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Comment Re:50 million island people to be displaced by 201 (Score 1) 248

In 2005, there was a prediction that 50 million people would be displaced by global warming by 2010. Didn't even come close to coming true.

For some reason this is the first I've ever heard of it.
What is the point of debunking some obscure lie somewhere and pretending that the lie is mainstream? It just seems like a mindless way to try to start a fight to me.

Comment Re:Define "fit for business" (Score 1) 117

What large corporate IT department has their executives running any version of Windows Pro on their laptops, rather than Enterprise connected to their centralised update servers etc?

Any of them that allow their execs to buy their own stuff, which is probably most of them.

For the second there are a lot of MS Windows shops out there that trust Microsoft without question. Sometimes I argue with those sort of people but it is really pointless - the only solution is to firewall them off as much as possible to stop them from getting burnt a lot by the outside world.

Comment Re:I should add (Score 1) 1028

do you also want bakers to bake cakes for the KKK

IMHO you should be able to buy stuff if you belong to a race the baker doesn't like, a sexuality the baker doesn't like or belong to a club the baker doesn't like.
The vendor has the same reason in all cases and can call on the name of a personal bigoted God to back them up but it looks like the Supreme Court isn't impressed with that sort of shit.

From your above post it's been starting to look like you've been building a strawman in my name to attack with views different to what I have written. Have the words in this post stated clearly enough where I'm coming from and why I said I've seen all this stuff before?

Comment Re:Something else to use instead of X (Score 1) 176

So you still don't understand

Why are you still posting shit about a topic you know nothing about? Of course I understand. The only thing not understood here is in your own head.
Now you are doing all out fucking numerology with patch numbers without having a fucking clue about what is an X extension, what is part of the core of X and what is a removal of code (Daniel Stone removing xprint was a very large patch by these numbers despite it actually meaning a lot less code in X).
I suggest learning what a number actually represents before throwing it around.

Comment Re: It's Trumps Fault! (Score 1) 201

I think it's more like they declared war on him

The way he has been whipping up crowd hatred against media members at his rallies for months is what has been referred to as well as his comments.
Now we are seeing the sort of reaction that happens from media outlets when they have nothing to lose.
Attempting to be nice to Trump and pretending that his deceptions are real is getting the media nothing but more hate, so why play nice?

At least that's the way a professor of Journalism was describing the situation - I can't find the quote on the net since it was a radio interview. If you don't want to take my word that some people have opinions like that then you wouldn't believe a citation anyway.

Comment Re:Why would this concern Trump? (Score 1) 182

One of these is not like the others

Only if you follow Party Dogma like a good little Communist would elsewhere instead of facts. Ghaddafi didn't change right up until the day he was killed. All that changed is that he was accepted.
Should I mention Reagan dealing with Iran again? Will that cure the Dogma driven fake imbecility?

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