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Comment Re:Why is anyone still using C++ in 2014? (Score 1) 634

I think the idea is "Why C++?" - you can write all of the numerical crunching routines in Fortran and continue to use Python to wrap them all together. In fact, you probably didn't have to rewrite any of the Fortran code into C++ at all.

You already seem to use Python, so the question is why is there a C++ middle layer?

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 347

What he's saying is that in 5 years, you don't know the type of programming that will be in the most demand. Web development can be seen as the current state of the software evolution, which is very dependent on which field of interest.

If D-WAVE and whoever else is making adibiatic quantum machines which need to be programmed a specific way to solve their non-polynomial reduced problems, then you can bet that there will be a neccesary segment of academic and commercial programmers that start to program using that methodolgy (which will defintely be different than any type of progamming seen to date).

Comment Re:Time for the Judges ruling? (Score 1) 475

Yeah, I'm wondering how all of this boils down to how much Bell Labs (or Lucent or IBM or whoever owns the Unix copyrights) is going to start suing for using stdio.h, stdlib.h and string.h!

Those header files are the same as the Java API; and if this is a copyright issue then the authors of those works can still claim it (Life+70 years!).

Submission + - 7 Warning Signs That Your Hiring Process Sucks (

venturegrit writes: Steve Jobs said that “no matter how smart you are, to be successful you need a team of great people“. But hiring well is really tough. Here are some warning signs that your hiring process needs some improvement. They're all real stories from startups in Silicon Valley.

Submission + - A new Space Quest game? The Two Guys from Andromeda are back! (

XanC writes: The Two Guys from Andromeda (Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe), the geniuses behind the classic Space Quest series of adventure games, have joined forces once again. They're working on a new "Space Adventure" (I'm assuming they legally can't call it Space Quest), and have a fun site where you can learn more. It brings back great memories of Space Quest past, and hope for the future as well!

Submission + - iCloud Powered by Landfill-Fueled Bloom Boxes ( 1

1sockchuck writes: Apple's North Carolina data center will tap landfills for biogas, which will then be converted into electricity using fuel cells from Bloom Energy. The 24 "Bloom boxes" will have a capacity of 4.8 megawatts of power, and along with a large solar array, will provide Apple with a significant on-site generation of sustainable energy. Microsoft is also developing biogas-powered data plants where modular data centers will be housed near water treatment plants and landfills. GigaOm has a useful primer on biogas in data centers, as well as video of the new higher capacity Bloom boxes that will support Apple's server farm.
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Tim Cooks Wins Where Steve Jobs Failed: Java (

GMGruman writes: "As Woody Leonhard writes, the recent Flashback Trojan that infected nearly 700,000 Macs exposed a big rift between Apple and Oracle on who should take responsibility for keeping Java securely patched. Leonhard traces the history of Java's stewardship on the Mac and other platforms, and shows how by refusing to take on active responsibility for Java patches, new Apple CEO Tim Cook finally got what former CEO Steve Jobs long wanted: The ownership to go back to Oracle, just as Adobe takes responsibility for Flash and AIR vulnerabilities and Microsoft does for Office flaws."

Comment Re:How to change email account? (Score 1) 88

Did it get hacked into before or after you added the two step auth?

Also, are you using Google Account Reports? It now tells you exactly where and how you've logged into your Google Accounts; I think the SMS that you get are actually from this, not the two-step auth.

I feel much safer with the application one-time passwords and two-step hardware keycodes than any other service.

Does your Linode Server have two step auth to access email? And can you do that on your phone?

Comment Instagram (Score 1) 71

I believe that Instagram is 100% hosted on AWS EC2 instances and S3. We'll see if they move to Facebook's data centers.

The $1B valuation of that company would not have been possible without using Amazon as their provider. Amazon is definitely doing something right.

Comment Re:passwords? (Score 1) 645

The article is speculating. What you start to hear is that they were storing their password answers as plain text, Sony has never said that their passwords were stored as plain text. Meaning, that the answers they would use to recuperate their forgotten passwords (e.g. "What is your mother's maiden name?") were what was compromised.

Now, combined with the rest of the personal information, I think that the password answers to their security questions may lead to more identity theft than actual passwords.

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