to establish a baseline for how useful his word is.

So far it doesn't seem to be very useful.

Comment Re: Finally, something to do (Score 1) 47

Yeh, Aussie Rules and rugby are much more interesting!

I spent a year in the US when I was a kid - I lived in SF the year the 49ers won the Superbowl. So I had exposure to it at an early age and got caught up in the excitement of our American-living family & friends, which lasted for several years.

I stopped watching it for a while - mostly because of time differences and difficulty getting access to games. I moved to the US for two years recently and was looking forward to keeping up with it, especially while in a big college football town (Columbus OH). I went to one game and left at 3/4 time because I couldn't stand it any long; we were there for like 3 hours, it was something like 40-0, and just unwatchable. Atmosphere was amazing through with so many people.

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