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Someone forgot to renew ...

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  • We pick up our conversation with the President of GNAA and Natalie Portman. We are on location in Soviet Russia, where we've been imagining a beouwulf cluster of hot grits. Wait, we're being contacted by a local mob of elderly South Korean women who that "all our base are belong to them." Well call me an insensitive clod, but Cowboy Neal's going to have a word or two to say about that fr1st p0st!
    • is available! So is

      Your email could be

      • If you got, I wonder if you could set up a bot to grab the first post from every /. story and just keep a running list;-)
  • I got :-)

    • Cool. What other slashdot memes can we register? is available.

      So is

      So is !!! (okay, beowulfcluster is taken, but who's going to notice the weird spelling) Can you imagine having an email that reads ""?

  • I will so totally host a slash site for you for free on that domain name. :-D
  • Although I found it somewhat amusing visiting the site, I doubt it was your intent: "riped off".

    Also, I am still generally able to come up with a decent domain name when pressed. I'm presently sitting on a memorable US political/AND-OR/historical topical site handle, not long, great play on words. Anyone who feels a need to bite, my user email is live; I will to hear the Rectitude of You Intent, and may be in a generous charitable mindset, (it might be a good idea to look up a few comments first...) but

    • I was tired, just wanted to get a test site up and see if it works ok in both official languages ... the real work comes later, but

      thanks for the typo pointer.

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