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Journal Journal: Getting the Word Out

Almost every time an article comes up on the front page about the latest badly written, overbroad copyright legislation, it is followed by several hundred comments talking about what a disaster X legislation is, and how we, as slashdotters, should publicly protest this calamity.

But the problem is, these cries of injustice never make it outside of slashdot. The people who read the comments already realize the problems, we are simply preaching to the choir.

Slashdot currently has about 800,000 registered users and more than a million unique regular visitors. SilentBoZo had an excellent idea in this comment. But we need to actually take action in order for plans like this to actually make it off the drawing board. We will need to register urls, set up donation systems, advertise, write press releases. There will be a huge amount of work involved in actually making the public aware of the current threats to our freedoms on and offline.

But we can do this. We have a huge community, if we put our minds to it, we can affect real change n our communities and the world.

Journal Journal: A slashdot feature idea 1

I've always thought It would be interesting to be able to see what articles were rejected and never actually posted to the site. Of course, most of these would probably be crap (LOLOLOLOGNAAGOATSE.CX and hay guys check this out), but it seems that there are alot of stories that the editors just don't have space for. Does anyone know if rejected stories are kept on the servers? If so, it might be cool to have a subscriber option to view these stories.

Anyone else think so, or am I just a nut?

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