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Submission + - Could the U.S. Air Force Save Russia's Mars Probe? (

transami writes: "In a matter of week Russia's Mars Probe will come crashing back to Earth and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of scientific effort will go up in smoke. Russia has had bad luck on Mars missions, going 1 for 19 in past efforts. That level of failure, in contrast to their unrivaled success at getting men into orbit, is at the very least a crying shame, if not outright suspect. Is there anything that can be done to save the mission? Turns out the U.S. Air Force presently has an X-37B space plane in orbit running test flights. Why not put that puppy to test on something truly useful and nudge the Mars probe to higher orbit. Can it be done? And why hasn't any one in the main stream suggested it? Maybe the president can do something about it, if enough people nudge him."

Submission + - Worst Patent Ever? ( 1

transami writes: "Worst patent ever? It would appear that spell-check, drop-down selection and bash pattern matching were patented in 2004 by Tegic Communications, Inc. Can the U.S. Patent System get any more ludicrous? Honestly, what can be done to stop this madness?"

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