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Comment Re:Premium virtue signaling (Score 1) 49

Considering you used that pointless little alt-right phrase you are either in the broadcaster, recipient or collatoral damage category, so they would expect you to sign up with your dollars - or at least send a vast amount of advertising targeting you.

Can we please get back to English instead of weird shit like "virtue signaling" where it's unclear whether its mention means an insult, irony or a quest for a "look at me" award?

Comment Re:Here's the actual problem, (Score 1) 104

people who like to hang out with ISIS

ISIL/Daash may want it pretend they do but ISIL is not actually running a country. They are one of the smaller rebel groups in Syria and Iraq. Being in the same area as a thinly spread bunch of criminals does not also make you are criminal, especially if you are one of the people actively fighting these criminals, such as the Kurdish groups that we provide military aid to. Those are the sort of people who will be visiting the USA and they are the sort of people who have already had a lot of problems with travel bans. Did you miss the disputes where the Pentagon had to get involved over the first travel ban? It was over people who were working for them from the same areas covered by this new bit of security theatre.

Comment Re:I don't have any you insensitive clod! (Score 3, Interesting) 104

but it would at least flag some of them.

I doubt it. This is just another example of "something must be done" - spinning wheels to show that there is action but not actually going anywhere.
It's just going to piss off a lot of people and make Bin Laden's ghost laugh at how even the people who like the USA enough to actually want to visit are being encouraged to hate it by little Hitlers on border duty.

Comment Maybe not (Score 2) 176

Load them up with tantalizing information that wastes a ton of investigation time

Maybe not.
Your time gets wasted a lot as well answering questions.
As an (old) example Steve Jackson Games employees had a lot of trouble over the "GURPS Cyberpunk" game rules after a Secret Service raid despite it being extremely obvious fantasy/SF (1990, so the computer you are using today would have been wild SF let alone cyberpunk stuff).
Your obvious fabrication, selectively quoted, could end up resulting in serious prison time for you if it looks like somebody can get a promotion for catching conspiritators.

Thinking about it as if you are going to be dealing with an ideal justice system is probably a very bad idea. I'd say expect less comic book more Kafka (or similar eastern european writer describing a corrupt justice system).

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 176

It appears that you are projecting your own dark fantasies onto a strawman of a conveniently different political team for the one you are cheering hard for. Reality is far more mundane than your id with all the safeties off.
All that protocols of the elders of Zion shit you are spouting isn't likely to be anywhere near as true now as it was in the 1920s. False flag stuff? WTF is wrong with your head? Is reality really so boring that you have to project conspiracies about how the weakest in society are controlling the fuck out of everything? Isn't a billionaire in the White House enough of a reality check for you?

So sorry, not funny and nowhere near plausible.

Comment Re: RICO (Score 1) 176

This would not be like the Italian mob where their presence was known and their ability to avoid prosecution was a thorn in the side of law enforcement

That was due to a single problem that was skirted around by such complicated things as odd new laws. Hoover.
The dirty little secret about why the IRS took down Capone is because they were the agency he did not bribe.

Comment Re:The devil needed an escape route (Score 1) 299

You're welcome to cite some of those sources that said the same thing before Sep 2015

1/ A large number of very vocal Bernie supporters.
2/ A very large number of Trump supporters.
3/ Any media outlet that reported what those supporters said, among reporting other things. Strafor would have clipped those articles.
4/ Fox news and the Murdoch press in general who were pushing for Trump early on.

Even the London (UK) Times and "The Australian" were reporting on Trump and Sanders in mid 2015.

Comment Re:Plans for Planes (Score 1) 87

People used to think that, so Concorde was built, but it turned out that not very many people thought speed was enough of a problem to actually pay for it.
London to Paris is less than 350 kilometres.
Even a plane flying at 350 kilometres per hour or a bit less is going to take less time getting from one to the other than driving a car across either of those cities.

Comment Re:Finally, I can switch to Gnome! (Score 1) 113

There is a thing called "mwm" which stands for the motif window manager.
Given how sloooooooow gnome can be at times despite using video acceleration hardware to attempt to make up for poor coding (problably in gtk and not the actual window manager) it's tempting to use almost anything else other than gnome once you have a few windows up.
While the idea seems to have been to sacrifice speed for shiny it falls well behind on both to things like Enlightenment.

Comment Re:The devil needed an escape route (Score 1) 299

Whoever the small number of Stratfor people clipped those articles from should be congratulated then.
They are no more original than Slashdot and are in the same sort of business of collating information from other places.

Being able to see the future that others can't

Others saw the future and they relayed the message. Your local newspaper would have more employees than the 100 that Stratfor reported as their peak staffing level.

Comment Re:The devil needed an escape route (Score 1) 299

Strafor? The self declared "shadow intelligence agency" who not only got easily and spectacularly hacked but in reality were nothing but a clipping service with less resources than a small state daily newspaper? You yourself as a semi-anonymous poster have far more credibility than Stratfor because you do not have the poor reputation that they have.
So I not only very strongly disagree with that "Trump saw reality clearly enough to achieve what others thought was impossible" - I think you can do far better than George Friedman of that overhyped small clipping service yourself. Trump has a very long track record of being tripped up by reality which is why he had so much trouble getting funding from US banks.

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