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Comment Re:Consoles... (Score 1) 434

Really? I didn't notice that, what with all the hassles of making sure games are compatable with my Television, and then making sure I have the right addons for aformentioned game, oh and also making sure that I download the latest patches so I don't get stuck at area X. Oh crap, I don't have enough hard drive space left to save. Mmmmmmm... Familiarity DOES sell well, I suppose...
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Releases 160GB AppleTV

mnemonic_network writes: The Apple Store is now offering two flavors of its AppleTV, $299 40GB model and $399 160GB model. Apple also announced on its website a YouTube plugin for the AppleTV that will be released in June. "With Apple TV, you can watch theatrical trailers from on your TV. And soon, you'll be able to browse and watch YouTube videos on the big screen, too. Coming in June, you can browse and watch thousands of free YouTube videos streaming directly from the Internet. Just sit back and enjoy the show." It will be interesting to see what else Apple is going to do with the AppleTV.
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - MMO Emulator Team Steals Other Team's Code (

An anonymous reader writes: The Star Wars Galaxies:A New Hope Emulator Team (swganh) attempting to restore their favorite game of Star Wars Galaxies, found that their main competitor emulator team, Star Wars Galaxies: Emulator (swgemu), hacked into their private code repository and stole their code. Swganh's evidence is long and extensive, including screen shots and irc log files between the swgemu devs. Swganh's evidence has been posted on many community websites including, True Galaxies.

Submission + - New OSX86 Site Hits The Scene! (

The Creator 1 writes: "A new OSX86 website has hit the scene. This website has a few of the insanleymac and hackint0sh people on it and currently has no censoring. This community started about a year ago when OSx86 became popular. It is mainly a forum but there is also an installation guide to get osx86 working on your computer without much trouble. The people there are friendly and i find it to be a great site compared to insanelymac. The site really helped me with getting osx86 running and a huge thanks to all the mods and the 3 admins there!"

Submission + - Shining Light on the Warez Darknet

Ernesto writes: TorrentFreak published an interesting interview with an established 'Scener'. From the interview:

It's (the Scene) also a place where the `Geek` rules all. He is not frightened by the big guy who plays football, the boxer down the road or the bullies at school because he knows he has the power to take the access away. Once you have been given access and trust, to have it taken away can be devastating for some. Same as money I guess — I suppose it's all about power.

Submission + - Symantec false positive cripples thousands of Chin

Anonymous Coward writes: "From Computerworld: A signature update to Symantec's anti-virus software crippled thousands of Chinese PCs Friday when the security software took two critical Windows .dll files for malware. According to numerous blog entries from Chinese computer users, a virus signature database seeded yesterday mistook two system files of a Chinese edition of Windows XP SP2 as a Trojan horse which Symantec dubs "Backdoor.Haxdoor." The anti-virus software — Norton AntiVirus, for example, or the anti-virus component of the Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security suites — then quarantined the netapi32.dll and lsasrv.dll files."

Submission + - Brains - Size DOES matter.

erktrek writes: According to this article from PhysOrg — Bigger is smarter: Overall, not relative, brain size predicts intelligence.
Not to worry too much about our place in line though — from the article:
"We didn't have data on enough species to address this question conclusively," Deaner said. "But the human brain imaging data indicate that some correction for 'neural traffic maintenance' is probably needed. If it wasn't needed, then we would be stuck with some real puzzles, such as the fact that there are no consistent sex differences in IQ, yet men generally have larger brains. And, of course, elephants and whales possess larger brains than we do, yet it's hard for us to imagine that they are smarter than we are."

Submission + - New Form of Matter Melds Lasers, Superconductors

sterlingda writes: ""Physicists at the University of Pittsburgh have demonstrated a new form of matter that melds the characteristics of lasers with those of the world's best electrical conductors — superconductors. The work introduces a new method of moving energy from one point to another as well as a low-energy means of producing a light beam like that from a laser. The new state is a solid filled with a collection of energy particles known as polaritons that have been trapped and slowed." The work is published in the May 18 issue of Science."

