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Journal tomhudson's Journal: Worth reading ... 13

The basic question:

  • Can having sex with someone, where they start off using a condom, and end up w/o, be classified as an assault? It seems to me that "it depends."

If it came off due to "mechanical failure" or "vascular insufficiency", that's one thing; if it came off because one party decided that they wanted to be "wet ans sloppy", or wanted to get pregnant, or infect the other, and didn't tell the other, that's another. Women shouldn't risk getting pregnant or catching diseases from non-consensual lack of protection, and men shouldn't risk becoming parents or catching disease either.

However, it's fairly obvious at this point that the Swedes are acting as proxies. All the parties involved have acted as jerks. White it's true that a woman's prior or subsequent conduct wrt other men is irrelevant, the same is not true with respect to their prior and subsequent conduct wrt the person they accuse. People tend to forget this, because they want to be seen as politically correct.

Ny should resign.

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Worth reading ...

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  • This being about a rape allegation, I assume it's genital wort reading.

  • If it gets Assange in custody and in a courtroom, all the better. The means definitely justify the ends.

    • You generally aren't held in custody on such a minor charge (in this case, "removing a condom during consensual sex between two adults"), unless one of the parties has HIV, in which case it could be construed as an act of assault.

      Even more so when there are youtube videos of one of the women bragging about it, etc.

      Add in their employment history (Swedish gov.t embassies) and you have to wonder ...

      And this:

      tweets by Anna Ardin and SMS texts by Sofia Wilén boasting of their respective conquests aft

      • Let's find out if the leaks were plants (the whole thing is starting to smell fishy, so to speak) and leave the soap operas to the professionals

      • Of course, when you find out this is a christian who found out that Assange was "cheating" on her with another christian woman ... it puts things into a third perspective - a religious nutcase whose sense of reckless entitlement and self-importance needs to be cut down a notch

        All Christians seem to be automatically "religious nutcases" to you, based on that statement. In that case, I won't be bothering you again. I hope someday you realize that tolerance needs to extend to everyone, not just the protected classes of society...

        • Barbie committed the Bill O'Reilly/The View thing, and nothing more, I'll bet.

          And dang am I glad I don't live in Sweden, which sounds like a pretty scary, forwards place to live.

        • If you had bothered to read the article, many christians found her blogging about plotting to get revenge against someone else who dumped her to be very contrary to what they believe, and what she claimed to believe. Many of them also consider her to be a nutcase. So if you're going to throw stones at me for saying she's a religious nutcase, save some for the many christians who agree with me :-)

          There is no justifying illegal revenge plots against other people who dumped them. this is stalker activity. E

          • ...and then plots to get back at him because he "cheated" on her.

            More basic than that. He got really famous, and she thought, "book deal", or at least a 20,000 dollar interview in a couple of tabloids, maybe even Aftonbladet.

            • You might be right. The "Kate and Jon" pseudo-celeb mentality has got to stop.
              • Why? Just roll with it. It's not like there will be any great collective epiphany arising out of this. Indications are pointing to just the opposite. May as well get a few laughs out of the deal.

    • by Mantorp ( 142371 ) *
      Charging Assange with a bogus crime doesn't do anything except get Wikileaks more press. Unless you're implying that there might be a few hard hitting "enforcers" greeting Assange in jail.
  • I can't really say why publicly, but I'm in a position to say that you're most likely correct in your analysis. The women's behaviour just after the alleged crimes is suspect, to say the least. I do not believe they were actively and knowingly acting as proxies, but the prosecutors saw the opportunity and took it.

    There's a lot of shit happening around Assange that does not happen in normal cases. One example that's made the rounds is two Irish musicians who were videotaped assaulting a Swede, including kick

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