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Comment Re: Macintosh doesn't have apps! (Score 1) 66

The first version of the Macintosh System software had folders, just not folders within folders (due to a file system limitation that was swiftly fixed).

DAs were kind of like TSRs. But I don't remember stickies being among them until well into System 7, at which point they were ordinary applications.

Comment Re:Iron Sky, sitrict 9 (Score 1) 1222

I love Iron Sky -- the only disappointment was the rendering of the starfield that represents "outer space". Way too many stars -- looks fake. The rest of the movie however -- fantastic and the heroine is a real babe too! :-)

I also like 5th Element, Armageddon, Demolition Man, Independence Day and a few other blockbusters. Okay, I'm a sucker for big budgets, name-actors and CGI :-)

Comment Re:Original Content? (Score 1) 76

YT has no real incentive to take down re-uploaded videos that have been monetized by someone else in a timely fashion -- in fact it's very much in their favor not to take them down quickly.


Well think about what happens to the ad-revenues generated by these re-uploaded videos before they're removed?

Where does it go?

I don't think it goes to the actual original video owner and they're sure as hell not going to refund the advertisers -- so it's a nice little earner for YT because I'd bet the money goes straight into their own vaults.

I've lost track of how many hundreds of copyright claims I've filed against folk who have re-uploaded many of my more popular vids and it's a hugely time-consuming task -- time that I'd rather spend making new vids. I suggested to YT some time ago that they really ought to do something like this, especially when new channels pop up and have hundreds of videos added overnight. In such cases you can be almost 100% certain that they're running a script that downloads and re-uploads other people's vids.

Comment Kill two birds with one stone? (Score 2) 76

I blogged about a similar proposal earlier in the week but I suggest that they go even further.

They should also come up with two content pools -- one (the premium pool) containing YouTube channel partners who meet a much tighter criteria -- such as 10 million views and 100K subs -- and another that contains all the others. These "premium" content creators would be vetted for the nature of their content (ie: ad-friendly) and offered to the J&J, Verizon, UK Government advertisers who are presently not advertising because of the hate/racist/extremist vids their ads were appearing against.

If they properly vetted these premium channels then they could offer big-dollar advertisers placements which they know would not be on offensive content -- and attract a premium ad-rate at the same time.

I recall back when the YT Channel Partner program kicked off, earnings were good for content creators because the entire ad-revenue pie was divided amongst a much smaller number of content creators. Viewers also got a much better experience because we didn't have every man and his dog monetizing 30 second "cute cat" videos with a 30 second unskippable preroll. Advertisers also got a good deal because their ads were only being placed on channels that had proven their worth and the quality of their content by having been chosen for the program.

Once they opened the doors so that everyone could monentize, the existing channel partners saw a huge drop in earnings. Now, with the big-dollar advertisers fleeing in droves, they're probably going to see yet another drop. This is further aggravated by the bugs in YT's new system for automatically detecting and demonetizing potentially "unfriendly" vids. Lots of YT's biggest channels have had significant numbers of their vids automatically demonetized by this lame system -- so are seeing an even greater drop in revenue as a result.

Unfortunately it's YT's greed that has created the current situation so I doubt they'll wind the clock back enough to solve it.

Comment Meanwhile... (Score 1) 42

How many complaints were there of excessive noise caused by parties?

How about barking dogs?

Drivers speeding?



By comparison, a few complaints about drones (often from people who believe the ridiculous hysteria drummed up by the media on this subject) seems to pale into insignificance doesn't it.

Wait... surely it's time for an other "Drone doesn't hit aircraft" story from a media bereft of all integrity and honesty!

Desktops (Apple)

Apple Developing Custom ARM-Based Mac Chip That Would Lessen Intel Role ( 267

According to Bloomberg, Apple is designing a new chip for future Mac laptops that would take on more of the functionality currently handled by Intel processors. The chip is a variant of the T1 SoC Apple used in the latest MacBook Pro to power the keyboard's Touch Bar feature. The updated part, internally codenamed T310, is built using ARM technology and would reportedly handle some of the computer's low-power mode functionality. From the report: The development of a more advanced Apple-designed chipset for use within Mac laptops is another step in the company's long-term exploration of becoming independent of Intel for its Mac processors. Apple has used its own A-Series processors inside iPhones and iPads since 2010, and its chip business has become one of the Cupertino, California-based company's most critical long-term investments. Apple engineers are planning to offload the Mac's low-power mode, a feature marketed as "Power Nap," to the next-generation ARM-based chip. This function allows Mac laptops to retrieve e-mails, install software updates, and synchronize calendar appointments with the display shut and not in use. The feature currently uses little battery life while run on the Intel chip, but the move to ARM would conserve even more power, according to one of the people. The current ARM-based chip for Macs is independent from the computer's other components, focusing on the Touch Bar's functionality itself. The new version in development would go further by connecting to other parts of a Mac's system, including storage and wireless components, in order to take on the additional responsibilities. Given that a low-power mode already exists, Apple may choose to not highlight the advancement, much like it has not marketed the significance of its current Mac chip, one of the people said. Building its own chips allows Apple to more tightly integrate its hardware and software functions. It also, crucially, allows it more of a say in the cost of components for its devices. However, Apple has no near-term plans to completely abandon Intel chips for use in its laptops and desktops, the people said.
Open Source

Researchers Unveil First Ever Blueprint To Construct a Large Scale Quantum Computer ( 94

haruchai quotes a report from Phys.Org: An international team, led by a scientist from the University of Sussex, have today unveiled the first practical blueprint for how to build a quantum computer, the most powerful computer on Earth. The work features a new invention permitting actual quantum bits to be transmitted between individual quantum computing modules in order to obtain a fully modular large-scale machine capable of reaching nearly arbitrary large computational processing powers. Prof Hensinger said: "The availability of a universal quantum computer may have a fundamental impact on society as a whole. Without doubt it is still challenging to build a large-scale machine, but now is the time to translate academic excellence into actual application building on the UK's strengths in this ground-breaking technology. I am very excited to work with industry and government to make this happen." The computer's possibilities for solving, explaining or developing could be endless. However, its size will be anything but small. The machine is expected to fill a large building, consisting of sophisticated vacuum apparatus featuring integrated quantum computing silicon microchips that hold individual charged atoms (ions) using electric fields. The plans for creating a universal quantum computer has been published in the journal Science Advances.

Comment That's a worry! (Score 5, Insightful) 30

So a precisely tuned flicker-frequency (40Hz in mice) does great things for brain function and maintenance -- so what deleterious effects do things like CRT monitors, mains-powered fluro/LED lighting etc have on our brains -- given that they're operating "out of sync" with our gamma waves?

Could it be that the increase in dementia/Alzheimer's is related to our exposure to such off-frequency flickering on a very wide scale, thanks to modern technology?

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