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Comment Experience (Score 1, Insightful) 155

In a yellow cab, you have to deal with often times 25 year old vehicles in poor condition, the dispatcher blaring on the radio the whole ride. You can call a cab, and there is no guarantee one will show up, and not to mention the tip you're expected to bestow. In Uber... you get a new, higher end black car or SUV and you don't have to tip, the cars have always been clean... and unless you were one of the handful of well publicized incidents... the experience is much more classy and high end then an old yellow cab. You get what you pay for.

Comment Keep a structured routine (Score 3, Interesting) 480

Once upon a time I WFH'd for ~ 5 years with occasional travel and trips into the office. I was home alone all day with no one to distract me but myself. I increased my satisfaction and productivity by identifying and correcting some bad habits I developed early on. I suggest you keep a routine you are comfortable with and try to stick to it. Try to do the things you would do if you were going to head into the office and be face to face with people. Simple things like waking up to an alarm, brushing your teeth, shaving, showering, getting out of the pajamas all before starting work at a set time. Instituting that type of structure allowed me stop taking conference calls in my underwear with a 3 day beard, stinking to high hell with a bowl of Cap'n Crunch. By getting ready for work, I felt like I was respecting the job and my responsibilities by not anonymously being a slob. (Not that I don't long for those days in my current role.... M-F 9-6 Shirt and tie) -Gregg

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