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Comment So? (Score 2) 117

It seems the "scrap" element was just added as "junk science" clickbait. The fact that one source of metals is from recycling - well that's what metal recycling does. It turns cars and computers into ingots and back into cars and computers. I can turn mining trails into nuclear weapons using science too, but I haven't discovered anything.

Comment Re:lame (Score 2) 126

Simple, reinstall win8.1 fresh from media, take ownership of everything on the drive and NTFS compress the whole drive, run system cleanup to be sure it's as small as possible, and set the page file to 0, and disable hibernation (powercfg -h off). Image the partition. Put it back on the drive with 1MB free, but only after you've used MHDD to ATAPI permanent-resize the drive to the minimum required LBA blocks.

You don't want to play their game though, it's done through one of those trade-in recyclers that resells equipment and always hoses the customer: Any appraised value will be determined at trade-in and provided as a Microsoft retail store credit. All trade-ins are subject to Microsoftâ(TM)s discretion and approval. All trade-ins are final. Recycle for Rewards program provided by CExchange, LLC., and other terms and conditions may apply.

Comment Re:What's in a name (Score 1) 93

I'm sure the ISIS in the middle isn't coincidence, it's meant to be some stupid marketing to pressure legislators into voting, else they get attack ads "Senator Hottentot voted against the Anti-ISIS act, does he want terrorists in your playgrounds?" Same shit show as the PATRIOT act story.

Comment Re:As the upgrade push continues .... (Score 1) 126

If you really wanted win10 pre-activation locked in, you'd have some monkeys go around to each computer with SSDs and SATA cards using a win7 image with either OEM certificates or a bootloader hack and let it upgrade THAT to lock in the upgrade on Microsoft's servers. After doing that, you can push an image on them. Why would you though? There is literally ZERO reason to use Windows 10 in a business place, and tons of reasons not to.

Comment Where's the anti-trust and RICO action? (Score 5, Insightful) 237

Microsoft Edge was built to take advantage of platform features in Windows 10, including the PlayReady Content Protection and the media engine's Protected Media Path," reports PCWorld. "The company said it is working with the Open Media Alliance to develop next-generation media formats, codecs, and other technologies for UltraHD video, and with chipset companies to develop Enhanced Content Protection that moves the protected media path into peripheral hardware for an even higher level of security, and one that could be used to protect 4K media."

So essentially, Microsoft, in the pocket of big media, is working against the consumer to manipulate hardware manufacturers into taking control away from users of the data on their own computers. This is not a feature, this is anti-consumer racketeering. There's the headline.

Regarding the performance, I wouldn't be at all surprised that Microsoft is again leveraging its position on the OS to engage undocumented and secret OS APIs to gain this anticompetitive advantage in the browser.

Comment Re:Less money but more creators? (Score 1) 288

Most of the music that comes up with a search is authorized, uploaded by the record companies, and monetized by them. Many catalog files are uploaded there with just the music files by labels.

Files uploaded by other users have the song recognized by fingerprint, and will have the revenue hijacked by music companies instead of blocked or silenced like the old days. Music that may just be incidental, like even music playing on a TV in a background, or may be completely fair use. It is likely the artist never sees a dime from this, but the record company is getting the payola.

The artists can send DMCA notices if they have the rights to do so, but it is likely that they signed away all the rights and revenues in their contracts. The automatic takedown system and monetization is a sweetheart deal for RIAA members.

Comment Re:Perhaps Slashdot uses similar technology.. (Score 1) 267

And they also can't help but repost the obvious clickbait headline that is not news and really has nothing to do with what is being reported on, which is the general account office released the report that details IT spending in the government, and their view of a lack of oversight of expenses, which has transitioned into support costs instead of paying for new systems:

In the report being released today, GAO is making multiple recommendations, one of which is for OMB to finalize draft guidance to identify and prioritize legacy IT needing to be modernized or replaced. In the report, GAO is also recommending that selected agencies address obsolete legacy IT O&M investments. Nine agencies agreed with GAOâ(TM)s recommendations, two partially agreed, and two stated they had no comment. The two agencies that partially agreed, the Departments of Defense and Energy, outlined plans that were consistent with the intent of GAOâ(TM)s recommendations.

Comment Re:Are Seagulls going to be stuck to the hood? (Score 2) 203

The design is that you have a crispity crunchity outer shell with a delicious gooey nougat underneath. In practical use it seems like it would degrade quickly - the front of my car is peppered with rock chips, and there are probably many more impacts that didn't leave a scar, that would affect such a material.

Comment Re:News for nerds (Score 1) 206

Countries with brown people have set their own standards for beauty that include light skin, primarily because lower classes are ones that work outside and get darkened by the sun. Indian films, for example, portray a much lighter skin color than the average populace, particularly when portraying the wealthy or leading role types.
This story, of course, deserves no attention, because it is just one news cycle of sensationalist headline based on nothing.

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