Submission + - Hacked server and all I have is an IP address...

allebone writes: "Hi there I'm an IT engineer in London. Last Thursday I was called out to a client who I had never been to before. They were having some major server problems. After poking around a bit it transpired that their server had been hacked. Whoever had got in had created himself a user account with domain admin privileges and inserted a virus on the server which ran as "2footninja.exe" or something like that. I spent most of the day locking down the server so it couldn't be repeated. However, I then began checking the logs to see if I could find anything about who had hacked this server. I subsequently found that whoever had hacked this server did so from the IP address After doing a quick whois on the ptr record it seemed that this was a "one and one internet" customer (I assume this is a broadband provider in the US). More than that I cannot tell. I then did some portscans and found 3389 and ftp open. I also managed to login via anonymous ftp and located the virus he used to infect my server in a file "" I then left and went home, that night I ran tsgrinder against his terminal server port but came up with nothing — no doubt my dictionary attack would have been ineffective against someone who knew what he was doing anyway. I was hoping if I could log into his server I might be able to find out his name or email address... Other files I located on his server of interest was a directory "artexpo 2007" which seemed to have been files perhaps taken from another company. I tried contacting the person Kim who was listed on the bottom of some of the documents via email but got no reply. My question is this: Have I reached the end of my detective work? Is there nothing more I can learn about this person? Has he escaped forever without me being able to (at least) send him an angry email? Any thoughts/comments would be interesting. Pete"
XBox (Games)

Submission + - The Xbox 360 get its own LiveCD

eZtaR writes: The guys over at the Free60 project have released a working, gentoo-based linux live cd for the xbox 360. Sporting the gnome desktop and various applications such as Firefox and Evolution, one can pop the CD in and enjoy ones triplecore powerpc doing simpler tasks such as checking up on the latest news here on slashdot. Although it lacks features such as sound and hardware acceleration (which the developers blame on lack of hardware-docs) it's currently working on firmware versions 4532 and 4548, without risking breaking your warranty.
The Internet

Submission + - Did Comcast raise their upload cap?

froboy writes: I just ran a speed test at and my Boston to NYC connection was ~15000 kb/s up and ~2000 kb/s down. In the past I have never been able to exceed 360 kb/s down. I had similar upload speeds to Florida as well. All of this happened after power cycling my router when performance was painfully slow. Has anyone else had the same experience? Did Comcast finally realize that people actually want decent upload speeds or are they just giving preference to the speedtest?

Submission + - Legal File Sharing with Incentives

Brian writes: "At PeerIt, users can post their torrents for sale, and buyers get paid out for helping distribute what they have purchased. The bittorrent tracker has been modified to use digest authentication, and access control lists. Sellers list post their torrents, and can accept PayPal or Google Checkout. Torrents include both a sale price and a payout. The payout is paid out to other buyers who help distribute the file."

Submission + - Dell joins MS and Novell deal

Anonymous Coward writes: " tml

  REDMOND, Wash. and WALTHAM, Mass., May 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) and Novell Inc. today announced that Dell Inc. is the first major systems provider to join the business collaboration that was formed by Microsoft and Novell in response to customer demand for greater interoperability and intellectual property (IP) assurance. As part of the agreement, Dell will purchase SUSE Linux* Enterprise Server certificates from Microsoft and establish a services and marketing program to migrate existing Linux users who are not Dell Linux customers to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

"We're focused on delivering solutions that help simplify customers' IT operations," said Rick Becker, vice president of solutions at Dell Product Group. "Our customers have told us they want interoperability and expect technology vendors to work better together. Dell is the first major systems provider to align with Microsoft and Novell in this collaboration, and we intend to lead in this space. This move is a huge success for the industry and, more specifically, for customers who haven't purchased Linux through Dell and who want to migrate to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for the IP assurance and interoperability benefits."

Under the agreement, Dell will establish a customer marketing team for migrating Linux users who are not Dell Linux customers to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The marketing effort will focus on three areas: Interoperability Workshops, Migration Proof of Concepts and Migration Services.

"Dell's embrace of the Novell-Microsoft agreement reflects a growing market reality: The two platforms of the future are Linux and Windows(R), and customers want them to work better together," said Susan Heystee, vice president and general manager of global strategic alliances at Novell. "Novell continues to grow our SUSE Linux Enterprise business because we are addressing customer needs. Dell recognizes this, and we are proud to have them as a customer and marketing partner to help spur continued adoption of SUSE Linux Enterprise."

"The Microsoft-Novell agreement was a result of our customers demanding more of our industry in interoperability and IP protection," said Susan Hauser, general manager of strategic partnerships and licensing at Microsoft. "Customer response to our agreement with Novell has been overwhelmingly positive. Dell has recognized this demand, and it is the first mover in its space to provide these benefits to its customers.""

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